Who is Leonard Gordon? Untold Details About Rita Moreno’s Late Husband


Leon Gordon was a cardiologist and an internist who is best recognized as the husband of a Puerto Rican actress, dancer and singer Rita Moreno. His wife is known for her notable films such as Popi (1969), Knowledge of meat (1971), The Four Seasons (1981), and the cult film Slums of Beverly Hills (1998).

By the way, Leonard, who was born in New York, also served in World War II and later went on to study medicine. Then Gordon married actress Rita and the couple remained married for over four decades. Their marriage sadly ended only after his passing in 2010. Although the duo had spent nearly half a century as a married couple, after her husband’s death, Rita began what their longest marital relationship really was like. So, were the former flames really happy together?

Well, the answer to the question is available in the following details. So, read carefully


When was Leonard Gordon born? His parents and college

Rita Moreno’s husband Leonard was born Leonard Isadore Gordon March 26, 1920, in the Bronx, New York, United States. He was raised by his parents Alex Gordon and Senka Gordon in his hometown. As for his nationality, the former celebrity husband was American and of white ethnicity.

Leonard went to his education, first studying at Stuyvesant High School. He then enrolled at the City College of New York. After graduating from CCNY, Gordon went on to study medicine at Chicago Medical College.

Career Details: What Did Leonard Gordon Do For A Living?

As mentioned earlier, Gordon had a medical degree from Chicago Medical College. After graduation, Leonard, late husband of Rita Moreno, began working as an internist, a doctor of internal medicine. He worked for many years as an internist in a private hospital in Manhattan.

Leonard Gordon was an internist
Rita Moreno’s ex-husband Leonard Gordon

As a physician, Gordon also worked as a part-time cardiologist. After working for many years, the doctor retired in the 1980s. Subsequently, he became the personal manager of his actress wife, who was one of the most popular actresses at the time.

In addition to his work in the medical field, Leonard once served in World War II. He served in the war just after graduating from CCNY, but left it to study medicine.

Leonard Gordon was married to his wife Rita Moreno until his death

In the year 1965, Leonard married popular actress Rita Moreno. The former couple lived together as a married couple for over 45 years; thanks to their effort and commitment.

One of the most inspiring couples in Hollywood only broke up after the death of Rita’s husband in June 2010. But before his passing, they celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary together at the hospital.

Leonard Gordon was a married man
Leonard Gordon with his wife on his wedding day.

According to sources, they had their first meeting on a blind date outside a theater. After their first meeting, the two started seeing each other and eventually got married. At one time, they were even considered Hollywood’s most influential couple, but after Gordon’s death, his wife surprised everyone by saying that the actress was never happily married to her late husband.

The bitter truth behind Leonard and his wife Rita’s most enduring marriage

Although Leonard was an educated man and happily appeared on camera with his wife, the doctor always behaved tyrannically in his wife’s affairs. After his death, his widow Rita said she will never tie the knot again.

“Someone recently asked me if I would accept getting married again and my answer was simple. I prefer to eat glass.”

The actress also talked about her unhappy married life with her late husband. She said,

“He was Jewish and tough, and I’m rowdy, emotional, and impulsive. It drove him crazy. Sometimes I wondered, “Am I really better off without him?”

The Oscar-winning actress continues added,

“I come from that time. I come from a time when you had to obey the man in the family: “I didn’t know how to write a check for a long time.

In addition, Rita admitted that she only stayed with her husband because of her daughter, despite being unhappy.

Leonard Gordon was a controlling husband
Leonard Gordon with his wife Rita Moreno

So it seemed that Rita and his other relatives didn’t get the chance to live a life of freedom until after Leonard’s death.

What is Leonard’s wife Rita Moreno doing today? Has she remarried?

Right now, Rita is enjoying her freedom that she couldn’t get when her husband was alive. She once admitted that she was definitely unhappy for an extended period of time. Moreno told,

“It was an amazing discovery: “After all these years of supervision, I can do what I want. It was a very long time to be so unhappy.”

Speaking of her marriage, Rita Moreno was married to Leonard once during her lifetime and that experience left her numb. As for remarriage, she said she “doesn’t want to get married.” No no no no no.”

Although the 90-year-old actress is totally against marriage, she looked like she had found the love of her life again. While going through her social media account, we found out that she is definitely close to American screenwriter Norman Lear. She also continues to share her photo along with Norman on her Instagram.

On July 27, 2022, Rita shared a message in which she and her possible partner Norman are kissing. She endorsed it,

At 90 I find older men HOT!!

Happy Centennial Best Friend.


Gordon was a father to a daughter

From his marriage to Rita, Gordon became father to his daughter, Fernando Luisa Gordon. She was born on September 26, 1966 in Los Angeles, California. As of 2022, his daughter Gordon is 55 years old.

Leonard Gordon was a father
Leonard Gordon with his wife and daughter. Source: His daughter’s Instagram

Fernanda, who talks about his girl in detail, is an actress known for her role in the TV series A tricky one Female and The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. She is also a jewelry designer and freelance graphic designer. Besides, Fernanda is married to her husband David Tyler Fisher and is a mother of two sons, Cameron Fisher and Justin Fisher.

Leonard died at the age of 90: what caused his death?

On June 30, 2010, cardiologist Leon died at the age of 90 in Beverly Hills, California. Before his death, he was hospitalized because he even celebrated his last wedding anniversary with Rita in the hospital.

As for the cause of death, there is no specific reason for his death. He would have died naturally in his old age.

What was Gordon’s net worth at the time of his death?

Leonard was a retired doctor and may have made quite a bit of money. However, the exact amount of her fortune is yet to be revealed.

On the other hand, his wife, Rita Moreno, has a fortune of $10 million as of 2022. She has earned most of her wealth from her acting and singing career.