Yvonne McGuinness – The Untold Details of Cillian Murphy’s Wife


Yvonne McGuinness is an Irish native who is most popular as the wife of Cillian Murphy; an Irish actor and musician. Her husband has appeared in many important films and dramas such as: Break (2003), Commencement (2010), A Quiet Place, Part II (2021), Peaky Blinders, and more. McGuiness is not only a celebrity husband but also a visual artist. The multi-talented woman has also worked as a producer for several short films such as This is between us, Charlie’s Place, procession, and The source.

As for her love life, Yvonne has been married to her husband for decades and also shares two sons together. This is also the first marriage for both and leads to a happy marital relationship since their marriage. So, when did the couple meet? Where are they now?

Read the piece below to learn more about Cillian Murphy’s real-life wife, Yvonne McGuinness. Also learn about her age, social media appearances, children and more.


Yvonne McGuinness is an Irish native: her parents and age

McGuinness was born on October 12, 1972 and is 49 years old as of 2022. She was born and raised in Kilkenny, Ireland. Speaking of her parents, Yvonne was born to her father Gay McGuinness.

Her father Gay has been in the vineyard business since 1990 and is also the owner of Domaine de Notre Dame des Anges vineyard in France. Likewise, her uncle John James McGuinness is a Fianna Fail politician. However, the details about her mother are still missing.

Moreover, her nationality is Irish and she belongs to Caucasian ethnicity.

McGuinness College

The famous woman completed her primary and secondary education in her native country, but later moved to London for further studies. McGuinness then went to Crawford College in Cork for her bachelor’s degree.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in art, Yvonne enrolled at the Royal College of Art to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. She later successfully graduated with a master’s degree with Honor in Arts.

Yvonne is Cillian Murphy’s wife: details about their marriage

Yvonne and Murphy first met in 1996 during their 20s. When Cillian met the love of his life, the actor was still a rock star and did one of his band’s shows, The sons of mr. greengenes. The man and woman immediately fell in love and started dating.

After being in a relationship for about 8 years, in mid-2004, Yvonne McGuinness finally decided to say “I do” to her longtime boyfriend Cillian Murphy. The lovebirds celebrated their wedding in London in the presence of their close relatives and friends. The duo have been married for nearly two decades now and are still going strong with no signs of conflict or divorce.

McGuinness has two children with her husband

Yvonne and her husband Cillian have been celebrating their marriage for more than two decades now. The blissful relationship of the husband and wife has added more happiness with the arrival of their two sons; Malachy Murphy and Aran Murphy.

Yvonne McGuinness, Cillian Murphy, Malachy Murphy and Aran Murphy
Yvonne McGuinness and her husband Cillian Murphy with their sons Malachy Murphy and Aran Murphy; Pinterest

Malachy is the eldest son who was born on December 4, 2005, a year after his parents’ marriage. Likewise, Yvonne and her husband welcomed their second child Aran in July 2007. Both were born in England and later brought to Ireland by their mother and father so that they could learn the culture of their native country. In fact, his father also said:

“We wanted the kids to be Irish. They were about that age when they were pre-teens and had very chic English accents and I didn’t appreciate that much! So we decided to come back.”

Yvonne lives with her family in Dublin

As we mentioned above, the Start actor and his wife moved to their native country after welcoming their two children. So the lovebirds currently live in Dublin, Ireland. Before that, the couple lived in London for decades.

The reason they moved there, other than teaching their children the native culture, was to be closer to their parents. Since the relatives of both Murphy and his lover live in Ireland, they wanted to be near them. Therefore, the family of four moved back to their homeland.

Things You Should Know About Yvonne McGuinness’s Husband Cillian Murphy

McGuinness’ husband Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor who was also the lead singer and guitarist for the rock band called The Sons of Mr. Green Genes. The famous actor has started his acting career and has appeared in many important movies and dramas such as Pause (2003), Breakfast on Pluto (2005), Sunshine (2007), Start (2010), A Quiet Place, Part II (2021), and more.

In addition, Murphy also starred in the crime drama series, Peaky Blinders as Tommy Shelby alongside his wife McGuinness. Not only the actor has also won awards such as the Irish Times Theater Award and was nominated for Golden Globe Award.

How many wives has Cillian Murphy had?

Many people are curious about the number of wives the Irish actor has. But we already mentioned above that Murphy is married to his one and only wife Yvonne McGuinness and is still with her.

Furthermore, the actor has not spoken about his past relationships in the media.

Is Cillian Murphy’s Wife Yvonne McGuinness in Peaky Blinders?

Well most people are confused and curious if the mother of two was there Peaky Blinders next to her husband, but the answer is no. Peaky Blinders was filmed in Liverpool, England, but by then McGuinness had already moved to their native country.

Irish actor Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders; Esquire

Since the couple already had babies, Yvonne stayed at home to take care of her children. On the other hand, her husband Cillian appeared in the series and played the character of Tommy Shelby. He was staying in a rented apartment in Liverpool during the shooting. But the actor would fly back to his family every season during filming.

Career Details: Yvonne McGuinness is a Visual Artist

According to Yvonne’s website, she is an artist living in Dublin, Ireland. She is an accomplished artist whose work encompasses film, performance, sculptural and textile elements, sound and writing.

Following her interest and profession, McGuinness has also produced short films such as: This is between us, Charlie’s Place, procession, and The source to name a few. She even got a contract from Draiocht to work with the Fingal County Council Arts Office in 2017.

The fifty-year-old is still active in her profession, living her family life side by side. She is busy with her projects and also ready for the coming hustle and bustle in her life.

What is Yvonne McGuinness’s Net Worth?

Besides being the wife of Hollywood star Cillian Murphy, Yvonne has also established herself as a successful visual artist. Despite living a luxurious life, she chose to work and earn for herself.

Yvonne McGuinness
An Irish artist Yvonne McGuinness; Website

As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million. She has amassed her fortune through her art career and short films. She now lives a prosperous life with her husband and children.

How Rich Is Her Husband Cillian Murphy?

Her husband Murphy is one of the veteran actors in Hollywood and appears in prominent films such as Start, Batman Begins, Pause, and much more. He is a multimillionaire with total assets of $20 million.

Yvonne McGuinness’ Social Media Presence and Height

The Irish resident prefers to lead a private life away from the public eye. Although she has an account on Instagram and Twitter called ‘Yvonne McGuinness’, they are both private.

Not only she but also her husband regardless of whether he is a popular media personality does not have any social media accounts. They both keep their personal lives private and don’t talk much about their family even in interviews.

By the way, Yvonne is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.


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