Who is Yana Orlova from “Cosmic Love”?


cosmic loveAmazon’s latest dating show, which premiered on August 12, has received a lot of positive feedback from viewers. In addition to the four astrological components, 16 more hopeful people long for love. Yana Orlova, a 29-year-old Ukrainian, is one of the contenders who is an Aquarius by zodiac and a dancer.

Furthermore, writers Ophira and Tali Edut (aka The AstroTwins) and the enigmatic Astro Chamber (voiced by Cree Summer) will be attending the upcoming concert. They will use astrology to help the candidates discover the love of their lives. The series has a lot of drama and discoveries that keep the audience interested.

According to the official Amazon Prime synopsis:

“In this unique social experiment, four people use astrological matching to find their ideal partner. Each person symbolizes one of the four astrological elements (air, fire, water and earth).

It goes on to say:

Their love journey takes place in the Astro Chamber, a retreat managed by a magical guide. They socialize, match, date and ultimately make the most important choice of their lives… Will they marry their match based solely on their astrology?

Yana Orlova of Cosmic Love has a fashion degree.

Yana Orlova, a dancer, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with an Associate of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising Management. She earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing communications after graduating from college in 2013. Orlova was then head waitress at Public Hotel for a year. She then moved to The Hoxton in Williamsburg and worked in the same job.

Yana Orlova

She joined Make Belief in 2019 as Assistant General Manager. Over the years, the Cosmic Love singer has gained valuable expertise in the hospitality industry, which has enabled her to progress to a five-star hotel, Zero Bond. She spent nine months as a Senior Food & Beverage Manager at the hotel. She also works as a nightlife manager at The Jane Hotel.

Despite her years of experience in the hospitality industry, Yana Orlova now works as a Ballroom and Latin Dancer at Backstage in New York. She also models for the same agency and has posted about her initiatives on social media.

Nevertheless, Yana announced her appearance on Cosmic Love on her Instagram account. She stated:

AHUM! SPILL THE MOST DELICIOUS TEA!!!! Only on @primevideo can you see myself and 19 other AMAZING singles trying to find their partner using astrology! This was the most amazing trip, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you on August 12th! In addition, when astrological specialist Tali Edut examines Yana’s zodiac in the program, she defines her as follows:

“Yana is a classic Aquarius air sign, as she is excellent at bringing people together socially in her own calm style,” says the author.

Yana Orlova

She went on to say:

“She also had the sturdiness of a Capricorn moon, because every day she would wander alone and chat with the fish in the pond.” She is so strange and cute!”

All episodes of Cosmic Love are available on Amazon Prime.


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