Etratorrents was a blatantly compelling name when it comes to torrents. There were days when people hated the convenience of Extratorrents for free movies, software and games. The reason behind this storm of love on the part of the public was the easy access to numerous forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, this access also hosted some illegal activities promoted within the system. Which in turn resulted in the forced shutdown of Extratorrent cc.

Before we find ways to unlock Extratorrents cc, we must first understand what it is.

What Is Extratorrents Search?

Founded in 2006, Search for Extratorrents has been wildly popular with the online community for downloading files, games, movies and numerous software programs via the P2P method.

Extratorrent cc hosted a huge collection of torrent links and magnet links for a diversity of content. One surprising feature of Extratorrents was its advanced search function; You can find almost anything in the search box through this feature.

The first and most popular cloned torrent was on the domain. Like other torrents, Extratorrents also upsets copyright regulators. Hence, they faced the fate of a forced shutdown in 2017. After the firm shutdown, people have made many attempts to fabricate a counterfeit Extratorrents proxy.

How To Unblock Extratorrents Cc?

To unblock Extratorrents, the best option is to use the Extratorrents proxy. This proxy is a website that acts as an agent to resolve customer queries about the services of other similar sites. In this sense, a mirror site is the imitated version of the original website with a different domain name and hosting. At the same time, the site or proxy server is an unofficial source that allows connection to the original Extratorrent server and other websites.

ExtraTorrents Proxy List

It seems unreachable to unlock Extratorrents after the enforced ban. Therefore, the attempt to unblock Extratorrents may be in vain. Therefore, you can follow the proxy list below to explore the identical content of the Extratorrents search.

1Extratorrents Proxy 1✅
2Extratorrents Proxy 2✅
3Extratorrents Proxy 3✅
4Extratorrents Proxy 4✅
5Extratorrents Proxy 5✅
6Extratorrents Proxy 6✅
7Extratorrents Proxy 7✅
8Extratorrents Proxy 8✅
9Extratorrents Proxy 9✅
10Extratorrents Proxy 10✅
11Extratorrents Proxy 11❌
12Extratorrents Proxy 12✅
13Extratorrents Proxy 13❌
14Extratorrents Proxy 14✅


Popular ExtraTorrent Proxy

Extratorrent Cc

This proxy has built a reputation as the most well-known Extratorrent proxy. This is specially dedicated to enable users to find and enjoy their favorite movies, especially the new releases. In addition to movies, this proxy allows you to exchange numerous documents such as codes and more. It has a reputation for being one of the most admired torrent replacements, allowing for a wide variety of activities.

Unfortunately, it does not give full access to the activities performed by Extratorrents, so unlocking Extratorrents cannot become the desired replacement for the original website. In order for this proxy to become the preferred alternative, fast internet with VPN organizations must be applied.


Following the steps to unblock Extratorrents is this proxy. Provides access to certain blocked sites. If you want to access the main torrent website, this proxy is what you need. Allows you to download data from blocked or banned websites on a network, speed and quality identical to the original.

There are many torrent proxy sites, but this one is mainly focused on identifying new versions. It allows users to find the desired results such as various documents and other entertainment data. Several websites have tried to take the place of by placing the forced shutdown of the original website, but none of them were able to make it to the big game. This proxy site has definitely made a name for itself among its competitors.

Extratorrent.Net is the third proxy website that has gained huge popularity as one of the most trusted sites for downloading updated content from blocked sites. It offers its users large amounts of torrent content.

It is known to provide various latest movies, songs, web/tv series and games. As it allows varied content, it is one of the most favored proxy options for a wide variety of users. This proxy is also known to give access to the proxy of 123ectratorrents. It allows users to download documents such as scripts and other similar data. With such incredible features and data, has been acclaimed by mass adoption and is considered one of the leading proxy sites for extratorrent.

However, users may still need to use a good connection and VPN for a comfortable application.

Extratorrents-Cc.Com has also made a name for itself in the website ecosystem. This proxy website can be used to access or download data from torrent-blocked sites. The torrent website is often used to quickly upload and download images. It can be considered one of the famous personalities of the virtual world. Many websites need the help of other sites to download data, but Etratorrents-cc is a site that provides its users with direct access to download movies and other types of entertainment data.

After getting an idea of the proxy sites that help unblock extratorrent, let’s take a look at some of the alternative sites that can be used for extratorrent.


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