Who is Dave Letterman’s wife, Regina Lasko? Her marriage, children, net worth


Regina Lasko is an ex-production manager, known for shows like Another World, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night with David Letterman, among other things. However, she is more recognizable as the wife of David Letterman, the host of The Late Night with David Letterman† Lasko’s husband, Letterman, was one of the trailblazing faces on the late night show spectrum. He is also known for hosting the Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

Their relationship took an unpleasant turn in the wake of Letterman’s confession that he cheated on Lasko. Despite the infidelity, their marriage still continues. Lasko and her Emmy-nominated husband have stayed together over rumors of divorce, kidnapping and blackmail.

In the midst of all this, Regina eventually got a lot of attention and is still occasionally in the attention of the weeklies. Although, even before the NBC presenter’s infidelity, Lasko once appeared next to her husband in a blue moon, after the confession of the infidelity, she drifted into even more vagueness. Unlike Letterman’s life, which has been out in the open for decades, Lasko’s basics have always been difficult to conclude. So, there lies Letterman’s old partner’s detailed wiki from where she was born to her son’s abduction.

Regina Lasko was born in Ohio; Her father was in the army

Regina Lasko was born on November 20 in 1960, making her 62 years old as of 2022. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she is the daughter of father Edward Lasko and mother Mary Margaret Doyle.

Letterman’s wife Regina has yet to figure out the insides of the former’s parents. However, the Obits Cleveland reports that both Lasko’s father and mother were from Conneaut, Ohio. Regina’s father was also apparently a student at the United States Army Officer Candidate School in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

From there he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1952. Lasko’s father, Edward, served in Korea as a combat duty officer. Letterman’s father-in-law became an accountant after his service ended. He also worked as a staff at the Astatic Corporation in Conneaut. The company was a maker of microphones and audio equipment.

Lasko’s paternal grandfather was also a lighthouse keeper in the harbor during World War II.

Regina Lasko is an ex-student of Northwestern

Born in Cleveland, Lasko attended Northwestern University where she graduated with a BA in Radio-TV Film. She then received her MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

How did David Letterman and his wife, Regina Lasko meet?

When David met her, Regina Lasko was a materials manager for the New York Rangers NHL team. It was then-active sportscaster, Marv Albert, who introduced Letterman to his now-wife, Regina.

They started dating in February 1986. Letterman once said that he and Lasko have been together for years, that the former supported him.

David Letterman with his wife Regina Lasko.
One-time production manager for late shows, Regina Lasko with her longtime partner and husband and The Late Night With David Letterman host, David Letterman. Getty

Letterman and Lasko were partners for 23 years before their marriage. While they began dating in the mid to late ’80s, they didn’t get married until 2009. Lasko and the observing comedian exchanged their vows at the three-story Teton County Courthouse in the middle of Main Ave. at Chateau, Montana.

Regina once broke up with her husband Letterman

Lasko might not have ditched her marriage to Letterman even after revealing he cheated on her. However, the Northwestern graduate had dumped him in their relationship before.

Regina would have broken up with him briefly because the surreal humorist did not want to start a family with her. Though now with Letterman, Regina shares a son named Harry Joseph Letterman, who welcomed the couple in 2003.

Regina Lasko with her son Harry Joseph Letterman.
Former unit manager and wife of David Letterman, Regina Lasko with their son, Harry Joseph Letterman. From Twitter

Before Lasko, Letterman was married to his show’s lead writer, Merrill Markoe, and even before that, he was Michelle Cook’s husband. Cook and ex-NBC/CBS host Letterman were married in Indiana in mid-1968.

They had been together since college; however, the couple would divorce in late 1977. After Cook, Letter began a relationship with ex-Late Night Head writer and producer, Merrill Markoe. The relationship between Lasko and Letterman started even when Merrill and the Indiana-born ex-host were still partners. David and his second girlfriend, Merrill’s courtship lasted until 1988, after which Letterman continued dating his now husband.

Regina was a production manager at SNL; What is she doing now?

Well, Regina has more than a few behind-the-scenes credits in showbiz. Lasko is a production manager who also contributed to Late Night with David Letterman

She was on her husband’s flagship show, doing the bum until 1989. The now 62-year-old was The Late Show contributor during the time she tarnish actor. According to her husband, Lasko has a broad knowledge of broadcasting in and out.

