Who is Stephanie Soo? Is she married? Age, fiancée, net worth




Who is StephaWnie Soo?

Born on November 27, 1995 in South Korea, Stephanie Soo is a YouTube personality, best known for her self-titled channel where she posts various Mukbang videos. Mukbangs are a niche of YouTube that was popularized by South Korean where the streamer or creator of the content often consume food while talking to their audience.

Stephanie Soo’s net worth

As of mid 2020, Stephanie Soo’s net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million earned through a successful online career. Her videos are very popular and she has made significant advertising revenue from them. She also has plenty of other opportunities thanks to her online fame.

Early life and online beginnings

While Stephanie was born in South Korea, her family later moved to the US. Details of why they moved are unknown, but she grew up largely accustomed to American culture, while her family still instilled in her many of their country’s values. This kept her connected to South Korean culture, especially when it came to food. Growing up she loved to eat and she was the type to eat a lot as she loved to try different cuisines.

Before finding fame online, she had not considered a career on YouTube, but the opportunity eventually became more interesting to her as YouTube has become a platform that has helped many people find both fame and fortune.

This is because Google pays content creators money depending on how much engagement and interactions their videos attract. Many celebrities on YouTube got rich when they became online celebrities and their videos regularly received millions of views. She initially thought of starting a video blog (vlog), but when she created her channel, the mukbang phenomenon started.

Mukbang channel

The term meokbang is a combination of the words meongneun and bangsong, meaning broadcast respectively. The craze originated through the streaming platform AfreecaTV in 2009, when several South Korean streamers interacted with their audience over dinner.

Stephanie Zo

This practice eventually became popular through other streaming platforms as well, usually with people enjoying watching other people enjoy food along with the interaction it entails. Other people came for the fascination of what foods other people tried, their reactions and their personalities.

This craze eventually made its way to YouTube, where some streamed while others made pre-recorded videos. While the latter had little idle time, YouTubers often made it work due to the amount of interaction and content they created in it. They often tell stories or have other people with them to entertain the viewers.

Zoo started to make such videos in 2017, and although she was shy at first, she still wanted to try making mukbang videos. She got a lot of people’s attention, and while she didn’t have the same openness she has now, many viewers enjoyed her personality, while others found her attractive.

Become famous

Stephanie built a loyal, consistent following through regular uploads and interactions with her fans. She read comments, responded to them, and even listened to her viewers’ suggestions or advice. Her popularity rose even further when she was mentioned by another popular mukbang YouTuber, Veronica Wang. This led to a friendship between the two and they started collaborating regularly on videos.

This in turn opened the door to more YouTubers and people enjoyed her interaction with other popular names.

Most of the time though, she goes it alone, or prefers to have close friends, who aren’t camera shy. The camera was often taken by her romantic partner, who is very shy and although he also enjoys the food, he preferred to be present off camera. As her popularity grew, she felt that her main channel would focus on mukbang, so she started another channel which is a more dedicated video blog (vlog). channel.

She posts videos there that are not often seen on her main channel, including updates about her life and some of the activities she does when she’s not eating food in front of the camera.

A problem with Nikocado Avocado

Over the years, as Soo’s circle of friends grew, she began collaborating with more popular YouTubers, as well as frequent Wang, but eventually their personalities clashed and she felt more uncomfortable working with her. After agreeing to make a joint video, she decided to back out as she was no longer interested in collaborating with Wang. This angered several of Wang’s friends who were also YouTube personalities. One in particular, Nikocado Avocado, became confrontational and asked why she would go back on an agreed plan.

She defended herself and her actions, although Nikocado went too far by posting a video accusing Soo of being unprofessional and trying to show that she had a bad personality. She then responded with a video of her own, revealing that he had started posting videos that were falsely presented while she aired the actual conversations, showing that he was trying to manipulate viewers into thinking negatively about her. Threats and verbal attacks began coming her way from Nikocado, and this led to a breakdown. She made another video show how much she had been pressured and attacked, gaining many supporters. She then moved away from the issue and continues to make mukbang videos with people close to her.

Private life

Stephanie has been in a relationship for a long time, though she has neglected to disclose details about her partner due to his desire to remain private. She refers to him as Mister Mango Butt, the partner of her other online nickname MissMangoButt, the name of her vlogging channel. In 2019, she announced that they got engaged and people got interested to find out more information about him. Some found out that he is Rui Quan, a watch salesman who works for the Harry Winston brand. He was also known as an attractive man. Many people also wonder how the couple managed to stay slim despite eating a lot in their YouTube videos.