Uniting through the Culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The credible case of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in businesses is a product of scrutiny not just from the toxic workplace victims but also the social groups raising their voices. This, however, has given a worthy direction to a better brand image and has strengthened the financial performance of companies.

An organization’s brand image is associated with the work culture it harnesses, and how well the company retains its employees on the satisfaction quotient. This is especially pertinent to HR during their hiring process. A diverse talent pool is the result of unbiased hiring where differences are embraced and celebrated to create a healthy workplace.

This is where technology finds its place offering a key to fabricating an intentional workforce without any bias. With the tailored solution from DE&I software, HR can cultivate transparency, engage employees giving them equal opportunities and foster a welcoming environment that gives them a sense of belonging. 

DE&I: An Organizational Imperative

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a game-changer for companies where the best talent gets the best opportunity and adds value to the company. Companies have been pushing for inclusive culture to match the increasing competition and get the most profitability out of it.

With the digital disruption, the world has seen an explosion of innovation and social initiatives. Whether it is a professional issue or a social cause, DE&I gives you a platform to raise your voice. To match the rapid transformation, companies are realizing the importance of technology and adopting tools, software to meet the demand.

According to a report by Mckinsey, a company with gender, ethnic and cultural diversity was 25% more likely to be the above-average profitable organization. It makes DE&I not just a requirement to be filled on a piece of paper but a driving force leading to increased efficiency and brand image.

Let us understand how DE&I software supports initiatives and justifies this vast majority’s inclination towards a diverse organization:

1.Talent Acquisition: A DE&I software must identify the skilled candidates that meet the candidature and also change the job description to match the diverse talent pool. Hiring is the most vital art that onboards employees who can add value to the company. When handled with bias, it can have catastrophic effects on the organization. A 360-degree feedback software can help companies get transparent reports and feedbacks to streamline and create an unbiased recruitment process. 

2.Advancement: Providing regular post-training support and collecting feedback for improvements while giving a voice to employees to foster their training and development. Offering diverse communication and networking channels, assessing behavioural patterns and providing equal presentation opportunities. Advancing the employees through developing a structure of training and feedback that eliminates bias and flags the practices that might encourage prejudice of any sort.

3.Employee Engagement: A DE&I software engages employees through surveys which helps HR to understand how well the company has implemented equity and inclusion. It allows examining feedback communication for any bias or non-adherence to equity and inclusion. It assists in creating an environment that harbours diversity and nurtures employee’s equal involvement across activities and events of the organization.

4.Employee Retention: Finding any loopholes in the organizational policies or workplace activities that result in a high turnover rate of employees. These loopholes may be associated with work culture, biased behaviour, job dissatisfaction or even oppression by superiors. It allows companies to drive their resources in filling those loopholes and retain employees for better productivity and a good brand image. A 360-degree feedback software creates surveys and feedback that understand the bottleneck areas restricting diversity, equity and inclusion and helps to focus in the direction of improvement.

5.Analytics: Creating DE&I dashboards that define KPIs, represent conduct, access diversity, equity and inclusion through a percentage of target v/s achieved. It also involves measuring the impact of DE&I implementation on the brand image. These quantifying units will build a better employee-employer relationship and benefit both in terms of innovation and achievement. 

360-Degree Feedback Software: Your Answer to Entire DE&I Cycle

A 360-degree feedback software report is a technologically driven tool used by organizations to determine employee’s behaviour, ideas and issues. This feedback software collects information from employees, employee’s superiors, colleague and requires the employees to self-evaluate. It consists of a set of questions covering workplace-related matters and is kept anonymous to prevent partiality. 

Here is how a 360-degree feedback software affirms DE&I benefits:

1.It is a completely data-driven approach to feedback with unbiased reviews.

2.It gives a comprehensive view of employee’s behaviour and perception.

3.It offers higher accuracy in evaluation since the evaluator is the employee facing the company policies and culture on a day-to-day basis. This regular interaction coming from a diverse workforce generates accurate feedback.

4.It is an improvement-centric approach that is beneficial for both employee and organization. 

5.The questionnaire covers a wide array of points, the data collected is diverse and offers better insight into the loopholes and targets where to act.

6.It encourages every employee of the company to participate in the feedback process which gives the employees a sense of belonging and promotes healthy diversity, equity and inclusion.

7.It raises questions that allow employees to identify any biased behaviour for their colleagues also.

In recent times, we have seen trending hashtags such as #BlackLivesMatter, #YesAllWomen, #MeToo to name a few that have taken the world by storm. This resurfaced the inherently biased nature of our society as a whole. With the incorporation of 360-degree feedback software for DE&I, your organization will address these social concerns and offer the employees a safe workplace.

In a Nutshell!

While the risk of workplace harassment persists in every organization, adopting technological means as a solution can help mitigate its effects to a great extent. A 360-degree feedback software identifies, analyses and acts on the issues that pose a threat to diversity, equity and inclusion in companies. 

While adopting a survey-feedback software, it is wise that HR considers its qualities and effectiveness. A good 360-degree feedback software must be user-friendly with an easy-to-use interface. It must maintain the confidentiality clause required for an accurate and effective survey. To make sure the DE&I process is carried out smoothly using 360-degree feedback software, the organization must choose the right tool for it. 

Feedback taken delivers cutting-edge 360-degree feedback software that easily creates surveys and collects feedback while seamlessly integrating with the organization’s IT infrastructure. These surveys are fully customizable, cost-effective with an extensive knowledge base and provide real-time management dashboarding.


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