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Who is Burak Ozcivit?

Born on December 24, 1984 in Istanbul, Turkey, Burak Ozcivit is both a model and an actor, best known for his work in television series such as “Kara Sevda” and “Calikusu”. In recent years he has become known for his work on the show “Kurulus: Osman”. He has won numerous awards during his career, both as a model and as an actor.

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Burak Ozcivit .’s Net Worth

By mid-2020, Burak Ozcivit’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, largely earned through a successful career as an actor in Turkey.

He has been in the business since 2006 and also worked as a high-profile model in the mid-2000s. Although he still does modeling projects from time to time, he is more focused on acting.

Early life, education and career start

Growing up in Istanbul, Burak considered a career in entertainment from an early age, although he was not sure which specific path he would take. He attended Kazim Ismen High School and after his matriculation, enrolled in Marmara University, where he obtained a degree in photography.

The university is known as one of the more recognized higher education institutions in the country and is the only multilingual university to offer education in five languages.

His photography studies would later help him after graduation as he successfully auditioned for a local modeling agency. He quickly gained recognition as a model during his first year, and after only two years of work, he was considered the second best model in the world thanks to his achievements and salary. This opened the door to more opportunities, and the first he took was a professional acting role in the series “Eksi 18”, cast in a main role.

Burak Ozcivit

Transition to acting

More acting opportunities came Ozcivit’s way, and soon he left modeling to focus on acting, as it was a more lucrative option, and was something he had always been interested in, even during his childhood. In 2007, he worked on the show “Zoraki Koca” and then made his feature film debut in “Musallat” or “Haunted”. In the horror film, he plays a man who moves to Berlin, Germany to earn money for his wife back home in Turkey. While in Berlin, he suffers numerous paranormal experiences that lead him to seek help. The film was very successful and confirmed his status as an actor as it was one of the highest-grossing films in Turkey for that year.

In the following years, he continued his work, focusing more on television projects such as in “Baba Ocagi” and “Ihanet”, establishing himself more as a television star, especially in the 2010s and taking on fewer film projects. In 2010, he starred in “Kucuk Siriar”, also known as “Little secrets”, featuring several teenagers whose family and romantic lives lead to a darkly intricate web of secrets.

Continuous Success

Burak went on to star in “Muhtesem Yuzyil” or “The Magnificent Century” and historical series based on the longest reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, who told the story of him and the sultanate of women, highlighting the influence of women. displayed during this period.

The sultan’s wife, Hurrem Sultan, was a former slave who would become a Sultana. The show lasted for two years and Burak then returned to film, casting Hasan in “Zarafa”.

In 2013, he was cast in the show “Calikusu” or “lovebird”, which is based on the novel of the same name, a literary piece that has been adapted numerous times in the Turkish media and tells the story of a female teacher in the early 20th century. Unlike other adaptations, the show was never able to complete its story as it was canceled after just one season.

After that, he turned his attention back to films, working in “Ask Sana Benzer” and “Kardesim Benim”, in which he appeared as the character Hakan, a role he reprized in the sequel “Kardesim Benim 2”.

Recent projects

In 2015, Ozcivit landed another high profile role when he was cast in “Kara Sevda”, also known as “Dark Love” or “Endless Love”. The show aired on Star TV and lasted for two seasons and a total of 74 episodes. The show focuses on him and his family as he lives among the working class in Istanbul, and tells the story from the perspective of a wealthy woman played by Neslihan Atagul Dogulu. The two meet and fall in love through unusual circumstances, but she is destined to marry another to save her business.

He has won numerous awards for his work on the show, including a Pantene Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actor, the GQ Men of the Year Awards and The ONE Objective Awards.

In 2018, he worked on the film “Can Feda”, which earned him an award from Yildiz Technical University. He was then cast in “Kurulus: Osman” plays the role of the titular Osman I, in another historical series, which follows the life of his character, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. The show shows his various struggles as he establishes the empire, with conflicts against the Mongols and the Byzantium.

Private life

In the mid-2010s, Burak met German-Turkish actress Fahriye Evcen and the two began a relationship. They worked together on the set of “Calikusu”, and she is also known for her work in “Yaprak Dokumu”, a television adaptation of a novel of the same name written by Resat Nuri Guntekin. They announced their engagement in 2017 while on vacation in Germany. and married a few months later. Numerous celebrities attended their wedding and it also caught the attention of the media as Fahriye wore three different designer wedding dresses for the event. They have a son together named Karan and live in Sariyer, Istanbul, Turkey.


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