Who is Trent Olsen? All about Mary-Kate Olsen’s brother


Trent Olsen38, is an American actor and media personality widely popular as the older brother of celebrated child actors Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. His other sister is also Elizabeth Olsennone other than our one and only Wanda Maximoff.

Coming from a family with artistic backgrounds, Trent also made his way into the showbiz industry as a child actor just like his sisters. However, the senior Olsen star changed plans and started working behind the camera most of the time.

As childish as it may sound, Trent once tried to make money by selling his sister’s autographed photos. So what is he up to these days? Is he married? Has he reached the heights of success like his sisters? Know all about Trent Olsen.

Trent Olsen Birth Details, Age, Height & More

The oldest Olsen born, James Trent Olsen was born on May 22, 1984 in Sherman Oaks, California, USA. He recently turned 38 years old and stands at a height of 5 ft 8 inches or 173 cm.

Trent Olsen as a child
Trent Olsen pictured as a baby ready for a water gun fight

Likewise, he is the eldest son of David ‘Dave’ Olsen and Jarnette ‘Jarnie’ Jones. Trent is an American by nationality and has Norwegian, English, German, Italian and distant French ancestry.

Like any child, Olsen has a great relationship with her parents, but unfortunately they are no longer together as they split up in 1995.

Education data of Trent Olsen

The 38-year-old graduated from Campbell Hall School in North Hollywood in June 2002. He entered the University of Southern California in October 2004 and completed his bachelor’s degree in music.

While attending USC, he won the Mr. Tommy pageant that is similar to a high school homecoming king. Likewise, he reportedly attended the New York Film Academy.

His three sisters are Hollywood A-listers

As previously mentioned, Trent Olsen grew up alongside his three famous younger siblings, twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Elizabeth Olsen.

While most of us may know Mary-Kate and Ashley from their roles as Michelle Tanner in the long-running TV series Full roomElizabeth became a household name after her role as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in the MCU films.

Elizabeth’s most recent work in the 2021 miniseries, the WandaVision, earned her a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award nomination. Some of her notable works other than Marvel movies are: Martha Marcy May Marlene, quiet house, Wind River, Sorry for your lossand more.

American media personality Trent Olsen with his famous sisters and mother
Trent with his mother and three sisters who are all actresses

Speaking of Mary-Kate and Ashley, they are currently working on their fashion line called Elizabeth & James in Oslo, Norway.

In addition, he has two half-siblings named Taylor and Jake from his father’s second marriage.

Trent Olsen was also a child actor – his career in short

In 1989, Trent won a starring role in the HBO television series Stories from the Crypt at just 6-7. Unfortunately, his parents did not allow him to play in the film and the role went to someone else.

He later appeared in a few documentaries about his sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, The Olsen Twins Mother’s Day Special, our first video, driven, and Biography to name a few. In addition, he also guest-starred as a boy with flowers in the TV series Full room.

Fast-forward to 2009, Trent wrote a television movie Fashion model Behaviour with Nate Brown, Josh Crotty and Paul Greer. Likewise, he also has a script credit for Cookie Time in his name.

In addition, some of his acting credits include: Old-fashioned, Comedy Cornerand stalker. Apart from this, he has also worked as a writer and his upcoming projects are: hiker and leaving Yellowstone.

Trent Olsen is called a social butterfly by his friends

While Trent never reached the heights of success like his siblings, he certainly earned himself the name ‘social butterfly’ or the ‘prankster’ among his friends and family.

One of his friends from Campbell Hall revealed that: James would sell his sisters’ autographed photos at school as a side job. The source added, “I definitely bought one. We all did!”

He went on,

“He has about 3,000 Facebook friends, and Trent thought it was funny to change his birthday every three months or so. He would receive 100 messages on Facebook wishing him a ‘Happy Birthday’ four times a year.”

In addition, his friend also revealed that Olsen once raised $18,000 for research involving a 10,000-mile cross-country ski run after one of his friends’ father passed away due to Lou Gehrig’s disease.

As of 2022, he lives a quiet lifestyle and many of his friends believe that James will soon be part of the acting world again.

He is also a comics writer

Part of his career behind the camera is his work as a comics writer. Trent Olsen grew up with a love for comics and as a child collected and wrote comic books himself.

A few years later, his passion turned into a profession and he got a contract with Storm King Productions. The company is popular for its horror and sci-fi themed comic books.

Trent reportedly traveled across the United States to work for the company as a writer and photographer. In addition, notable contributions in the comic book world are Tales for a Halloween Night and Asylum, both by John Carpenter.

Is Trent Olsen Dating Or Married To Someone?

Unlike his A-Lister sisters, James lives a very private life away from the limelight. He is not seen much in the public and media. According to various gossip, Trent is reportedly single in 2022.

However, in early 2021, he shared photos of a girl named Sue Ellen LaRocca calling her “my partner” and “my person.” Likewise, Sue has also shared photos of Trent on her IG @sueboo87 a few times.

The pair even wished each other happy birthday on March 16, 2021 and confirmed that they started dating a year earlier in March 2020.

American media personality Trent Olsen With his ex-girlfriend Sue Ellen
Trent was reportedly in a relationship with Sue Ellen in 2020-21

Surprisingly, in December 2021, Ellen posted a photo with another man named Daniel Cox with the caption ‘Merry Christmas! Santa dropped these off for me’ along with a red heart alluded to their romance.

On the other hand, Trent has not updated his IG profile since October 2021. Likewise, no news of Trent and Sue’s breakup or the marriage of anything has appeared on the internet since 2021.

What is Trent Olsen’s net worth?

According to various sources, Olsen’s current net worth is estimated at approximately $500 thousand mid 2022.

On the other hand, his younger sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley have a combined net worth of $500 million and Elizabeth has a $11 million power from 2022.


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