Who is Aliza Jane? Her pregnancy, controversy, boyfriend, net worth and more


Aliza Jane is an Instagram model with over 27,000 followers on Instagram. She is widely known for her bold and erotic photos on social media platforms. Moreover, she is also a popular celebrity of Only fans.

Aside from her thriving social media career, the social media star has attracted attention for her controversial podcasts. In fact, not only was she ostracized by her family for her multiple controversies, but she was also fired from her job. So what actually happened? After all these controversies, how did Aliza manage to live her life as a celebrity?

Aside from all the controversy, there was also a lot of curiosity surrounding her love life. So, who is Aliza Jane dating? Here’s all about her career, parents, boyfriends, net worth and more.

Aliza Jane Early life, family and age

Famous social media influencer Aliza was born on May 27, 1997, in the United States and is currently 25 years old as of 2022. She was raised by her parents in California and later moved to Utah. She belongs to the Spanish ethnic group. Her zodiac sign is Gemini and she is of American nationality.

Speaking of her family, she hasn’t talked much about them. However, there are reports that she was born into a conservative Mormon family. Moreover, she also has a sibling named Alena.

Aliza Jane started her career as an Instagram model

Jane started her career as an Instagram model in December 2019. It didn’t take long for her to become famous as she quickly gained attention after posting daring photos while collaborating with various swimwear and lingerie brands. With her constant work in the field, she has been able to amass over 27.2k followers on her Instagram handle under the moniker @ayyyejae.

However, she has kept her account private due to hateful comments that she constantly receives due to her controversies. Apart from that, she is also active on her YouTube account where she has featured her video in tribute to the late Celina Powell.

Aliza Got Into Huge Controversy After A Podcast About Kanye West

She became infamous after her podcast with a YouTuber named Sofia, which she talked about openly her private time with the American rapper Kanye West and his friends. In the podcast, she claimed she first met Kanye in Miami, where they exchanged their number. After that, she also said that he invited her to a studio when he returned to Miami from LA.

Aliza Jane in podcast
Aliza Jane got into a huge controversy after her podcast with Sophia

Furthermore, she said she went there because she was excited to see how they make music. She then said that Kanye had asked him to get naked and twerk for him and his friends. Furthermore, she revealed that she did as she was asked.

While viewers don’t believe the incident because there’s no evidence, her podcast became controversial when fans started claiming she had no respect for herself and her body.

Her family has disowned her after another controversial statement

As mentioned before, Aliza Jane was disowned by her family after getting caught up in another controversy. She publicly revealed in a podcast with Adam that she interacted with seven Phoenix Suns players at once on her birthday. Her podcast immediately went viral.

While Aliza became infamous for the same reason, her family rejected her at the same time. Aliza’s family was very strict about their religion. In addition, she worked in her father’s company, which resulted in her being fired by her father.

Is Aliza Jane Dating a Boyfriend?

Aliza Jane has remained quite public about her relationships. She is currently dating a man whom she keeps sharing on her social contacts. However, she has not yet disclosed details about her boyfriend.

Aliza Jane Boyfriend in 2022
Aliza Jane is currently in a relationship

Moreover, her name has been associated with several other guys as her ex-boyfriends in the past. Aliza Jane had confirmed on her social media that she was dating a social media star named Reis, who goes by Ponaflex in the media.

Aliza is pregnant and will welcome a child in 2023

As of 2022, Aliza Jane will have no children as of now. However, she is currently pregnant and her due date is expected in January 2023. She also revealed that she is expecting a baby girl.

Aliza Jane maternity photos
Aliza Jane is pregnant and expecting her baby near January 2023

Aliza has shared many maternity photos on her social media. But who is the father of her child? Unfortunately, she has not revealed the name of her child’s father. However, she has revealed that her current boyfriend is the father of her baby.

Aliza Jane is also known as some celebrity to fans

Aside from Aliza’s growing social media career, she is also known as a single fan celebrity. Her only fan account is a premium account and hence the user has to spend a minimum of $45 per month to access her account.

Well, she’s been able to make quite a bit of money with her Only fans account. She is active on her Only fans account called ‘The Greek Freak’ and user ID @ayyyejae.

What is Aliza’s net worth?

Aliza Jane has been able to amass quite a fortune through her social media career. Her estimated net worth is about $3 million. She was able to amass this fortune through branding recommendations and modeling on her social media.

In addition, she was able to earn millions of money through her Only fans account.

Her physical function: height, weight and body size

The social media star Aliza has been able to gain popularity and attention thanks to her stunning physical feature. Her curvy body has helped her gain a lot of fans and followers.

Aliza appears to be tall and fit. She has dark blond hair that compliments her light skin tone. She also has a sharp jawline with an almost symmetrical facial structure and blue eyes. Furthermore, she has a decent height of 5 feet and 6 inches.


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