Do you remember any time when you have thought of trying something new and have not looked for its reviews before? That’s the kind of impact these reviews hold.

72% of customers won’t take any buying actions until they’ve read reviews. It depicts how important reviews are for customers. If you embed them on your website, they will bring authenticity and transparency to your website. 

But the question is, why choose Facebook page reviews when you have other options like Google and Yelp?

Let’s find out.


Why Embed Facebook Page Reviews On Websites?

Facebook is 17 years old, and it has managed to stand still even after the rise of its competitors like Instagram and Twitter. People identify Facebook as a reliable source, especially for product reviews.

When you showcase Facebook page reviews on website, it increases your credibility and instills brand trust among customers. The high-rated and positive Facebook reviews attract new customers and encourage them to make positive purchase decisions.

Besides, when your customers come across your website and get to know that you have a dedicated space for their opinions, they feel special and encouraged to give more reviews for you.

How To Embed Facebook Page Reviews On A Website?

Facebook Self-Embed Method 

This method will help you to directly choose and embed the reviews generated from your Facebook Page to the website. 

  • Go to the reviews section of your Facebook business page 
  • Open the reviews that you wish to embed on your website 
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner 
  • Choose ‘embed’ from the drop-down menu
  • A code will be generated. 
  • Copy the code and check out the preview to see how it will appear on your website
  • Go to your website’s HTML editor and paste the generated code 

That’s it! That’s all it takes to embed Facebook reviews on the website. The only drawback is that you can only embed one review with the Facebook embedding option at a time. 

Tools To Embed Facebook Page Reviews On Website

Here are some of the best tools to embed Facebook page reviews on your website. 

  • Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a comprehensive review embedding app that provides seamless aggregation, moderation, and customization tools that helps you create free Facebook reviews without any coding required. You can connect your Facebook Business Page to Taggbox widget, choose Facebook reviews, and the aggregator will bring all the reviews together in one place.

Further, you can use its advanced moderation feature to filter out the reviews irrelevant ones, or the ones that might hamper your brand image. Not just that, customize your Facebook page review widget with options like themes, layouts, fonts, colors, templates, etc.

  • Social Reviews & Recommendations (WordPress Plugin)

The social reviews and recommendations plugin works on displaying the Facebook page reviews on the sidebar widget of your website. It is free to use and auto-refreshes the reviews each time you get a new Facebook review.

It uses the Facebook Graph API to fetch all the reviews and helps to improve your website’s SERP ranking. You get many themes to create attractive plugins, and it supports the pagination format of assembling the Facebook page reviews on your website. 

  • Elfsight Widgets

Elfsight is like other Facebook page reviews widget tools that are responsive, easy-to-use, and coding-free. It comes with a social media aggregator tool that enables businesses to effortlessly integrate Facebook reviews on their website. 

Its motive is to help businesses grow with increased sales, engage visitors, collect leads, and more. Not just that, Elfsight comes with many color and font options to make the Facebook review widget look like the perfect match for your website.

  • Embed Facebook Reviews With Facebook

Facebook has its own Facebook review embedding option for websites, and it is for free. Drawback? You can only embed one review at a time, unlike other review embedding tools that can fetch all the available reviews on your Facebook page at once.

But if you are a little tight on your marketing budget, you can surely go for it. Another limitation is that you don’t get any customization options to showcase the reviews more creatively on your website.

  • Tagembed

Tagembed has a Facebook page review aggregator to fetch reviews from Facebook and modify them before displaying them on the website. You get options to customize the Facebook page review widget with various designs, layouts, themes, etc. 

The integration is code-free, so you need not learn to code to execute the embedding process. Not just that, Tagembed allows Facebook page review embedding options for website platforms such as WIX, WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, etc. 

Benefits Of Adding Facebook Reviews To Website

When it comes to embedding the Facebook Widget to your website, the benefits it brings are endless. You get to build brand trust, and you bring more transparency to the service you provide to your customers, which acts as a trust-building factor for potential customers. It helps you create more brand awareness and boosts your website traffic, creating more brand growth possibilities for you. 

Not just that, when you embed Facebook reviews on your website, it strengthens customer loyalty as when your customers come across these reviews and get to know how much importance you have given to your customers’ opinions on your brand, they are impressed. 

Customer loyalty ensures that each time the loyal customers look for a product similar to your products, they will always choose your brand. Above all, Facebook reviews on your website help you improve the SERP ranking to a great extent when more people land on your website because of the Facebook Reviews. 

Not just that, when you collect the Facebook reviews and display them uniquely and attractively on your website, it encourages more people to talk about it and post for your brand, which increases your online visibility. This phenomenon is called social proof.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

We have now reached the end of this blog with the hope that you have a better understanding of how you can add Facebook page reviews to your website.

So! Build brand trust, authenticity, and integrity by showcasing valuable customer reviews from your Facebook page onto your website.