Who is George Michael? Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Female, Ethnicity


George Michael was a well-known English singer-songwriter. He gained fame in the 1980s and 1990s for his work. He was also a member of the ‘Wham!’ music duo. Michael was also a philanthropist and producer.

Quick Facts

celebrated name:George Michael
Real name/Full name:George Michael
Age at death:53 years old
Date of birth:June 25, 1963
Date of death:December 25, 2016
Birthplace:East Finchley, London, United Kingdom
Height:1.83 m
Weight:72 kg
Sexual orientation:Straight ahead
Marital status:Only
Wife/husband (name):N/A
Profession:English singer, songwriter, producer and philanthropist
Net worth in 2022:$200 million
Last updated:July 2022

George Michael Biography

Beautiful Kyriacos Panayiotou, better known as “George Michael”, was born on June 25, 1963 in East Finchley, London. His father was a Greek Cypriot restaurateur named Kyricos “Jack” Panayiotou, and his mother was an English dancer named Lesley Angold. His father emigrated to the UK before getting married.

Michael grew up in Kingsbury, England, with two older sisters. He attended Kingsbury High School and has been fond of music since childhood. Michael’s entire family moved to Radlett for various reasons when he was in his teens. As a result, Michael transferred to Bushey Meads School in Bushey.

Michael decided to pursue a music career after moving to Bushey. Andrew Ridgeley, his future ‘Wham!’ partner, met him there.

George Michael Age, height, weight

George Michael was 53 years old when he died. He was born on June 25, 1963. He was 1.83 m tall and weighed 72 kg.

George Michael


Michael George started his music career when he started playing at local youth clubs and schools in England. He then formed a music band with Andrew Ridgeley, a friend from high school. The band was short-lived and received little recognition.

George Michael broke through in his career when he joined the music duo ‘Wham!’ formed. with Andrew Ridgeley. They achieved huge international success with songs like ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go’, ‘Last Christmas’ and others. Their world tour was a huge success in Asia and received a lot of media attention.

After the duo broke up in 1986, Michael George went on to pursue a solo career. One of his first singles reached number 1 on both the Billboard Top 100 and the UK charts. George Michael released four studio albums, one live album and one posthumous album.

George Michael Achievements and Awards

George Michael was one of the most gifted musicians of all time. During his thirty-year music career, he has been nominated for numerous major music awards. His list of achievements is long.

George Michael’s achievements include two “Grammy Awards,” three “Brit Awards,” three “American Music Awards,” and so on.

George Michael’s net worth in 2022

George Michael’s net worth was approximately $200 million as of July 2022. His earnings from his contributions to the music world have been his main source of income.

George Michael was one of the most talented musicians and singers who ever lived. He had many problems and had many ups and downs in his life. His dedication and hard work brought him the success he had. He has accomplished a lot in his life and he will always remain a legend for his fans around the world.

Wife of George Michael, marriage

George Michael identified as bisexual. As a child, he fantasized about women, but once he hit puberty, he began to prefer men. Although George had numerous relationships with women while being a member of ‘Wham!’ Michael claims he was gay from childhood, but kept it hidden from his mother.

George Michael was in a relationship with makeup artist Kathy Jeung for a long time. He only had one girlfriend who was aware of his sexual orientation. The couple parted ways amicably and remained close friends even after their relationship ended.

George Michael later began dating Anselmo Feleppa, a Brazilian fashion designer. The couple was very happy with each other and everything went smoothly. Feleppa found out that he was HIV positive six months into their relationship and died a few months later.

Michael began a long-distance relationship with Kenny Goss, a former flight attendant and cheerleading coach. However, the couple broke up for various reasons. His most recent relationship was with Australian celebrity hairstylist Fadi Fawaz. The couple had been together for four years and were happy with each other.

George Michael was arrested several times for breaking the law and engaging in sexual activity in public places. He also admitted to driving under the influence of drugs and was arrested for it.

George Michael suffered from chest pains and other minor medical problems. Fadi Fawaz discovered him dead in his bed on Christmas morning. The cause of his death was not immediately discovered and it took several months to establish. He died due to heart failure and other complications.


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