Who is American actor Stacy Keach? His age, net worth and more



Who is Stacy Keach?

Stacy Keach is an American actor known for playing hard-boiled detective Mike Hammer in the television series ‘Mike Hammer’. With a distinctive voice and a multi-decade career, Keach has become a respected figure in the entertainment world, praised for his talent, versatility and dedication to his craft.

About Info
First and last name Walter Stacy Keach Jr.
Known as Stacy Keach
Profession American actor
Popular for Portrayal of the hard-boiled detective, Mike Hammer

Birthday and zodiac

Age (from 2023) 81 years old
Date of birth June 2, 1941
Constellation Cancer
Birthplace Savannah, Georgia, United States
Nationality American & Polish
Ethnicity English


School Van Nuys High School (1959), London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
University Yale University, University of California, Berkeley (1963)

Physical statistics

Height 6 feet 0 inches (1.82 m)
Eye color Light brown
Weight N/A

Net value

Estimated net worth $8 million

Family and relationship

Father Stacy Keach Sr.
Mother Mary Kai Keach
Husband Malgosia Tomassi (m. 1986), Jill Donohue (m. 1981-1986), Marilyn Aiken (m. 1975-1979)
Brothers or sisters James Keach
Children Karolina Keach, Shannon Keach

Social media

Stacy Keach biography timeline

Stacy Keach is an American actor who has appeared in several films, television shows and stage productions. Born June 2, 1941 in Savannah, Georgia, Keach grew up in a family of actors and performers. He started his career in the entertainment industry at a young age and has grown into a respected and versatile actor. Here is a timeline of his life and career:

  • 1964: Keach made his Broadway debut in “The Country Wife.”
  • 1969: He played the lead role in the movie ‘The Traveling Executioner’.
  • 1972: Keach played the title role in the television series ‘The New Centurions’.
  • 1976: He starred in the movie ‘The Killer Inside Me’.
  • 1982: Keach played the title role in the television series ‘Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer’.
  • 1984: He received a Tony Award nomination for his role in the Broadway play ‘The Kentucky Cycle’.
  • 1990: Keach played the role of Richard Nixon in the TV miniseries ‘LBJ: The Early Years’.
  • 1999: He played the role of Ken Titus in the television series ‘Titus’.
  • 2004: Keach played the role of warden Henry Pope in the television series ‘Prison Break’.
  • 2010: He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • 2014: Keach suffered a heart attack and underwent surgery.
  • 2017: He returned to Broadway to star in the play ‘Indecent’.
  • 2020: Keach played the role of Rudy Giuliani in the television series ‘The Comey Rule’.

Throughout his career, Keach has received critical acclaim for his performances and has been nominated for numerous awards, including Emmy, Tony, and Golden Globe Awards. He has also been involved with several charitable causes, including organizations that support the arts and help needy children. Keach continues to work in the entertainment industry and is known for his commanding presence and captivating performances.

Early life, pedigree, age and education: Stacy Keach

Keach was born “Walter Stacy Keach Jr.” on June 2, 1941 in Savannah, Georgia, making him an American actor of Polish nationality through his mother, Mary Keach.

He was raised by his parents, Stacy Keach Se. and Mary Keach, along with his younger brother, James Keach, who is also an actor and producer.

Keach grew up in Van Nuys, California, where he attended Van Buys High School. He later pursued his passion for acting by studying at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

He continued his education at Yale University and the University of California, Berkeley, graduating in 1963.

Keach’s early years were marked by a strong interest in theater and acting, which ultimately paved the way for his successful career in the entertainment industry.

Stacy Keach age

Height and physical measurements: Stacy Keach

Stacy Keach is about six feet tall and has hazel eye color. His weight is not available on the internet.

He is known for his distinctive voice and has had a variety of hair colors and styles throughout his career. Keach is known for his physical attributes, including his commanding presence and expressive facial features.

According to his date of birth, Keach’s zodiac sign is Cancer, known for his emotional sensitivity and nurturing nature.

Personal life of acting legend: Stacy Keach

Stacy Keach has had a colorful personal life with several significant relationships. He used to be married with Marilyn Aiken from 1975 to 1979, followed by his marriage to Jill Donohue from 1981 to 1986. In 1986, he briefly dated Malgosia Tomassi.

