Who is Madison Cheeatow from Heartland? Her biography, husband, children


Madison Cheeatow is a Canadian actress known for her role as Jade Virani on the CBC ranch drama series, heartland. She is also known for movies like The Last Christmas (2021), Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library (2012), Anna (2020), the Ruby Skye PI Franchise, and others.

While Cheeatow isn’t a main character in CBC’s long-running family drama series, she’s managed to garner more than significant attention over the years. Despite having an unstable screen time in Heartland, some show fans have often thought about what her life is like next to the horses on screen.

Browse the remarkable chapters and verses of Madison’s life; her story prior to Heartland, how she got the part of Jade, her personal life, and her partner, among other things.

Madison Cheeatow Hometown, Siblings, Parents and Others…

Madison was born in Toronto, Canada. The actress will be 28 years old as of 2022. Cheeatow, who is said to be 5’6′ to 5’8′ tall, was born on November 9, 1993.

She is apparently one of three children born to her parents, a brother, Aiden, and a younger sister named Adelaide. While not much is known about her father, Madison has mentioned her mother, Margot LeBlanc, on her socials a few times.

Who is Madison Cheeatow Husband Chris Spoke?

Toronto-born actress Cheeatow has been married to Chris Spoke since December 2017. Madison’s husband is apparently the founder and CEO of August, a boutique agency that designs and builds digital products.

Heartland actress Madison Cheeatow with her husband, Chris Spoke.
Chris Spoke, CEO of a boutique company with his wife and Heartland actress, Madison Cheeatow. Instagram

The company also reportedly has a regular lineup of speakers. Together, Madison and Chris are parents to three children, Isla, Noah, and a third whose name though the… Ruby Skye PIE actress is unknown.

Cheeatow had her first child, a daughter named Isla, in early April 2018. Nearly two years later, the actress welcomed her second baby, a son, Noah, in April 2020. She and her husband, Chris, added another child in June 2022.

Madison became a mother at age 24

Madison Cheeatow became a mother at a fairly young age. She had her first child when she was 24. By the time Madison was 26, she was already pregnant with her second child. Cheeatow admits her first pregnancy was quite unexpected

The Last Christmas actress Madison Cheeatow with her daughter Isla and son Noah.
Hudson alum, Madison Cheeatow with her daughter, Isla, and son, Noah. Instagram

In an interview, she confessed that she and her husband once thought of having a child, but not so early. The dance actress admits she wasn’t quite prepared for her first child. However, she says that both of her children are doing quite well.

While welcoming her first child at a birth center, Madison gave birth to her second child at home, partly because of the 2020 quarantine and also because the actress said she wanted to in an interview. In June 2020, Cheeatow revealed that she plans to send her children to mainstream schools instead of homeschooling.

Madison Cheeatow acting career; Her other movies and series besides Heartland

Toronto-born Cheeatow first stepped into acting as Byrde in the short film in late 2010, The dance† In the same year she starred in the family mystery film, Ruby Skye PI.: The Spam Scam as Ruby Skye.

She would also reprise her role of Ruby in the series adaptation. Madison would play the character two more times for the Ruby Skye franchise in 2012 Ruby Skye PI – The Haunted Libraryand the 2014 movie, Ruby Skye PI – The Maltese Puppy

Meanwhile, in the year 2013, Cheeatow would also famously reprise her role as Jade Virani in the CBC’s Hartland† After some series and TV movies, Cheeatow would get her second movie role in the 2016 movie, Sadie’s Last Days on Earth as Dee.

Then, in 2017, Madison portrayed Keira in the Canadian-American television drama anthology series, slasher† Her next acting credit was as Jade on the digital companion show, hudson.

Cheeatow was yet another recurring character on another series, Hudson and Rex in the year 2019. She was also one of the casts of another series, private eyes† Madison has also been in a few or two short films Intro, Anna, Heartbreaker, and The last Christmas

How Madison Cheeatow Got Her Heartland Part?

Cheeatow in January 2013 revealed ‘s audition process Hartland – just like any other audition. She revealed that the walk-through took place in her native Toronto.

Madison as Jade in the CBC series, Heartland.
Jade Virani actress, Madison in Heartland. From Instagram

Apparently, when she originally signed up for the role, it was supposed to be for a one-episode spot. While there was a possibility for a second episode, Cheeatow would end up being more than 30 episodes on the show.

Cheeatow once said that Jade is a bronc rider she likes most about her Heartland character. The mother of three thinks it’s super cool.

Will Madison return to Heartland’s new season?

In June 2022, the CBC announced Heartland’s 16th season – set to release in the fall. The show is apparently returning with 15 episodes each about 1 hour long.

28-year-old Canadian actress Madison Cheeatow with her Heartland co-star Kerry James.
Canadian actress, Madison Cheeatow with her Heartland co-star, Kerry James. CBC

While no official statement has been made about the cast for the new season, series veterans Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Alisha Newton, Gabriel Hogan and others will most likely return.

The regulars of the series like Madison, Katie Fleming Morris, Ruby, Nathaniel Arcand, Aidan Moreno and others are also likely to reprise their roles at least to some degree.

Cheeatow could make his own movie in the future

Madison once revealed that she wants to produce, create and direct a project of her own in the future. In fact, the Wingin’ It actress, also said she was actually writing something in between her day jobs as an actress.

Madison Cheeatow apparently likes to share on Instagram

The good witch actress Madison is openly in the game on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Cheeatow, for the most part, is more candid about the latter. In fact, it’s been a while since the heartbreaker actress has become very clear about her life (on and off screen) in almost every way on the image sharing handle.

Her Instagram feeds abundantly feature the photos of her, her children, and her husband. She also occasionally shares a sneak peek of Heartland’s behind-the-scenes activities or photos of herself hanging out with her co-stars and friends.

Madison Cheeatow Other Facts

  • Cheeatow is also the host of the paranormal talk show podcast, Who is knocking on Pod
  • Ironically, Madison isn’t fond of getting a bucking bronc. In fact, she once said that no amount of money will ever get her on one.
  • Cheeatow also says that her character in Heartland is actually quite different from herself. For starters, the private eyes actress says she is a family woman unlike Jade in the show. Cheeatow also says she’s not as rebellious and impulsive as Jade. The actress describes herself as much quieter and more reserved than her.
  • Madison is also a huge house sparrow and an animal lover. She also apparently has a dog, a cat and a snake.


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