Whiter teeth have always been an indicator of someone’s confidence because the whiter your teeth are, the more likely you are to smile. As a result, you can smile confidently for the camera, have a conversation without feeling shy about your smile, and meet new people with self-assurance. 

However, getting whiter teeth is easier said than done. With so many factors causing teeth to turn yellow, such as drinking a lot of coffee or tea, it can be hard to keep your teeth as white as they can be. 

Fortunately, there are options you can take that focus on teeth whitening. Learn more about them below.

Whitening Kits

Whitening kits are the rage in the market because of how convenient they are to use. 

The do-it-yourself campaign has also reached the teeth industry, and the kits available in the market come with a series of steps you can take along with their respective tools for you to whiten your teeth in your own home. 

What Is Included In The Kit?

Although it will vary from kit to kit, no matter which kit you choose, it will have an instruction manual you can follow and a guide to monitor the results. Some kits come with blue light accelerators and mouth rays that use powerful LED lights to give you quick results. 

With it, you can expect a light-activated whitening gel to perform the procedure successfully. 

Will Results Be Instant?

Most whitening kits that use these tools show results after seven days of continuous use. If you want to see the difference, treat either your upper or lower teeth first and compare them with the other after seven days.

Whitening Strips

You might be more familiar with whitening strips since they are more available at drug stores and supermarkets. Strips can whiten your teeth, but they are indeed known for their ability to remove stains. 

Cigarette smokers, avid coffee drinkers, and wine enthusiasts can benefit from these strips as stains are harder to remove.

What Is Included?

It will depend on the type of whitening strips you choose. For instance, there are whitening strips that use activated charcoal powder as an ingredient. An ingredient as strong as charcoal can eliminate the stains you are having trouble removing from your teeth.

Why Use Strips?

Aside from targeting stubborn stains, strips are also convenient to use. 

You can apply the strip at the end of the day and relax without having to worry about following specific procedures or feeling uncomfortable since they sit on your teeth.

Whitening Powder

Another option is to use whitening powder. Like whitening strips, some powders are also infused with activated charcoal ingredients that can remove tough stains. Not only will it remove these stains, but it can also combat bad breath.

How To Use It?

The powder is the easiest one to use as you only apply it on your toothbrush and brush as you usually do. You can apply toothpaste or not with it, as long as you rinse your mouth thoroughly when you are done.

Having whiter teeth can genuinely make a difference in your attitude and confidence. So, show how white your teeth are to the world by using teeth whitening products such as those mentioned above. 


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