Who is Jacob Payne, Natalie Nunn’s husband? Untold facts here


Jacob Payne is a professional football player who rose to fame as the husband of the Bad Girl star, Natalie Nunn. She is a reality TV star famous for the shows like bad girls club, Love games: Bad Girls Need, Bridezillas, Celebrity Big Brother, Baddies, and more.

Although Payne was already famous after his marriage to Nunn, he got the limelight when he appeared on the reality shows; Bridezillas and wedding boot camp with his wife. The couple had many ups and downs in their relationship, but managed to get through their wedding. He is also the father of a daughter.

Amid all the happiness between husband and wife, the news that Jacob’s wife was cheating on him spread like wildfire. There was much speculation about their breakup and divorce. So, were the conversations true? Are they still together? How did she cheat on her beau?

Stay with us till the end to find out the truth about the rumours. Read on about Jacob Payne’s child, career, net worth and if he was also an NFL player.

Jacob Payne was born in Detroit

The footballer was born in 1990 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and will be 32 years old as of 2022. Born under the birth sign Cancer, he celebrates his birthday on July 18. Likewise, he holds US citizenship and belongs to a white ethnic background.

Although Payne opened his eyes in Detroit, he later moved to Lansing with his family and spent his childhood there. Since he was already an adult when he came into the limelight, details about his early life are scarce in the media. Moreover, he has not mentioned his parents and siblings either.

Jacob Payne as a child and his brothers
Jacob Payne’s childhood photo with his brothers

Meanwhile, he has uploaded a photo wishing his younger brother Jalon Payne a “happy birthday”. Since there are two boys in the photo, he may have two brothers. Still, we don’t know if he has any other brothers and sisters.

Speaking of his academic qualifications, he completed his studies at Central Michigan. However, further details about his educational background are behind closed doors.

Who is Natalie Nunn’s husband, Jacob Payne? His career details

Jacob Payne is a professional football player who played for Arizona Rattlers as a wide receiver and also calls herself a “fitness guru.” There were also rumors that he was an NFL player, but that is not true.

Despite his career in sports, Payne stood out after his relationship with his wife Natalie Nunn. Moreover, he became popular when he appeared in the reality shows; Bridezillas and wedding boot camp next to his wife.

Furthermore, Payne is also busy with music these days. He has his own Youtube channel and uploads his songs and music videos there. Anyway, he is not yet popular as a music artist.

Jacob Payne’s marriage to Natalie Nunns; It aired on reality TV

The footballer walked down the aisle with the star of the Baddies on May 5, 2012, after dating for a while. Before he tied the knot with his beautiful wife, he proposed to her in April, a month before their wedding.

Jacob Payne and Natalie Nunn wedding photos
Jacob Payne and Natalie Nunn during their wedding

The couple were on a vacation trip on the island of Jamaica in Negril when Payne fell to his knees and proposed to her. The bride-to-be said yes, ready to be Mrs. Payne. The holiday trip turned into a surprise trip for his then girlfriend.

After a month, the couple celebrated their wedding ceremony in Topanga Canyon, California. It was a private party that took place in one of their friends’ mansions with about 50 to 60 guests including their close friends and relatives.

Although Jacob and Natalie’s wedding was private, the video aired on three episodes of We TV’s show, Bridezillas. Since many people called their marriage fake, the clips from their ceremony helped to silence them.

When did Jacob first meet his wife, Natalie Nunn?

Most people don’t believe in love at first sight, but it happened in the case of Payne and his wife. The pair met at a club in Detroit in 2011 and immediately felt the spark between them.

The reality TV star was there for her job while her then boyfriend was already there along with his friends and the promoter of the club. She fell in love with him at first sight and the couple soon got into a relationship. Jacob’s sweetheart in an interview in 2012, talked about it.

Natalie Nunn said:

“He was so charming and handsome, I fell in love at first sight. He then came to LA to visit me and never went back.”

The man and woman lived in different cities at the time and thus had a long-distance relationship. However, it was not always so when the famous husband came to Los Angeles to visit his girlfriend after a two-month affair and settled with her.

