Who is Preston Bezos? Here’s Details About Multi-Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Oldest Son


Preston Bezos is known as the eldest son of the American billionaire Jeff Bezos. His father Jeff is the founder, executive chairman, former president and CEO of Amazon, an American multinational technology company.

By the way, Preston’s mother MacKenzie Scott is also a famous American personality. She is a novelist and philanthropist. Mackenzie is best known for her debut novel The Ordeal of Luther Albright which won an American Book Award. So, as the son of such experienced parents, what is Preston Bezos’ lifestyle like?

Likewise, what does Preston Bezos do? If you are curious about any of these questions, here we have revealed detailed information about this rich kid along with his age, early life and relationship status.

What is the age of Preston Bezos, the son of a multi-billionaire? His early life

Preston was born in March 2000 in the United States of America. So from 2022He is 22 age. He gets his father’s middle name since his father’s name is Jeff Preston Bezos. The billionaire’s son grew up with a lavish lifestyle along with his siblings in his hometown. Apart from this, there is no detail about Preston’s early life.

In addition, he belongs to mixed ethnicity (white race) and holds American nationality.

Where is Preston Bezos going to study?

Speaking of his education, Preston attended Princeton University just like his father. His father Jeff was also a student at Princeton from which she graduated in 1986. Following in the footsteps of his wealthy father, he also studies at the same university.

Prior to Princeton, according to some sources, Preston attended MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the year 2018. Around that time there was news about Bezos and his ex-wife visiting Parents weekend organized by MITfor their eldest son. However, we are still unsure about this information.

Preston Bezos’ parents divorced after 25 years of married life

Bezos’ parents Jeff and MacKenzie were married from 1993 to 2019. Initially, they first got to know each other when they worked at the same law firm DE Shaw in 1992.

At the time of their meeting, the former Flames lived in Manhattan, but after exchanging vows, they moved to Seattle. From their relationship, the couple becomes parents of three children.

Sadly their relationship ended after 25 years in 2019. They individually announced their long status divorce on their respective Twitter accounts at January 9, 2019. At the time, the Tweet said:

As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving investigation and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared life as friends……..

From The sunthe reason behind their divorce was Jeff’s affair with a news anchor, Lauren Sanchez.

Current relationship status of Preston’s parent

Currently, both former couples are in a relationship with different individuals. Bezos’ father is still in a relationship with news anchor Lauren Sanchez, with whom he had an affair before his divorce.

In addition, Preston’s mother has been married to Dan Jewett, a high school chemistry teacher, since 2021. Dan teaches at the Lakeside School in Seattle.

Both parents of The Preston are great achievers in their professions

As mentioned before, Preston’s father Jeff is a founder of Amazon.com. Born into a very middle-class family, he aspired to become one of the greatest businessmen of all time. And so he did, from now on, his company, Amazon is worth a trillion dollars.

Aside from the e-commerce site, Jeff bought large shares of the US newspaper The Washington Post, has also invested in other ventures and co-founded a biotechnology company. Moreover, he was the first centillionaire according to Forbes Wealth Index.

Preston Bezos Parents
Preston’s parents pose for the camera.

Similarly, Preston’s mother MacKenzie has also accomplished a lot in her career. As we mentioned, she is a novelist, but apart from that, she is also the 21st richest person in the world and the third richest woman in the United States.

Moreover, she has already been listed as one of the world’s most powerful women. Likewise, she is also the founder and executive director of an anti-bullying organization, Bystander Revolution.

Brothers and adopted sister of Preston Bezos

Preston moves on with his siblings and has two biological brothers. One of the his brothers named George has reportedly been a freshman at Yalea and studies Art. But no information is available about his other brother.

Preston Bezos family
Preston with his parents and siblings.

He also has a sister that his parents adopted from China. Her name is also unknown. In the family, she is believed to be the youngest of her siblings. Although their personal information is hidden, they have had a handful of media appearances as a family.

What does Preston Bezos do for life?

There is no official announcement that Preston is professionally involved in any kind of work. Currently, sources have confirmed that he is graduating from Princeton, one of the renowned universities in the United States.

However, there are some rumors that Jr. Preston also indulges in some businesses. But it is also just an assumption. Anyway, the fact is he doesn’t have to worry about generating income just to live, after all he was born with a silver spoon.

That said, we can’t determine if Preston really isn’t working for his career. Sure, he’s studying hard to be just like his successful parents in the near future.

Does Preston Bezos have a girlfriend?


Is Preston active on Instagram?

Despite being the son of such a well-known public figure, Preston seems to live a bit of private life. According to our research, Preston is not on Instagram. Furthermore, he is not publicly active on social networking sites.

On the other hand, his multi-billionaire dad Jeff is on Instagram with 4 million followers.

What is Preston Bezos’ Net Worth?

As we said before, Preston is still a student at Princeton University. His source of income is thus still limited to his father’s money.

On the contrary, his father Jeff’s net worth is $143.9 billion and his mother’s net worth is $35 billion.


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