Who is 14-year-old Lola Flanery (aka Madi Griffin in ‘The 100’)?





Young Lola Flanery is fast becoming a household name. The young actress puts her best foot forward in pursuing her acting career, and it certainly pays off.

Early life

Lola Flanery was born on May 26, 2005 in Los Angeles, California, USA, but her family moved to Toronto, Canada when she was three years old. Her mother is Sacha Grierson, a baker who owns the Toronto Bakery, Eat My Words, and her father is actor Sean Patrick Flanery.

Lola’s father Sean was born on October 11, 1965 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA, but his family moved to Houston, Texas, USA when he was very young, where he grew up.

His mother Genie was a real estate agent and his father Paul Flanery was a medical equipment salesman.

Sean took an acting class in college, only to spend more time with a girl he had feelings for. After college, he moved to Los Angeles, California in 1988 so he could focus on acting. He is most famous for his role in “The Boondock Saints” as Connor MacManus. Troy Duffy directed and wrote the movie that follows two brothers who kill two Russian mobsters in self-defense during a vigilante mission.

Together with a friend, the brothers made it their mission to eliminate all crime in their hometown of Boston, while on the run from a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agent, played by Willem Dafoe.

To date, Sean Flanery has appeared in more than 50 films such as “Indiana Jones: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”, “Masters of Horror”, “Saw 3D”, and “Simply Irresistible”. He also appeared in several television series such as “The Young and the Restless” and a music video for The Black Keys “Howlin for You”.

Flanery’s parents dated from 2004 – 2006 but never married. Her father is now married to Lauren Michele Hill, an actress and model for Playboy. Sean and Lauren began their courtship in 2008 and got married in 2009. The couple share two children – Porter and Charlie – who are subsequently Lola’s half-brothers.


Lola is only 16 so she is still considered a child actress and should be attending high school but it is unknown if she is home schooled or going to a regular high school which would be very challenging with a young actress.


Flanery’s first jobs were as a model for brands such as Roots, Target and Gap Lola, then began acting when she was 10 years old, when she auditioned for and landed the lead role alongside Justin Long and Dermot Mulroney in “Lavender”. , a 2016 thriller first screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. Her next role was alongside Tim Matheson and Hillarie Burton in the movie “Last Chance for Christmas”.

Other notable films Flanery has appeared in include “The Indie Touched”, “Sadie’s Last day on Earth”, and “Open Road’s Home again”, in which she played the eldest daughter of Hollywood sweetheart Reese Witherspoon.

Lola Flanery

Lola quickly became more noticed and scored recurring roles in a few series such as “The Mist”, “Marry Kills People” and “Shadowhunter’s” – the story of Clary Fray, an ordinary teenager who discovers that she is actually the descendant of angel-human hybrids called the Shadowhunters who go after demons. When her mother is kidnapped, Clary quickly learns how to hunt demons and uses the help of fellow Shadowhunters to make her way through a dark world filled with werewolves and vampires, doing everything she can to find her mother.

Flanery is best known for her role on “The 100” as Maddi Griffith. The film is set 97 years in the future after a nuclear war has wiped out all life on Earth – before the war, people lived on 12 orbiting space stations, and these were the only survivors. After Earth’s destruction, all the stations come together to form The Ark. Crimes of any kind are all punishable by death, with the only exception if the criminal is under the age of 18. Resources are few and far between, and when the systems begin to fail, 100 of the teens aboard The Ark who are deemed disposable are sent to Earth to decide if life will be possible there again.

Many of the teens have never seen Earth before and find the planet they’ve only seen from The Ark enchantingly beautiful. As they navigate the wasteland, they discover that they are not the only creatures on the planet. They encounter people not wiped out by the war, whom they call Grounder. The group must try to survive and live off the land so they can send messages back to their mothership about the possible repopulation of Earth.


In 2020, Lola is still 15, and like millions of teenagers around the world, she is slowly starting to enter the adult world, but is not yet entering into intimate relationships.

Net value

Lola Flanery has an estimated net worth of $1 million and reportedly earns $10,000 for every TV episode she does.

Physical Characteristics

Lola is 1.5m tall and weighs 38kg – her measurements are 28-21-28 and she has brown hair with blue eyes.