Playing Escape from Tarkov will give you an amazing experience and some rounds of fierce fights. As the name suggests, you can guess what the game is about – horrible scenarios anyone would want to escape from. You can still hop on the game as a newbie and learn everything in the game as you progress. 

However, we have decided to ease the stress by providing you with some reliable tips below. Also, we recommend some of the Best Escape From Tarkov Hacks that will help you to escape without many sweats.

Essential tips for Escape from Tarkov players

  • You’ll need more than Running and gunning to live

Escape from Tarkov is not just like other shooter games where you run around gunning down as many enemies as you can find. The game requires that you do a bit more thinking. It banks more on stealth, tactical thinking, and strategy.

So, when next you see someone targeting you, the next action should be to get behind a strong cover. While behind covers, think of ways to flush the opponent to a position where it is easier for you to take some clean shots. 

  • Leave no doors open behind you.

Escape from Tarkov doesn’t come with open doors in its design. So, when you see an open door in the game, it means one – thing someone opened that door. An enemy who sees the door of a building closed should generally assume that there’s nobody in the room. As a result, they’ll charge right into the room with the least caution. A quick reminder: use open doors as signals and closed ones for bait.

  • Only go against bosses when prepared.

Escape from Tarkov has bosses that can be a big deal if you run into them. These bosses are hard to kill as they are very aggressive and are always protected by scavs. When you run into them, the best you can do is to run. Luckily, they spawn at specific places on the map. So, do well to avoid those places. If you must take on any boss, make sure your arsenal is no joke.

  • Use sound wisely

Just like many popular tactical shooters, Escape from Tarkov summited you to hear the footsteps of other players approaching you. In the same way, other players can also hear your footsteps as you approach. Learn to apply stealth as much as you can, and don’t hesitate to pull that trigger if you get in tight corners.

  • Make some noise occasionally.

When you hear some noise in the surrounding, it points at only one thing – there’s someone close by. A good way of making the best out of the situation is by baiting them into a condition where you can see them first before they see you. To do this, get behind cover and launch a grenade in the opposite direction. Your unsuspecting prey will advance towards the scene only to be taken unawares from behind.

  • Quests are worth it

Quests are one of the easiest ways of achieving much within a short time in Escape from Tarkov. When you complete quests in the game, you get rewarded with XPs, unlock new trader loyalty levels, unlock new items that are released upon completion of the quests, and lots more. Quests vary from you killing an operator to picking items for a trader and even marking locations or vehicles.

  • Play scav games

Escape from Tarkov allows players to play the game as scavs. When playing as a scav, the primary aim is to gather loots and not go for kills. Playing as your PMC comes with additional risks that make it quite difficult for you to loot; the aim here is survival. Do some scav rounds to gather items you’ll need while playing as your PMC character.

  • Loot wisely

You can get all the gear, weapons, and other items you need in the game simply by looting. What’s more important is identifying what you should loot and what you shouldn’t. Some important loot items you should look for include bitcoins, keys, GPUs, and statuses. You should also go for guns. But whatever you do, be fast about it.


Playing Escape from Tarkov with a long streak of wins entails a lot. In this article, we have done our best to make sure the process gets as easy as it can. While on the game, only gather loots you need – scav rounds are the safest ways to go about this. Don’t take sound in Escape from Tarkov for granted if you want to live long enough to earn that win.


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