Survival games have reached a new dimension over the last decade. You will find many genera of survival games in the steam charts ranging from survival horror games to hardcore ones. In December 2013, DayZ, a zombie survival game, hit the internet. The adventure is part survival, a part social adventure where sixty-four players are thrown into the zombie arena, where they have to survive and win. From the starting point, DayZ has gone through an extended early access point to date, but the game holds the original essence without much change. The storyline remains unchanged with clunky control and monstrous zombie, and the survival is as torturous as possible.

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Bizarre dead end

You have to traverse miles to meet comrades and meet zombies on the way who may or may not notice you. After searching the entire town for supplies, you find a dirty, worn-out jacket and a tin opener but nothing to open with it. Snipers lurk; you could find a bullet whenever you find a substantial supply to survive. On the ladders, you find some hope, but once you climb, it leads to a bizarre dead end. The voyage is depressing, but a better aimbot hack for dayz gives you a ray of hope. The hacks and cheats become an integral part of your survival kit, where you have to fight numerous parameters like thirst, hunger, extreme heat, and fatigue just to stay alive. It is disheartening when, after traveling miles to find all the doors are forced open, signifying it had been looted earlier.

Terrain of Chernarus

The game occurs in the deserted hopeless terrain of Chernarus, a Soviet town. Even without those hideous zombies, the place is god-forsaken, but all is not unpleasant. The natural panorama of rolling farmland, thick woods, and tranquil towns brings a feeling of bliss. The surrounding is a welcoming change from the regular Western-style apocalypse usually featured in survival games. You will find most players buzzing around military camps and cities in the hope of the best loots and resources. So the forest paths are deserted, relatively safe. Rolling stones gather no moss; keep on moving to avoid ambush, travel through the landscape, and grab whatever you find; it could be essential for your survival. You may find a vehicle without fuel or tire, but there can be a few cans of food inside it.

Gear up

The sandbox temperament of the game suggests you need to gear up to survive the ordeal. You need to pick up a gun, ammo, food, drink, supplies, and medicine to be alive. But the more you gather supplies; the more difficult the game becomes; apart from you, there are many trigger-happy survivors. In every path of the game, you comprehend death and life are both sides of the same coin. When you pass away, you are brusquely dumped in a randomly selected starting point with food, without supplies. There you know with every step, unseen dangers wait for you. The hacks and cheats like a player, zombie, and vehicle ESP are of immense help. With these ESP hacks, you can spot enemies and armored vehicles effortlessly. 

Can of bean 

You can play the game in standalone and mod versions for hours. You can hear your heart beating loudly when you encounter another player in the wildness or deserted town. Occasionally they offer you a can as a friendly gesture, but mostly they are trigger-happy. If you are fortunate, they share information about a group of bandits, players eager to kill other players. Usually, they will shoot at the sight, and there are valid reasons for it. It could be they feel happy to kill or want your supply, or their previous experience has turned them into monsters. Many players first try to be friendly with others initially, but often they are betrayed, or trapped in an ambush, so they want to be vigilant with a mask of caution.

Element of surprise

The element of surprise and the essence of unpredictability make the game a grippingly compelling multiplayer saga. In other battlegrounds games, the only interaction with humans is annihilation, but in DayZ, every interaction with humans is a different story. You can be taken captive, you can be robbed or humiliated, but every saga is to be remembered. Include a mic in your gadget; if you do not respond raucously to a “Hi” or disobey an order at gunpoint, you are likely to receive a volley of bullets. 

Least attractive

Zombies may be prominent characters of the game but least attractive. This makes zombie doomsday sterile and lifeless. Sometimes they charge at you dumbly and often appear and disappear like a freak internet connection. Combating with a zombie is like fighting with a hologram. There is no challenge or sense of satisfaction associated with the fight. They are more irritating than fearful. In the mod version, there was a point there was no zombie. It was more pleasing as there was no obstruction in getting into the real core of the game.