Zoe LaVerne is accused of harassment by his ex-boyfriend Cody Orlove


On August 28, 2022, Cody Orlove accused his ex-girlfriend Zoe LaVerne of harassment. The original TikTokroom then reposted Orlove’s Instagram live-streamed anger over the matter. In the tape, the TikToker claims that LaVerne gave his address and phone details. He claimed that Emma Throne, a fan of LaVerne, had harassed him and his family for months. A few hours after the video went online, Orlove addressed the abuse in the comment box.

He said Thorne had not only sent the police to his home, but also to the home of his girlfriend, Tess Krauser. He stated that this had been going on for months and that he had no intention of going public until his mother told him that a girl named Indiana had been emailing them all day using very harsh language.

Citizens suspect that Cody Orlove is lying about harassment

Unfortunately for Orlove, relatively few commentators seemed to support his position. Instead, they accused the TikToker of lying and misusing his ex-girlfriend’s name for influence. “I feel like I don’t believe him. If he mentions Zoe, that’s the only time he’s relevant. One user said, “She doesn’t have time for this because she has a husband and child.”

“When he needs relevance, he hires Zoey. She has a child and a husband, so move on. And didn’t she accuse you of intimidation?” said another user. A third person questioned his claims, saying, “How does Zoey know your address and why has your phone number been the same from the start?”

The controversial background of Cody Orlove and Zoe LaVerne

However, several individuals believed Orlove was telling the truth and brought up the history between Orlove and LaVerne. The former couple dated from 2017 to 2020, despite their relationship being marked by conflict. They took advantage of their friendship with combined YouTube channels, concerts and merchandise promotion. They also released a single. They announced their “amicable” breakup in June 2020, but behind the scenes it was a different story.

LaVerne privately told her supporters that Orlove had assaulted her, but when the story went public, she recanted and apologized for her false statements. However, days after LaVerne’s apology, an audio recording surfaced that sounded like Orlove was physically holding LaVerne against her will as she yelled at him to “let go.”

Zoe LaVerne

LaVerne later stated live on Instagram that she had been assaulted. Orlove apologized for hurting his ex-girlfriend, but said he had no intention of abusing or harassing her. Instead, he reasoned that as adolescents, they had a toxic relationship and sometimes went too far.


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