In addition to her husband’s show, Regina also worked for the 1991 TV show, An other world† Loska has also worked for Saturday Night Live in 1989 again regarding the doings and don’ts behind the scenes.

According to the Board of Directors of LALHthe mother of one is now treasurer at her husband’s show producing company, Worldwide Pants, Inc. She is also a member of the board of trustees of the Collegiate School in Manhattan.

Regina Lasko’s Child Was Nearly Kidnapped

In 2005, a man named Kelly A Frank hatched a plan to kidnap Regin and Lasko’s son, Harry Joseph. The ultimate plan apparently was to get $5 million as extortion money. Frank reportedly worked as a painter on Lasko and her husband’s Montana Ranch.

David Letterman And His Wife Regina Lasko, Son Harry Was Once Kidnapped
One-time SNL production manager and David Letterman’s wife, Regina Lasko with their son Harry at the 2015 Peabody Awards. Getty

However, the kidnapper could not succeed. Instead, the police detained him and later he was sentenced to ten years in prison after the trial. Frank then broke out of prison in 2007, and after being re-arrested, he was given an additional 10 years.

However, the court released him in 2018

Lasko’s long-term husband Letterman cheated on her

Letterman’s affair came out just six months after Letterman and Lasko’s marriage. the one time Simpsons voice actor allegedly committed adultery with some of his female employees.

David apparently decided to resolve his affair after someone threatened to expose him. So in October 2009, the Emmy winner confessed that he was indeed unfaithful to his longtime partner. Addressing his infidelity on his own show, Letterman said:

“My reaction to that [allegation] is. ‘Yes I have.’ Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Maybe.”

Letterman cheated on Lasko with some of his female colleagues. But among them, the famous name was Stephanie Birkitt, his ex-PA. According to sources, the threat to the Kennedy Centers honoree allegedly came from CBS’ producer. 48 hours, Joe Halderman. Apparently producer Halderman was in a relationship with Birkitt at the time.

According to Halderman, Birkitt and Letterman’s liaison began in December 2007.

Although Lasko has never spoken publicly about her husband cheating on her, according to reports, she was furious when she first learned of her husband’s cheating scandals.

Letterman has also said that the Ohio-born woman experienced a terrible heartbreak when she learned of her husband’s infidelity. In fact, the quiet Mrs. Letterman no longer even appeared next to her husband at public events.

Regina Lasko stayed despite her husband’s extramarital affairs

While Lasko did not initiate a divorce with Letterman choosing to stay with him, the… ED alum, on the other hand, has said countless times that he may never be able to forgive himself.

Three years after Letterman confirmed his cheating scandal, Spin City actress in an interview said that he was still trying to build trust between him and his wife. He added that no one else could be blamed but him.

The winner of the American Comedy Awards has often suggested that he is on his way to forgiving himself forever.

“I’m still trying to solve it. It hasn’t gone away. It never goes away.”

The Mark Twain Prize winner told: oprah in early 2013. Letterman further said:

“No, I don’t have that luxury. I cannot forgive that behavior.”

Of his deception, he also added:

“I have no one to blame but myself. I think if you have a flowchart of responsibility for this circumstance, for this sex scandal, my name is at the top… I take responsibility for it and try to pay for it.”

The host of more than 6000 late shows stated that his life, since he was released from the secret, was nevertheless fun and full of joy.

Lasko’s husband is a super millionaire; What is Regina’s net worth?

For someone who ran arguably the most celebrated late night talk show, Regina’s husband, Letterman is the richest presenter in such a genre. The now 75-year-old show producer has an estimated net worth of about a hundred million dollars for half a billion dollars.

Throughout his career as a nighttime show host, Lasko’s wife saw salaries ranging from $7 million to as much as $14 million a year. The ex-Oscar presenter’s wealth also includes his various properties each worth no less than ten figures or so. Not to mention, he also owns Worldwide Pants, which has produced modern successful talk shows like The Late Late Show, in addition to several primetime comedies, including Everyone loves Raymond

After discussing the aforementioned numbers and seeing Lasko’s low-key profile exactly against her husband, it seems far-fetched that Regina is just as rich as her partner, even by far. Nevertheless, it could very well be the case when the Ohio resident has a net worth in the six-figure give or take.


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