The world is struggling with a shortage of chips. The chip disaster has hit the automotive and semiconductor industry worldwide. For end customers, this has directly translated into longer waiting times for the delivery of pre-booked new cars, at least in India. This disaster could also quickly affect smartphone and PC manufacturers as we wait for large-scale production to end the pandemic.

Apparently a report of it
Reuters quoted Foxconn’s president, considered one of Apple’s top suppliers, that the chip shortage could have a “limited effect” on Apple’s manufacturing stress because it is a large company with “proper preventative planning”. .


Winter storms in Texas prompt Samsung to close the chip shop

The new stories now declare that while Apple may also rank higher than other companies, largely for its effect, Cupertino-based technology could quickly take over the essentials needed for iPhone, MacBook, and many others. And somewhere, a closed Samsung chip factory in Texas, USA, could also be responsible for this.

(According to a Reuters report, more than 4 million people lost power in Texas in February due to winter storms)

According to a report by
Nikkei Asia, the aforementioned Samsung factory, accounts for five% of the global chip supply and has been shut down since February 16 following a vicious winter storm that has reportedly claimed at least 57 lives.

The included OELD panel may dry out for Apple

The closure of the Samsung factory could create a gap between supply and demand for iPhones because it makes telecom chips for Qualcomm, LED panels and image sensors. This plant ensures the delivery of OLED panels from Samsung to Apple. If you’re looking at different smartphone makers, especially Android gamers who rely on Qualcomm for chipsets, you’re likely to run into release delays and even face availability points.

“The shutdown is expected to lead to a 5% decline in global smartphone production over the course of the second quarter. The 5G compatible smartphones alone are expected to decrease global production by 30%, ”the report said.

The only reduction in sight is when Samsung is ready to quickly reboot its factory. However, there is no official sentence from Samsung on it.

Not a new Galaxy smartphone Look at these 12 months

Following the Foxconn Chairman’s comment, a Samsung Securities analyst was quoted in a report by
Bloomberg said that “the tighter offering of Qualcomm AP chips produced by TSMC is affecting everyone but Apple.” However, bigger than the chips, the priority is now on the round OLED panels that Apple customers have in all modes of their phones from the latest iPhone 12 collection.

While Apple could have done its homework to keep its store alternately effective, Samsung has often been the hardest hit as the stories claim that Samsung won’t be able to launch the Galaxy Observe smartphones in 2021 due to a shortage. Chip.


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