Facebook is one of the most utilized social media networks with the highest number of users – over 2 million worldwide users. It is undoubtedly the most proactive social media network, mainly because it is excellent at introducing new features that keep the users on the screens for hours. Additionally, apart from all other interactive features that have been proven to keep the users interested in the polls on Facebook. The Facebook poll is an outstanding way to settle friendly arguments, make a decision, and even get your friends’ opinions – whatever the reason may be, polls have proven to be a marvelous interactive feature. The question remains, how to post a poll on Facebook? –you will find the answer to that in this very blog but first, understand what exactly poll on Facebook.


Facebook lets you add a poll to your story, a group chat on messenger, events, and Facebook groups. A poll consists of one question provided with two options to choose from as answers – you require choosing your preference. This poll will appear on your friends’ screens, where they will select their choice in the context of the question from the two options you have provided. The results will turn into a percentage for your convenience to determine which one of the two options is more preferred.


As Facebook is available mobile applications, we will discuss posting from the Smartphone. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to start a poll on Facebook using your Android or iPhone Smartphone.


One of the places where you can post a poll is Facebook messenger. Kindly follow the steps below to post the poll on messenger using your Smartphone.

  • Open your Facebook messenger app on your Smartphone and then open a group chat
  • If you do not have a group on messenger, make a new one
  • Tap on the (+) option placed at the bottom of the screen – select Polls from the options
  • A new dialog should open with a column for the question where you must type your question and insert the two options to choose from
  • Once you are satisfied with the poll, tap on Post to publish it


The next step for How to start a poll on Facebook is to post it on your story. Follow the steps to execute the given task.

  • Open the Facebook mobile application on your Smartphone to land on the News Feed
  • Tap on the Show More option when you are on the News Feed and then tap on Add to Story
  • Scroll left until you see a card with the Poll option – tap on it when you see it
  • You can add a photo, video, or a gradient color background to set as the background of your poll
  • Insert the question and the two options in the required fields
  • Once you are complete satisfied with your poll, tap on Post to publish it on the group


The third step to how to post a poll on Facebook is to post on the Facebook groups. Refer to the steps below to complete the task at hand.

  • Open the Facebook mobile application, and you shall land on your News Feed
  • Locate and tap on the three vertical lines placed at the bottom right corner of Facebook
  • You should see a variety of options; tap on the Group options to open all the groups you are a part of – choose the group that you wish to share with it
  • Next to the textbox, locate the horizontal lines and tap on them to select Create Poll
  • Now tap on the textbox and insert your question and your two options to choose from
  • You can tap on the poll’s Settings and make adjustments like allowing members to add options to your poll or allowing people to select multiple options instead of one.
  • Finally, tap Post to publish the poll on the group


Are you wondering, Why can’t I create a poll on Facebook? Don’t worry; we have got you. In case you were unable to post using the previous methods, you can follow the steps mentioned here and see if it works this time.

  • Open Facebook mobile application and tap on the three lines at the bottom-right
  • From all the options mentioned to you, please tap on the Pages option
  • Tap on Publish at the top of your page and scroll down to find the poll options
  • Type your question and the two options
  • You can also control the time duration for that poll – for example; you can keep it activated for the first seven days or left
  • Finally, after complete satisfaction, tap to Share.

With these instructions, you should be able to post a poll on Facebook using your Smartphone. If you are still asking why can’t I create a poll on Facebook, kindly ensure that you are following the steps very carefully. Now that you know how to post a poll on Facebook using just your Smartphone, you must take this feature and relish, interact, and enjoy! For more assistance regarding Facebook and or other social media platform, kindly refer to our other blogs. Apart from that, I hope you find this blog helpful enough to resolve the problem you are facing currently.


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