Smart Home Devices for Cleveland Homes


Cleveland, Ohio is one of the best cities to live in the United States. Its cost of living is comparatively lower than the national average – lower by 27.4% to be exact, and it generally boasts a lot of aspects that would tick the box if you were looking to live in a cultured and safe city, with some of the best healthcare centers the country has.  

With a city like this, that has a lot of growth opportunities around naturally there will be an improvement in the standard of living of its residents. And we’re talking about using technology to enhance the standard of living – Smart Home technology. 

Here are some smart home devices that Cleveland residents can install around their homes for a more automated, smart and energy-efficient household. What’s better than living in one of the best cities across America and having a Smart Home too? 

1. Smart Thermostats

Cleveland has one of the coldest winters during the year with temperatures usually dropping to as low as 18.8°F. While we all would love to come back to a warm, cozy home, there is the question of leaving the heating system on for the time that you are away. That could mean unnecessary wastage of energy and a higher bill at the end of the month. But there is something that can solve that problem – smart thermostats!

Smart thermostats are nothing like the ordinary thermostat you have installed already. These feature smart technology, making them energy efficient and automatic with remote control access. That’s right, now when you’re on your way home you can turn on the heating system to walk into a warm home, rather than wasting energy or struggling to stay warm a little after coming home, while the house itself warms up in the meantime. 

These devices also boast automation not only with its remote control aspect of controlling your thermostat from your smartphone from practically anywhere – but also by having the ability to track location and movement in order to turn itself on or down. This saves up on energy and prevents any wastage while you’re away. 

2. Smart Door Locks

It is always a struggle to look for your keys in your pockets and bags as you hurry to get inside your home, or even when wondering how to let your mom into your home when you’re running late at work. Smart door locks are a great option just for that, and for home security too. 

How do they work? Some smart door locks have keypads that allow you to punch in a personalized code to unlock the door. At the same time all smart door locks also feature mobile apps that are downloadable onto your smartphones to lock/unlock and check the lock status of your door. So the next time you’re running late and your mom’s at your door, let her know the passcode to unlock your door, or simply do it from your phone while sitting at your work desk!

Smart door locks at the keyless and tamperproof way to secure your home, while making it easier on yourself to enter and exit your home on cold winter nights. 

3. Smart Cameras

There is no compromise when it comes to home security. Cleveland may be a great city to live in but that doesn’t change the fact that its crime rate makes up a significant chunk of the entire Ohio state. That is why installing smart cameras over regular surveillance cameras could be a game-changer. Here’s how.

Smart cameras’ live video feed is accessible through mobile apps and websites that are downloadable onto smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. Meaning you can watch over your home or your property even from miles away, in crisp HD quality video, that is bright even after dark hours. Not just that, these cameras support two-way audio for easy communication from both ends, and to ward off intruders if it comes to it. These devices send in real-time alerts to your wireless devices alerting you to the presence of a person, an object or even an animal – depending on the camera model and whether it can differentiate between these. 

However though there are so many more smart devices that could be quite useful to Cleveland residents, there is a catch when it comes to these devices. Smart Home devices require stable internet connectivity in order to properly work to their potential. A lag could mean a delay in receiving live alerts on someone’s presence at your front porch, or the thermostat not switching on till the connectivity stabilizes. The internet connectivity can be a tricky part. 

Luckily there is a place where you can find internet plans relevant to your specific area. For the best internet in Cleveland Ohio and a whole catalog of smart gadgets as well, head on over to First Energy Home’s website today. It is inclusive of bundles that could be useful in supporting smart home devices, and also several smart home devices that you may find useful to have around your home too.  


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