Who is YouTuber QJB with 2 million subscribers? Net worth, name



Who is QJB?

Born on April 23, 1987 in Delaware, USA, Neal Bridges is a YouTube personality best known for his channel called QJB where he mainly uploads sports video game content. He plays many games with the National Basketball Association (NBA) or the National Football League (NFL).

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The net worth of QJB

As of early 2020, QJB’s net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million earned through a successful online career.

His YouTube fame has contributed directly to his wealth, as YouTube owner Google pays the top content creators through ad revenue, based on the number of views and interactions they have. His fame on the site has led him to numerous opportunities, including event invites and sponsorships.

Early life and education

Although QJB was born in Delaware, he didn’t stay there long as his family moved across the US because his father was in the military. He moved around a lot and didn’t have time to settle down and find long-term friends in one location. Instead, he turned to video games as a way to entertain himself and stay connected.

He loved playing video games but never really saw it as a career path. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, where he earned a degree in computer aided drawing and design. The historically black university has been in existence since 1981 and is the largest of its kind in the country, best known for its engineering degree programs. During this time, he was a huge fan of both American Football and basketball. He played basketball when he was younger, although he was not skilled enough to pursue it as a career.

Career Beginnings, Continuing Education and Transition

After graduating, QJB spent the next three years working as a computer aided design engineer.


Although he earned a good salary, he was never really satisfied with his job and wanted to progress, which prompted him to pursue a master’s degree. Around this time, he discovered the YouTube website and noticed how different personalities became successful by playing video games, and suddenly a new career path opened up for him. The video sharing website is one of the most visited areas online and is responsible for both careers and fame of many personalities.

One of the largest communities on YouTube is his gaming communitywith plenty of content creators focused solely on a game or a genre.

Other gamers focus on entertainment while others upload content to cater to those who want something more competitive. Today, there are comedy channels, pro gamers, entertainers, speedrunners, role players and many other types of game content creators on the site. Before QJB, YouTube started out as a hobby – he didn’t want to devote himself to it full-time just yet because he hadn’t attracted enough audience to receive enough regular income.

A full-time YouTuber

QJB started his channel by making videos where he plays American Football video games starting with “NCAA Football 12” where he shows some games where he played the competitive ranked mode.

Later, with the advent of the more popular “Madden NFL” franchise, he started to focus more on that and uploaded a lot of NBA video game content as well. His channel grew significantly when he started playing the video game “NBA Live Mobile 16” which at one point was the most popular video game based on the NBA. It held this title for many years until a competitor in “NBA 2K” took over, with superior graphics and gameplay. “NBA Live” continued to produce games and later made a resurgence in the mobile market. He started uploading games during the height of his popularity, leading to massive views. As new video games were made, he later abandoned the game and switched to more current and up-to-date examples.

Other projects and recent work

Due to his fame, QJB got many job opportunities. At some point during his career, he began collaborating with colleagues “NBA” and “maddenYouTube content creator Chris Move, who plays the game together. It received a lot of attention thanks to the sizeable following each of them had. He also collaborated with comedian Kevin Hart as part of a commentary video. His fame on YouTube led to him being featured in the commercial for “NBA 2k15”. He has also been invited to a few video game tournaments, such as the “Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Invitational Tournament” and “Dracell 26 Hour Longest Lasting Tournament”.

Posted by QJB On Wednesday 8 July 2015

Although he mainly plays sports video games, he has been known to stray from his usual path from time to time. During the peak of Fortnite’s popularity, he played and uploaded a few videos, but later switched back to sports so as not to alienate his fans. Lately, he plays a lot of the video game “NBA 2K20”, which despite generally negative reviews, has many players due to the lack of better options for NBA related gaming. He often plays online and his fans love it when he opens digital packs with valuable players from all over the game’s history.

These players can be pitted against other players online, and he loves to show off his latest pulls.

Private life

While QJB’s public presence mainly consists of playing video games in front of the camera, he has been married to Brittany since 2016 and they have a daughter together. He doesn’t like to talk about his life outside of gaming, preferring to keep it separate from his career. Like many sports fans, he is very vocal when it comes to opinions in NBA and NFL. He also has entertaining reactions while playing the games, which has helped him build a loyal fan base.