Marilyn Aiken is a former flight attendant, Jill Donohue is an actress, and Malgosia Tomassi is a former Polish film producer.

Keach has two children. His daughter, Karolina Keach, was born in 1987, and his son, Shannon Keach, was born in 1989.

However, further summary details about Shannon Keach are not available in the information provided.

Regarding the controversy, Stacy Keach has had a notable incident in his career.

In 1984, he was arrested and jailed for possession of cocaine. He later credited this experience as leading him to seek help and overcome his addiction, ultimately resulting in his continued career success and sobriety.

Social Handles

It has surfaced that Stacy is indeed active Twitter and Instagram; however, since he does not have an officially verified account, there is still some doubt about its compliance.

Nevertheless, his Twitter is @StacyKeach1 and the account has amassed more than 7,000 followers, while on Instagram, the veteran actor has more than 9,000 followers @stacykeach.

Big Breakthrough and Career Achievements: Stacy Keach

Keach’s breakthrough came in the 1960s with his critically acclaimed stage appearances in plays such as “MacBird!” and “Indians.”

In film, he received wide recognition for his role as the title character in “The Great White Hope” (1970), which earned him a Golden Globe nomination and a Tony Award for the stage production.

During his career, Keach starred in numerous films, including ‘Fat City’ (1972), ‘The Long Riders’ (1980) and ‘American History X’ (1988).

He also played notable roles in TV series like ‘Mike Hammer’ (1984-1989), ‘Titus’ (2000-20002) and ‘Prison Break’ (2005-2009).

Stacy has been recognized with several awards for his work, including a Theater World Award, Drama Desk Award, and Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

He has been nominated for an Emmy Award and has received numerous other nominations and awards for his performances on stage and screens.


  • Stacy Keach is the son of actor Stacy Keach Sr., also known for his work in theater and film.
  • Stacy Keach was a Fulbright Scholar at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) in the 1960s.
  • Keach was nominated for a Tony Award for playing the title character in the Broadway production “The Great White Hope” in 1969.
  • In addition to his acting career, Keach has worked as a voice actor, lending his signature voice to animated films and video games.
  • Stacy Keach has a deep and distinctive voice, which is in demand for voiceover work in commercials, animated films and video games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Stacy Keach?

Stacy Keach is an American actor and voice actor known for his film, television and theater work.

When was Stacy Keach born?

Stacy Keach was born on June 2, 1941 in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

What is Stacy Keach’s Net Worth?

As of 2021, Stacy Keach’s net worth is approximately $10 million.

What is Stacy Keach’s educational background?

Stacy Keach attended Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles and later attended the University of California, Berkeley.

What are Stacy Keach’s most famous roles?

Stacy Keach is known for his roles in movies like “Fat City,” “The Long Riders,” and “American History X,” as well as his work on television shows like “Mike Hammer” and “Prison Break.”

Has Stacy Keach won awards for his acting?

Yes, Stacy Keach has won multiple awards for his acting, including a Drama Desk Award, a Theater World Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

What other projects has Stacy Keach worked on?

In addition to his acting career, Stacy Keach is a well-known voice actor, having lent his voice to characters in animated shows such as “Justice League” and “Robot Chicken”.

Is Stacy Keach Married?

Yes, Stacy Keach has been married twice. His first marriage was to Marilyn Aiken from 1975 to 1986, and his second was to Malgosia Tomassi, whom he married in 1986.

Does Stacy Keach have kids?

Stacy Keach has two children, Shannon Keach and Karolina Keach, from his second marriage.

What is Stacy Keach’s age?

As far as I know the September 2021 cut off date is Stacy Keach 80.

What is Stacy Keach’s height?

Stacy Keach is reportedly 180 cm tall.

What is Stacy Keach’s involvement in philanthropy?

Stacy Keach is involved in several philanthropic organizations, including the American Humane Association and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

What is Stacy Keach’s connection to Shakespeare?

Stacy Keach is known for his work in Shakespearean theatre, performing roles such as Hamlet and King Lear on stage.

What is Stacy Keach’s relationship with his brother, James Keach?

Stacy Keach and his brother, James Keach, are both actors and have collaborated on several projects, including the movie “The Long Riders”.

What health issues has Stacy Keach faced?

Stacy Keach has dealt with several health issues throughout his career, including a heart attack in 2010 and a battle with oral cancer in 2017.