Who is Bob Costas’ wife, Jill Sutton? Untold facts about her


Jill Sutton is an ex-weekend broadcaster for FOX who is also known as the wife of a longtime sports reporter for NBC Sports, Bob Costas. Jill’s husband, Bob, who is over 16, also hosted the Olympics for NBC for a whopping 28 years.

Bob and Jill have been together since the mid 2000s and the couple are still going pretty well. Despite all the reputation Costas has built as an accomplished host, he has always kept the personal details of his life a closed book.

This is especially true in the case of his wife, Jill. Despite being quite a recognizable face in the broadcasting world, he has almost never mentioned his partner. She could nevertheless be a person of interest; turns out she also has a bit of a story of her own, including how she met Bob, what her past life was like, and even her industry. Read all that in the headings below.

Jill Sutton is from El Paso: but is not Texan

Jill D Sutton was born on June 5, 1969. She is from El Paso, Illinois. Jill is often mistaken for a Texas resident as the state also has a place called El Paso.

However, the truth is that she has always called El Paso of Illinois her hometown. It appears to be a small town in the Midwest with just over 3000 inhabitants.

The parents of Jill Sutton and her other relatives

Jill is the daughter of her father Don Sutton of Bloomington Illinois and his wife, Janet D Sutton. Her father, Don, presumably had a career as a real estate agent and manager.

They also had a stepmother, Susan or Sue Sutton who sadly passed away in June 2020. Some people also confuse Sue with her biological mother, but she is actually Janet’s daughter.

Long-time sports reporter for NBC sports, Bob Costas with his longtime wife, Jill Sutton
El Paso-born former broadcaster Jill Sutton with her husband, Bob Costas. Getty

The Illinois native is one of three children born to her parents. Jill apparently has an older brother, Doug Sutton, and an older sister, Julie Houston.

Bob’s wife attended El Paso High School, class of 1985. During high school, Jill was also a member of the cheerleading group called JV Cheerleaders. For her studies, Jill went to the state of Illinois.

She is also the winner of the Illinois Junior Miss of 1987.

Jill Sutton and Bob Costas’ relationship; When did they get married?

Jill and Bob were married on March 4, 2004. It was the year before Bob paid his Fifteen down payment.

The Illinois native met Costas at the Super Bowl in 1998. However, this was not the point where they started their relationship. It would be several years later, although it is unclear exactly what time it was.

Jill Sutton, now 53, with her husband, Bob Costas in November 2015.
Jill and her partner Bob in Los Angeles in November 2015. Jim Ruymen/UPI

Jill and her husband, a sports reporter, live in New York City, New York. The couple also occasionally goes to Missouri. Jill’s wife has often mentioned St. Louis as his hometown.

Jill is the second wife of nine-time Olympics host Bob Costas. Before her, Mr. Costas was married to Carole Krumenacher, Carole “Randy” Randall Krummenacher with whom he also fathered two children, a son, Keith (born 1986), and a daughter, Taylor in 1989. Bob and Carole married each other in June 1983 and remained husband and wife until their divorce in 2001. The divorce was rather amicable.

from right, Bob's ex-wife, Carole, his son, Keith, and his daughter, Taylor.
Bob’s ex-wife, Carole, and their two children, Keith and Taylor.

Both of Jill’s stepchildren, Keith and Taylor, like their father, Bob, have careers in broadcasting. Keith has even won two sports Emmys as an associate producer of MLB Network’s “MLB Tonight.” In addition, Taylor, the stepdaughter of Mrs. Costas, is also an Emmy winner who she also won as an associate producer of NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Jill Sutton was also broadcasting: what is she doing now?

According to the book, House of Excessive FortuneJill started out as a weekend announcer and later moved to TV production jobs at Fox and NBC.

Apparently, however, she is popular as a “marketing guru” among those close to her.

The Emmy-winning NBC Sports presenter, Bob with his current partner, Jill Sutton.
Jill with her sportscaster husband, Bob in May 2016. Getty

Nevertheless, it is currently unclear what exactly the NBC sports reporter’s wife does for a living. Besides being Bob’s partner, she has largely remained a less talked about name.

Her secrecy deepens with the fact that she has virtually no aliases on popular places like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

A quick look at Jill’s husband, Bob Costas’ career

Bob, wife of Jill, began his commentary career with the Missouri Tigers basketball Open Line dial-in program, before doing play-by-play for Chicago Bulls broadcasts on WGN-TV during the 1979-1980 NBA season. His stint with NBC Sports began in 1980; For many years, Bob hosted NBC’s National Football League and NBA coverage in addition to MLB.

Other sports Costas has covered in his career include golf, NASCAR, thoroughbred racing, and of course the Olympics. The other highlights of his anchoring career include his 28 Emmy wins, several offers to host talk shows, coverage for HBO Sports, MLB Network, NFL Network, and so on. He now covers TBS’s Tuesday night baseball package during the regular season.

How rich is Jill Sutton’s husband Bob Costas?

While sources have differing views on the wealth of Jill’s husband Bob Costas, the Queens-born TV personality is usually referred to as a millionaire anyway. His presumed net worth is at least in the margins of $50 million. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given that he makes an average of $7 to $10 million a year from NBC.

To say more, Jill’s famous husband has long been considered one of the biggest takers in terms of broadcast salary; he is often in the same league as other highest paid broadcasters, including Al Michaels at NBC, Joe Buck at Fox and Jim Nantz at CBS. And on numerous occasions, Costas has surpassed all names in salaries.

Bob’s wealth is also well reflected in the real estate transactions he occasionally does. He often makes headlines for selling or packing luxury homes worth no less than nine figures or even more. In July 2008, he and his current wife, Jill, sold their Time Warner apartment on the 61st floor for a whopping $8 million plus prize. The couple made quite a profit from it as they bought the property in 2005 for almost $5 million.

Their current habitat apparently had a price tag of over $10 million; it reportedly extends over 3,444 square feet and includes three bedrooms and an apartment.


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