Who is Darcy LaPier married to? Van Damme ex-wife Biography



Who is Darcy LaPier?

Darcy LaPier was born on July 21, 1965 in Molalla, Oregon, USA, so her birth sign is Cancer and she is a US citizen. She is a former actress, producer and a model. While high-profile marriages are the most prominent detail in her life, she has transformed herself into one of the most awarded professional barrel racers over the past two decades.

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Darcy graduated from the University of Portland (Oregon) and studied drama at the University of Oregon and the Huntington Film Institute in Florida

acting career

In addition to modeling, she also engaged in acting, with supporting roles in smaller films between 1988 and 1999.

Some of these include ‘Think Big’, ‘Double Trouble’ and Street Fighter’ alongside Jean Claude Van Damme. In 2013, she came back into the public eye as the star and executive producer of A&E’s reality TV show ‘Rodeo Girls’, which followed a group of rodeo veterans and rookies driven by the singular goal of winning as they crisscrossed the country. with their horses.

Marriage 1#

In 1984, at the age of 19, she married Larry Lay Robertson. Driven by the desire to get into the Hollywood scene, she started attending beauty pageants and quickly gained a lot of attention.

However, her ambition and her status as a married woman did not match at the time, so she left her husband and left for a possible acting and modeling career; the latter was somewhat successful, as she was Miss Portland International, Raceway, Miss Budweiser, Miss Miller.

Marriage 2#

It seemed that she was not meant for small-town fame, as she dreamed of making it big. She would soon have the chance to taste Hollywood fame when she was chosen as a representative for the Hawaiian Beauty Contest in 1985.

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A beautiful and attractive young lady, she caught the eye of the president of the Hawaiian tropics, the wealthy mogul Ron Rice, whom she “married” in 1991 in a ceremony that reportedly cost $1 million. Their “marriage” was blessed with a baby daughter, Sterling, but complications arose because while still married to Ron Rice, she met and fell in love with the screen action hero, Jean Claude Van Damme, who was also married at the time. to Gladys Portuguese. Therefore, Ron Rice filed for divorce, only to discover that at the time of their marriage, she had not yet divorced her first husband, Larry, so Rice requested the annulment of the marriage, and as a result, Darcy was allowed to have a child. support, but no alimony. She eventually divorced Larry in 1993.

Her marriage 3# to Jean Claude Van Damme

After the annulment of her “marriage” to Ron Rice, she and the now divorced Van Damme married in February 1994 in Bangkok, Thailand. On October 10, 1995, they welcomed a son, Nickolas Van Varenberg, but this marriage was also not meant to last, and they divorced in November 1997 – apparently the relationship was rather fleeting and intense, as she filed for divorce three times out of three. year. According to the reports, Darcy claimed that Jean Claude was an aggressive cocaine addict who often resorted to violence and beat her. She even filed for a restraining order, as well as custody of their son. As part of the divorce settlement, she received $10 million plus child support.

Darcy Lapier

Marriage 4#

Her next marriage was to Mark R. Hughes, founder of Herbalife, a global nutrition and weight management company. They married on Valentine’s Day in 1999 in an apparently extravagant ceremony and settled in Hughes’ 32,000-square-foot home in Malibu. As usual, the pattern continued for Darcy, as this marriage wouldn’t last either, but this time because Hughes died just a year after their marriage – he reportedly took a prescription pill, after drinking a huge amount of alcohol, which caused the a deadly mixture, and Darcy woke up to find her husband dead. The autopsy revealed that the pill he had taken in combination with alcohol was found to be fatal. Darcy inherited $100 million from the company and her husband’s estate.

After Hughes died, she took her children with her and moved to Oregon, where she would begin her barrel racing career.

Marriage 5#

After four failed marriages, Darcy was still determined to find the love of her life. In 2002, she married Brian Snodgrass, co-owner of Seven Dee’s Nursery. They had a child together, Madison, but this marriage was also not for the long term and they divorced in 2013.

Soap boxes race

As a girl, she attended many rodeo events with her father, and soon developed a fondness for it, which would drive her to learn and compete in barrel races.

Despite her adoration of equestrianism, which was taught to her from an early age, it wasn’t until after Hughes’s death that she would seize the opportunity to reinvent herself and try barrel racing. She took a risky move and moved to Oregon with her kids, hoping to train and become a stellar barrel racer. Finally, her determination and tenacity paid off in 2004, making the most money for a rookie. After that, she continued to add several titles and wins to her already stacked biography.

Briefly about Jaun Claude Van Damme

Jean Claud Van Damme is a famous action star, born in 1960 in Belgium, the son of Eugene Van Varenberg and Eliana Van Varenberg.

At the insistence of his father, he started training at the National De Karate Center at the age of eleven. By 1980, Van Damme had become one of the best full-contact fighters in Europe, and after a successful sports career, he ventured to the US to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. He had his first notable role in 1984 in the movie “No Retreat, No Surrender,” which kicked off a string of roles in martial arts films that made him famous. In the late ’80s and into the mid ’90s, he had roles in several commercially successful films – ‘Bloody Sports (1988), Kickboxer (1989), Universal Soldier (1992) and ‘Time Cop’ – the latter film. became a major international hit, grossing over $100 million. In the second half of the 90s, however, he starred in a series of commercially unsuccessful films that hurt his career.

While he never managed to score a role that would surpass the success of the “Universal Soldier,” he continued to star in several minor films over the past two decades.

Net value?

As of the end of 2020, Darcy’s net worth is estimated at an astonishing $100 million, most of which comes from hefty divorce settlements. The barrel racer is also known for supporting several brands and companies, but reliable information about its income has not been disclosed.

Is she active on social media?

It seems her busy life kept her from being active on social media, but despite this, she uses Instagram to post photos of her kids, her barrel race scores, and the occasional meme or two.