Where is Tiffany Brissette now? Everything about the child actress from Small Wonder


Tiffany Brissette is an American film actress and voice actor. She is famous for her robot character Vicki in the syndicated American sitcom little miracle (19851989). Furthermore, she had a memorable presence on the TV talk show The 700 Club in 1991.

Despite earning fame and money in the American entertainment industry, Tiffany left her acting career to venture into the medical field. She later became a registered nurse and began serving in a hospital. Where is Tiffany Brissette now? Is she married?

Today, this article will go into many unknown details about a former child actress Tiffany Brissette including her age, her Instagram, married life, net worth and much more.


When was Tiffany Brissette born? Her early life and education

Tiffany was born ‘Tiffany Michelle Brissette on’ Dec 26, 1974, in Paradise, California, United States. From 2022she is 47 years of age and has the birth sign Capricorn. The former child actress spent most of her early days in San Diego alongside her parents.

Tiffany Brissette was born in California
Tiffany Brissette at her young age

At the age of 2Brissette entered the talent show through her mother’s encouragement. From then on, she began to appear in the entertainment industry as an artist.

Speaking of her education, she completed her high school at San Clemente High Scholl. For further studies, she enrolled at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, where she earned her money 4 years bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

By the way, Tiffanny belongs to Caucasian ethnicity and holds American nationality.

Tiffany Brissette started out as a child actress

Long before she graduated, Tiffany was a familiar face on television. In 1982at the age of 8she debuted as a voice actor in the TV movie A Woman named Golda.

Then she appeared in the TV miniseries Marco Polo. But her big break came with the 1983 movie Heart like a wheel opposite Bonnie Bedelia and Beau Bridges. Furthermore, she did several series and movies such as New love, American style, websters, Fox’s Fun Houseand much more.

Tiffany Brissette rose to fame as child actor in TV series Small Wonder
Tiffany Brissette with her co-stars

Of all her work in movies and series, she was most popular for portraying a robot girl in the… 1985 syndicated series little miracle for which she received a Young Artist Award five times, from 1985 until 1990. But with some unfortunate situations, the series was canceled after that 3 year in 1989. After the show’s cancellation, she moved on to another series called Parker Lewis can’t lose in which she played the role of Annie Ricker.

Finally, in the year 1991she last performed as a professional actress in the TV series Equal justice. In addition, as a child artist, she also did numerous TV commercials for toy and juice companies such as Florida Orange Juice, Kidco Toys, Care Bears, and several others.

She last appeared on television in 2009

After leaving professional acting, she appeared as a guest on a number of television shows over the years 2007 until 2009. She was featured in “Where Are They Now?” segments on Good Morning America Weekend Edition in 2007.

Tiffany Brissette left her acting career in the early 1990s to become a nurse
Tiffany Brissette last appeared in TV shows

Her last screen appearance was on The Morning show with Mike & Julia in 2009. Since then, she has been completely out of the spotlight.

Tiffany Brissette Left Movies to Become a Registered Nurse in Boulder

In the early the 90’s, Tiffany decided to leave the entertainment industry so she could live a normal life. After retiring from acting, she received a degree in psychology and has since been involved as a counselor and continued working as a nurse at Boulder Community Hospital in Colorado. Tiffany has been a registered nurse ever since 2007 & has served as a full-time employee.

But before she became a nurse, she worked as a nanny in Boulder, Colorado. In addition, a former child actress is also actively involved in Variety Club Telethon in Des Moines, Lowa, which helps children suffering from terminal illnesses.

She is also a marathon runner: know her hobby

Besides acting and her profession, she is also interested in games. on March 2nd, 1997, she competed in the Los Angeles Marathon. By rounding the target to 4:33:06she acquired the 91st position between 5.312 Women and 101 among 545 people of her age group.

Likewise, she is also interested in horseback riding. So when there is free time, she rushes to go horseback riding.

Tiffany Brissette’s Relationship Status: Is She Married?

When we talk about her relationship, there is no exact information about Tiffany whether she is married or dating anyone. The former child actress has led a completely private life since her departure from the acting field.

In this regard, we can just assume that she is married, as she is already married 47year old lady or maybe she is single. Anything is possible until she herself comes forward and makes an official announcement about her love life or let’s say married life.

Where’s Tiffany? 2022? Her presence on social media

As we mentioned earlier, she is a registered nurse at Boulder Community Hospital in Colorado. So it is obvious to say that in 2022she continues her profession as a nurse in the same hospital to serve and care for her patient.

She continues with her social media presence and is on Twitter under the username @smallwondervick with 224 followers. She is also on Facebook with 450 friends. According to our research, Brissette does not currently have an Instagram account.

The net worth of Tiffany Brissette

From 2022Tiffany is believed to have an estimated net worth of $1 million. She may have made a lot of money from her acting career. In addition, she is a registered nurse and has been working in Boulder ever since 2007.