So, we heard you are going to choose the business intelligence solution for your brand. Are you excited? Selecting the right solutions can make you even more excited. Open the doors, and you will see a thousand solutions. You will find a business solution, general solutions, market solutions, and everything in between. What else you need? Just pick up the right business intelligence solutions and set a benchmark in the global market.

The dilemma now is how to pick the best business intelligence platform. Don’t worry; this article will cover business intelligence platforms and how to pick them. Let’s embark on an exciting adventure.

Which Challenges are you Looking to Solve in Your Business?

The first step before selecting business intelligence software is to decide what challenges you want to solve. The next move will be to discuss with the team which method to use. You will generate practical ideas through team coordination and dialogue. There is nothing worse than sitting back and assuming any BI method for the company. Hence, you must understand the company’s problems and how the BI approach relates to them. It will finally help you speak to the collaborator about the company’s development and needs.

What Business Intelligence Solutions you want to Choose?

The response to this question will help you highlight the capabilities you need from your business intelligence software. You may look for a marketing solution or for a solution that would help the inventory department. It differs from one company to the next and from one need to another. Another prerequisite is the provision of time to think about new BI methods. It would be daunting for the staff to put such a plan into action. It will difficult for your team to implement such tools if they are non-technical. By keeping this scenario in mind, you must be choosing that BI solution that doesn’t require much training. It is an excellent way to go.

Tools to Choose!

Suppose you have a Mercedes-Benz, but you don’t know how to drive it. The same case is with having valuable data and don’t know how to use it. A key to unlock the power of your data is business intelligence. Not only this, these BI tools create fantastic dashboards for you. With data transparency, you can make data-driven decisions. But there are not only one or two tools to choose from, and you cannot select all at once. So how can you decide what BI tool you should choose? That’s where we help you out. Are you excited to start? So, we are!

  • Mode

So, if we talk about the right business intelligence tool for your business, Mode comes at the top of the list. It combines all the visual analytics, python, and SQL in one place. Apart from this, it offers you the fastest analysis. According to Statista, business intelligence software is estimated to increases from $14.9 billion in 2019 to $17.6 billion in 2024 globally. See the peak of BI today, and there are many more to come in the future. 

Thanks to the Mode BI tool, it is easy for you to work alone or with friends. Besides this, you can also add CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to the websites. If you want to do some more analysis, you can simply move SQL to python within the mode tool. Plus, there is a wonderful report builder that allows you to make customize dashboards. For instance, slack, you can share the files within the organization. 

  • Looker

All of us are familiar with big data analytics and business intelligence tools. Yes, we’re talking about Looker. Looker makes it easy to go from exploring to evaluating to sharing data analytics. Looker’s goal is to inspire you to use business intelligence to help your business. It also supports you in the data-driven workflow.

Moreover, Looker has excellent security, and it combines with the GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, and many others. With the Looker BI tool, you don’t need to worry about anything; it supports you throughout the journey. There won’t be anything wrong if we call Looker tech-savvy. 

  • Metabase

Metabase is an open-source business intelligence tool. You can connect with several database engines by using Metabase. That means you can ask any question to your database, and Metabase will give you the solution. Isn’t it excited? You can get an answer depending on your question with just a few clicks. The answer may be in the form of long detailed representations or a single word. 

  • Power BI

Now Power BI aims to gather data from different sources and create the most interactive dashboards. These immersive reports provide actionable results. By using this BI tool, you get the confidence to make more accurate and better decisions. If you are already working with Microsoft stack and Microsoft Excel, this will make you feel like a home. Moreover, Power BI becomes with excellent protection and data security. 

  • Periscope Data

After all the tremendous business intelligence tools, next, come to Periscope Data. It gives you the best result if your organization is data-driven. With this BI tool, you get a high level of customization and control. Besides this, it focuses on both the data scientist and data analyst. Periscope BI tool is not only good for the established firms, but it is also great for all the medium of business. 

Choose the Right Business Intelligence Solutions:

So far, we have discussed several business intelligence tools. Hopefully, you can now evaluate which BI tool is best according to your business needs. Once you choose the best solution, now contact good business intelligence development services to get assistance. Congratulations, you made the best decision. Welcome to the whole new digital world of business intelligence. With the BI tool now, you can increase sales, improve the workflow, and efficiently work with the team.

But what does it mean by future business intelligence? 

Business intelligence is making a noise in the world as it becomes the necessity of modern businesses. The future of business intelligence tools can be seen as providing more ease, features, streamlined workflow, and better forecasting. 

  • Data-Driven Culture: In the future, the organizations will be entirely data-driven, which means there will be the involvement of all employees. Every member will be able to incorporate business intelligence tools. 
  • Data Proactivity Feature: Data will become proactive by itself and respond to customer queries automatically. It will also suggest the relevant data to the users. 
  • More Collaborative: Business intelligence tools will become more collaborative and facilitate your business in every stage.
  • Network Advancement: As technology is expanding day by day, the amount of data will also grow. Business intelligence will better support the massive data.

Making the Last Call!

Business intelligence is booming in 2021. We all are familiar with the rapid growth of technology, cloud technology, and the big data revolution. As a result of high demands, there is also a demand for developers and analytics to create a business intelligence business tool for you. With the right support, you can interpret the data with maximum accuracy. Begin the journey today if you haven’t already. Cubix, a good tech company, will steer you in the right way.


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