Who is Logan Kim? See his full bio, career, family, net worth and others


Logan Kim is a famous American actor who is best known for his roles in films such as Ghostbusters: Afterlife (202)and Home movie: The princess bride (2020). Furthermore, he is also a comedian and a gamer.

In addition, he is also well trained in skating and skateboarding. Likewise, the actor is also good at martial arts and swimming. At just 15 years old, Logan has explored different dimensions in the entertainment industry. Well, what about his parents and family background? What is he doing now?

Here, in this article, we will cover all the unknown details about Logan Kim, including his age, parents, sibling, his TV and movies, and much more.

Logan Kim Wiki, age, early life and education

Logan was born on March 7, 2007, in Dallas, Texas, USA. So, in 2022He is 15 age. Kim’s birth name is Logan Kimchi. He grew up in his hometown and was surrounded and cared for by his lovely parents and sibling throughout his childhood.

Logan Kim with his father
Baby Logan Kim with his father. Source: his father’s Facebook

Talking about his education, he graduated from kindergarten in May 2015. Furthermore, Kim attended Cathryn Sullivan’s acting school in 2018. In addition, he has also followed martial arts and swimming courses.

As for his ethnicity, he belongs to a mixed (Asian-American) ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Logan Kim’s Family: Details About His Parents and Brother

Speaking of Logan’s family, he has his parents and an older brother. His father Dohe Kim is an Asian who currently works as a project manager at Pdms Design Group. According to Logan’s father’s Facebook information, he studied architecture at the University of Oklahoma. On the other hand, his mother Brandi Kim is an American.

Logan Kim Older and Older Brother
Logan Kim with his family. Source: his father’s Facebook

Furthermore, Logan is raised with his older brother named Lucas Kim who was born in March 2004. So by 2022his big brother is 18 years old causing 3 age difference between Logan’s siblings. Currently, Logan’s brother, Lucas, is a student at Texas A&M University.

Logan Kim’s career: he is widely known as an actor

A 15-The birthday boy Logan has already started his professional career as an actor in the American film industry. He made his film debut in the 2020 mini TV series Home Movie: The Princess Bride. In the series, he played the character called The Grandson.

Shortly afterwards, in 2021, he appeared in the American supernatural comedy film Ghostbusters: Afterlife which arrived in theaters on November 11, 2021. First, let’s discuss what was so special that Ghostbusters made Logan very popular.

Logan Kim portrays podcast in Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Actually, the movie Ghostbuster: Afterlife is a franchise movie that follows the events of 1989’s comedy movie Ghostbuster II. In this film, Logan, a newly cast actor, played the character Podcast and he was featured in the film as Phoebe’s classmate.

Logan Kim is a movie actor
Logan Kim with his professional team. Source: His Instagram

After the film’s first show, Logan’s role podcast received critical acclaim as the true believer in the movie and the heart of the movie’. Furthermore, his acting skills were also highly acclaimed which made him a popular face among the public.

Logan Kim is sensitive and responsible by nature

Kim seems mischievous and very cheerful when we see him in the pictures he posts on his social media. In most of his interviews you can see him making people laugh with his humor. But apart from all these, there is a very sensitive person hidden in this incredible newcomer actor from Ghostbusters.

on May 25, 2013Kim’s father posted his photo to his Facebook account with a caption,

Wow. I was completely blown away when I saw this… to see how totally selfless my 6 year old can be. Every kid in his class wanted something for himself. Very proud of my young man.

This response from the father Dohe was because of his child’s kind words. What actually happened was that a… 6 year old Logan engraved very sensitive words on the paper as his wish. he had written,

I wish I could get clothes for everyone who didn’t have clean ones. I wish I could get money for others in need. I wish I could get everything people needed and give it to them.

Take a look at the message.

15 years Logan wants to help the poor
Logan Kim with his wish for himself. Source: his father’s Facebook

So, seeing this, don’t you think this incredible 15-year-old actor is sensitive?

Is Logan Kim in a relationship in 2022? Is he dating a girlfriend?

Moving on to his relationship status, a Ghostbusters actor seems to be more concerned with making his career. There is no news that he is in a romantic relationship with anyone. He’s only 15 and apparently doesn’t like romance very much.

However, he shares a close connection with Ghostbusters co-actor Mckenna Grace, which we can check out on his Instagram. There are a handful of photos of Logan and Mckeena sharing beautiful moments.

Where does Logan Kim live now? Is he active on Instagram?

Logan currently lives with his family in Fort Worth, Texas. Now, advancing with his social media presence, Logan is active on Instagram under the username @logan_kimchi, where he introduced himself as a Actor, comedian, gamer and father of none. He has 27.7kfollowers on his Insta account.

Likewise, the princess bride actor is also on Twitter @Logan_Kimchi with 3,809 followers with 61 tweet. His intro to his Twitter account is ‘I asked my German friend if he knew the square root of 81, he said no… ‘ which seems quite thoughtful.

What is Logan Kim’s Net Worth?

As we said, he is a famous up and coming actor in the entertainment industry. Lately he has already starred in the most popular movies and this talented actor has a lot more to go. So, a well-known actor has undoubtedly made a pretty good amount of money from his movies.

If we believe in some sources, he has a net worth of about $200,000.


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