Payne is a father of a daughter

After the turtledove’s marriage, Jacob Payne and Nunn became parents of a child. The couple were delighted to welcome their first bundle of joy which the woman announced on November 22, 2o16 via her Instagram.

Jacob Payne with wife Natalie Nunn & daughter Journey Ruth
Jacob Payne with his wife Natalie Nunn and daughter Journey Ruth

Natalie said she was praying for a child and her prayers were being answered. In fact, she was already 20 weeks pregnant when she announced a baby girl. In due course they welcomed a beautiful daughter on April 16, 2017 and named her Journey Ruth Payne.

His wife had a miscarriage before

Prior to Journey’s birth, the Bad Girl Club star announced she was pregnant in November 2014 had a miscarriage with her first baby that she kept private. But when questioned about faking her incubation, she revealed that she had gone through the painful experience.

Natalie Nunn had a miscarriage before getting pregnant again
Jacob Payne and wife Natalie Nunn during maternity photo shoot

In fact, she even suffered from depression and weight gain, which is why she went to the gym. Anyway, the public speculated it the wrong way without knowing the truth.

Did Jacob Payne’s wife cheat on him?

When everything fell into place, the news that Payne’s wife was cheating on him turned everything upside down. It was in 2019 that the news that Natalie had a threesome with her Celebrity Big Brother co-stars covered the media.

Chloe Ayling came to the media shockingly, confessing that she had had a sexual act with Dan Osbourne and the Bad Girl Natalie that took place in 2018, after a night of heavy drinking in London.

Chloe stated;

“Dan Jacqueline cheated on me and Natalie. We had all been drinking a lot and a threesome happened.”

The CBB co-star further added;

“He had full-blown sex with Natalie in front of my eyes in the bathroom, then kissed me and performed a sexual act.”

Jacob Payne Said Dan Osborne Was Trying To Connect With His Wife Natalie

According to tabloids, Dan tried to meet Natalie for several months and even messaged her. But she didn’t go to him. a closure source said:;

“Dan really wanted to meet up with Natalie, they would go out for dinner or a club, just the two of them.”

When the 32-year-old heard behind the DMs, he didn’t let his wife meet Osborne. In fact, he thought that Dan wanted to contact the reality TV star and found it very strange for a married man to meet only a woman.

Are Jacob and Natalie still together?

Well, after the news broke, the Payne was completely shattered. He broke up with Natalie and left the house with his things on December 6, 2019. The father of one said he is staying with his friend because he needs some alone time and will find out the truth. Later, he wandered around London alone without his wedding rings, leading people to think they were getting divorced.

Jacob and wife Natalie Nunn are together after cheating controversy
Jacob and his wife Natalie Nunn enjoying their vacation

Anyway, the duo was romantically involved on the streets of London at the end of the same week. Perhaps the couple was not ready to give up on each other and resolved matters between them. Then they went to the wedding boot camp to make their relationship better.

He doesn’t like Natalie doing naughty girl stuff

Like most husbands, Jacob Payne also protects his wife. He doesn’t like his wife posting half-naked photos on her Instagram or doing bad girly things like twerking and stuff. In fact, this is the main reason why the couple argues every time.

Naughty Girl Natalie Nunn
Jacob Payne’s wife, Bad Girl Natalie Nunn

Therefore, Natalie tries her best to save her marriage, especially after the controversy, and tries to be a good wife. She also said that going to Marriage Boot Camp has helped them slightly in their relationship. She tries to master the Bad Girl side in her, but still said she can’t be a 100% good girl.

How much is Jacob Payne’s net worth?

The Michigan native is a soccer player by profession. Other than this, he hasn’t said if he has sideshows. As of 2022, he has a net worth of $100,000.

On the other hand, his wife has total assets of $0.5 million. She has amassed her income through her career as a TV show star, producer, author and entrepreneur.

Is Jacob Payne active on Instagram?

Yes, he has an Instagram account called Jacob Payne with 43.9K followers and 76 posts. He is active on this platform and because of this he stays informed about himself and his family.


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