Who is Veronica Perasso? Her Instagram, Tiktok and more


Veronica Perasso is a well-known social media star with over 4.5 million followers on her Instagram. She is also very popular on other social media platforms like Tiktok and Snapchat. She became famous after she started posting daring and erotic photos on her social profile.

Apart from that, did you know that Veronica was once sexually assaulted? She revealed to her fans on her social media that she had been raped after being drugged and that the police had “emotionally abused her by saying she could have fought back.” So, what had happened? What did she do after the police did not support her?

Well, in this article we discuss everything about the social media influencer. Keep scrolling to learn more about the media sensation, including her dating life, boyfriend, family, and how much she earns from her OnlyFans account.

Veronica Perasso’s early life, age and physical appearance

Born August 7, 1998The social media star Veronica is currently 24 years old. She was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. According to her Instagram, she is Latina and her zodiac sign is Leo. Veronica is very closed about her family. She has not disclosed any details about her family yet.

Veronica Perasso
Veronica is a Latina woman

Speaking further, the social media star has been able to grab the attention of many fans and followers due to her mesmerizing physical appearance. She has an astonishing height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs about 55 kg (121 lbs). She has brown eyes that complement her brown pair of eyes.

Veronica is a victim of sexual violence

The Latina woman claimed she had been drugged and raped. Police did not take her case seriously, but they reportedly called her a liar because she was an immigrant, according to Veronica.

In her own words, Veronica said: “On July 2, 2018, I was drugged, raped and sexually assaulted. A girl I was living with at the time took me to a house where I was attacked.”

She revealed that she woke up with unpleasant memories. She went to the hospital and was given a rape kit. They confirmed that she had been raped and that there was someone inside her without protection. She also claimed that a woman she was living with was involved.

However, the police did not react well and they verbally insulted her. The police told her that she could only get justice if the rapist confessed that he had raped himself.

Why is she popular?

As we have mentioned before, Veronica started to gain a lot of popularity after she started posting bold and erotic photos on her social media handle. She started to gain fame on Instagram, where she has 4.5 million followers today. She also makes several lipsync videos on her TikTok account and has approximately 19,2,000 followers. Moreover, she also makes brand recommendations through her social media handle.

Apart from that, Veronica is widely known for her Only Fans account. People started to recognize her as an OnlyFans celebrity after she became one of the few individuals who made millions from the platform. After achieving such large numbers, she has been able to become one of the 0.5% content creators in the community.

Moreover, she also joined the YouTube community to generate some additional income. Veronica has about 7.31k subscribers on her official YouTube account. and she usually posts her Tiktok content and other dance videos on her YouTube channel.

Who is Veronica Perasso Boyfriend from 2022?

When we see Veronica’s social media handles, we can see that she doesn’t like to reveal much about herself. She has also kept privacy about her love life. However, we found out that she has been dating a guy for a while now.

in 2021, Veronica appeared in one of the podcasts with a YouTuber named Mike Rashid. In the podcast she was accompanied by her boyfriend Joy Fazio.

The boyfriend of Veronica Perasso
Veronica’s friend supports her work

In the aforementioned podcast, her boyfriend revealed that they met in Miami in 2016. Veronica’s boyfriend is an entrepreneur, as he himself reveals in the video.

This was the only time Veronica ever appeared with her lover. Since their last appearance, the lovebirds have never made a public display, which is why there is a lot of speculation about their breakup.

Well, we’re not sure if the couple is still together or not. Let’s hope they spend their love life happily.

Veronica’s boyfriend’s reaction to her Onlyfans and bold photos on social media

In the aforementioned podcast, Veronica’s friend was asked what he thinks of his girlfriend’s work. To this he replied that he considers Veronica’s work only as a profession. He has handled everything maturely and is not much influenced when she shares risqué and erotic content on her social media. Plus, talking to her fans doesn’t make Veronica jealous either.

But he also revealed that he became jealous when Veronica gave 12 hours of her day in the Onlyfans to answer her fans. He said he doesn’t mind if his girlfriend talks to anyone, but not having time for him really bothers him. Veronica, on the other hand, revealed that her boyfriend is very supportive of her work and that they have a different relationship than a normal couple.

Veronica is a fitness model

Aside from her bold posts, Veronica posts various fitness-related content on her social media handle. She gives many tips to her fans and followers to maintain a toned body like hers. There are many posts of her in the gym where she shows different types of exercises.

Veronica Perasso
Veronica Perasso also does fitness modeling

Likewise, she is involved in branding recommendations with various types of clothing and fitness brands. She continues to post about different brands on her Instagram account.

Veronica Perasso Net worth

Veronica has been able to accumulate quite a bit of money during her career on social media. Her estimated net worth is about $4 million. Her main source of income is her work at OnlyFans. She also earns a good income through brand recommendation and her Onlyfans account.


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