Who is Carol Burnett? All about her husband and married life


Carol Burnett is famous for her now-defunct show, The Carol Burnett Show which ran on CBS from 1967 to 1978. The show lasted eleven seasons. Often regarded as one of the queens of comedy, Carol has enjoyed decades of TV success.

While Burnett has had great success in her life, the Emmy winner says of her honeymoon with her current husband, Brian Miller is the best thing that happened to her. She also insists on having been extremely grateful to be the wife of her now husband. It is also her second longest relationship. Things seem to be going well between Carol and her husband, also Brian.

In total, Burnett has been married three times. Carol’s honeymoon journey began when she was just 22 years old. In the following decades, she would walk down the aisle with two other men. She also has a handful of children from one of her previous marriages. Find out more about that and more about her relationship details with Brian Miller.

Carol Burnett married Brian Miller in 2001; When did they meet?

Carol had gone through two marriages before she met her current partner, Brian Miller. After her divorce from her second husband, Carol did not marry anyone for about 17 years. Then in November 2001, Burnett walked down the aisle again with her new man, Brian Miller.

Singer and screenwriter Carol Burnett with her current husband Brian Miller at the Golden Globes
The Carol Burnett Show hosts Carol Burnett with her husband Brian Miller. Getty

Miller and Burnett, according to Weekly closer, met in the early 90s (exactly in 1993) but did not announce their relationship until after the beginning of the new century. The singer/screenwriter Burnett and Miller met while working on the same project together. The year was reportedly 1993. That year, Burnett appeared in a musical in Long Beach, California.

As for Miller, he had hired some musicians for the show itself, as he was the contractor for the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra at the time. He was also the main drummer. Carol has talked about those moments among others in her book, This time: laughter and reflection.

However, they did not start dating right away. At first, the Mama’s Family alum and Miller hung out a lot after rehearsals. They finally became a few years later, around 1998. After the end of the aforementioned musical, Carol and Brian didn’t meet again for a while. Then one day they bumped into each other in a mall, after which they promptly started their relationship.

Do Carol Burnett and Brian Miller Have Kids?

While Miller and Burnett do not share children, they are the legal guardians of Carol’s grandson Dylan West. The mother of three, mid-2020, sought and won custody of Dylan after the child’s mother (also one of Carol’s daughters, Erin) began to develop a drug addiction similar to her late sister, Carrie.

Burnett and Miller have teamed up to care for West since the aftermath of his custody battle. Speaking about the issue with People in August 2020, Carol said that Erin’s addiction issues, among other habits, affected her family dynamic and also her son’s mental health.

Drummer and musician contractor Brian Miller with his wife and comedian Carol Burnett
Carol with her husband and musician Brian Miller. Shutterstock

Before that, Brian was also a good stepfather to the comic book legend’s three daughters, Carrie, Erin, and Jody.

Miller was also there for Carol’s support when she faced challenges. He also supported her when the Texan lost her eldest daughter, Carrie, to cancer in 2002 at the age of 38. Burnett says her daughters’ acceptance of Brian was one of the things that made her feel “he was the one.”

Whatever the future holds, Brian looks like a keeper for Burnett for now and he’s been proving it since the day he came into Carol’s life.

Carol and her husband Brian have a big age difference

Burnett’s current husband, Miller, is 23 years younger than the accomplished comedian. However, Carol often insists that the age difference is something that has given her and Brian’s marriage longevity and staying power. When talking to The People’s Magazine in April 2010, she said her husband Brian was funny and didn’t feel threatened that easily. She also revealed that their age gap narrowed as they both got older.

Carol Burnett Spouse Brian Miller is a musician

Brian is also an artist professionally. However, he is a musician, unlike his wife who is known for her acting and hosting jobs.

As mentioned, he worked as a drummer and contractor for the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Pantages Theater Orchestra for many years. Miller lives with his wife Carol in the upscale resort town of Montecito, nearly two hours north of Los Angeles.

Carol Burnett Past Marriages

As mentioned, Carol was only 22 years old when she tied the knot with someone for the first time. Her first husband was Don Saroyan with whom Burnett exchanged vows in 1955. However, the union ended seven years later in 1962. Saroyan was Carol’s boyfriend from college; they were both students at UCLA and both dreamed of going to New York. They started experiencing breakups after each of them got busy with their acting jobs.

Carol second husband; Had three daughters with him

After divorcing Saroyan, Carol married Joe Hamilton in 1963. Hamilton was the director and TV producer who produced Burnett’s Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall TV special. He was also the producer of Carol’s eponymous show, The Carol Burnett Show. When Hamilton married the winner of the Paley Honors Awards, he was the father of eight children and a divorcee.

Emmy-winning comedian Carol Burnett with her ex-husband and producer Joe Hamilton
Carol with Joe Hamilton in the 1960s

The courtship between Carol and her second husband lasted over two decades, with Burnett and Hamilton officially ending their marriage in 1984. During the time Burnett was with Hamilton, she became the mother of his three children, all of whom are daughters. They are Carrie, Jody and Erin.

Sadly, however, one of Carol’s daughters, Carrie, would pass away from cancer in 2002. Hamilton and Carol’s marriage apparently began to crumble when the couple challenged one of their daughter, Carrie’s drug use, when she was young. In an interview, the beloved TV star admitted that she was the main culprit in the divorce between her and Hamilton.

Carol with her daughters Carrie, Jody and Erin
Carol with her and Joe’s daughters. Shutterstock

Even though they were no longer together, Carol and Joe remained friends and together they also worked on addiction awareness. Like his daughter, Hamilton, himself died of cancer of the head and neck in 1991.


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