Who is Taylor Atelian? Where is she today? Net worth, Wiki


Who is Taylor Atelian?

Born on March 27, 1995 in Santa Barbara, California, USA, Taylor Marie Atelian is an actress best known for her work during her childhood through her teens. Her biggest role was in the TV sitcom “According to Jim”, in which she portrayed one of the daughters, Ruby.

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Taylor Atelian’s Wealth

As of mid-2020, Taylor Atelian’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful acting career. She was active in the business from 2001 to 2009 although she has not taken on any new projects since then and has not confirmed whether she has officially retired.

While it is likely, she has likely pursued other career paths that have contributed to her financial status.

Early life and the beginning of a career

As a child, Taylor showed a strong inclination towards the performing arts, and was supported by her parents who paid for her to take dance lessons at the Rudenko Dance School which is located in Santa Barbara. Founded by Barbara Rudenko, the school has been operating for over five decades and offers classes in various dances. During her time there she trained in jazz, ballet and tap dancing.

Around the same time, she found opportunities within the local community to perform on stage.

She joined the Lobero Theater and starred in such productions as “Babes in Toyland” and “Alice in Wonderland”, a stage adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s novel of the same name, considered one of the most enduring stories for adults and children, and has been adapted countless times on television, in film and on stage. She also worked on a production of “Pinocchio”, based on the character from “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, popular in the 1940 Disney film.

According to Jim

Finally, Atelian got her big break in 2001 when she was cast in the sitcom “According to Jim” as one of the daughters of the titular character played by Jim Belushi – she was one of the original three children before two more were introduced after its seventh season.

Taylor Atelian

The show ran through the 2000s and follows the story of a father who lives in the suburbs with his family. Jim often has features similar to those of the actor portraying him. Throughout the show, he often finds himself in problematic or difficult situations due to his personality, which often results in his activities backfire on him. Despite his flaws, he is loved by his family. Other stars of the show included Courtney Thorne-Smith, Larry Joe Campbell, Mitch Rouse and Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

The show was filmed at the CBS Studio Center by ABC’s own production company. Jim Belushi was known for directing many episodes and is credited as the executive producer of the show. He has stated several times that the show reflected his real life, and is often based on himself or one of the writers.

“According to Jim” achieved success throughout its run, attracting a steady following that saw it go on the air for eight seasons before end. The series finale was filmed before the cancellation was announced, and the sets were then taken down.

During her time on the show, she won a Young Artist Award for her performance. It also opened up other opportunities for her, including an appearance in Brad Paisley’s “Celebrity” music video. However, most of her time was devoted to filming the show and she was also finishing her education in the meantime.

Final projects

By the end of “According to Jim” she had a few independent projects, including the short film “Reaper” and the made-for-television film “Mother Goose Parade.” She did a few commercial projects, such as for V-Chip, with her fellow “According to Jim” stars, as well as a few commercials for ABC to promote the network.

After the show ended, she took a step back from acting and turned to music for a while. She became part of an all-girl music group Pink-E-Swear, but the group never released any singles or albums. She hasn’t returned to acting since she left “According to Jim”.

Taylor Atelian Nu

Atelian went inactive for some time in the 2010s, while her Instagram and other social media accounts went quiet. Before the inactivity, people witnessed her as she grew up and matured. She continued her education and at the very least put her acting career on hold.

After graduating from high school, it is not known whether she has completed a college education. She has done various types of work over the years, including hosting events at a local bar. She also began teaching dance at the Zermeno Dance Academy and was also a member of the LA Kiss Girls group, the cheerleading squad known for performing at various American Football games.

In recent years she has calmed down and focused more on starting a family, although she has created new online profiles and reconnected with her fans. She works as a bartender for several clubs and bars in Santa Barbara, including the Matrix Nightclub & Lounge, O’Malley’s Santa Barbara and Baja Sharkeez Santa Barbara.

To stay away from others while the coronavirus pandemic is underway, she takes trips with friends to remote areas, hikes and spends time on private beaches.

Private life

Taylor is in a relation with Jesse Schullstrom-Warren, and they have a child together, but are not married. Her boyfriend is from Florida and is a professional baseball player. In her spare time she likes to travel and read books. Since travel was not an option due to quarantine, she has read a lot – one of her favorite authors is CS Lewis, who is known for his ‘Narnia’ book series.


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