Where is Hulk Hogan’s mistress Christiane Plante now? Details here!


Hulk Hogan became a center of controversy in 2007 when he cheated on his wife for over twenty years. Apparently he was in touch with his daughter’s boyfriend, Christian Plante.

Christiane single-handedly destroyed the marriage of Hogan, aka Terry Bollea. And not only that, but she also lost her boyfriend Brooke Hoganwho then cut ties with Plante upon learning about the incident.

It’s been over 12 years since the drama unfolded and we haven’t heard from Christiane since. Where is she now? How old is she? Let’s talk about Hogan’s mistress here today!


Where is Christiane Plante these days?

Just like we see in movies, Christiane has become something of an urban legend after all these years. She has literally vanished from the world, with no trace to follow.

However, we shouldn’t be surprised that she decided to completely hide from the media. After all, she said she wouldn’t come into the light again. In a letter to Perez Hilton, Christiane said she will never use this story as a source of income. She stated,

“You won’t see me signing up for a tell-all book about the Hogans, pimping up juicy details of the affair, appearing on television to milk these 15 minutes for all it’s worth or anything like that.” You can’t even find pictures of me online. “

There you have it! Plant herself has decided not to show herself in public, and frankly, that’s for the better for both the Hogan family and Christiane.

How old is she as of 2023?

At the beginning of 2008, Christiane was 33 years old. As of 2023, she is 48 years old.

Christiane Plante and Hulk Hogan: The Affair That Destroyed Decades of Marriage

In early 2008, the National Enquirer reported that Terry was cheating on his wife of 24 years, Linda Hogan with a woman named Christiane Plante. It was later discovered that Plante, then 33, was a close friend and assistant to Hogan’s daughter, Brooke Hogan Bollea.

According to the report, Christiane and Hogan had met in 2007 while Hogan was shooting for the show, Hogan knows best. Plante’s revelation literally shook Hogan’s entire family.

Hulk Hogan with his daughter Brooke Hogan
Hulk Hogan with his daughter Brooke Hogan

Christiane even admitted at the time that what she was doing was terrible. Moreover, she also regretted sleeping with her friends’ father and said “I will never be able to completely forgive myself for this. I have lost a great friend.”

Similarly, Brooke also had something to say about her former friends’ act. She wrote on a now-deleted MySpace post,

“If your best friend and one of your closest relatives whom you have loved unconditionally since your first day on this earth betrays you together, maybe you could find it within yourself to forgive one day… But you will never forget the pain they caused you.”

Christiane claimed that she and Hogan became intimate after his divorce from Linda

Despite all the noise, Christiane claimed that her affair with Terry started when he and Linda had already broken up. She said, “My relationship with Terry started at a time when Terry and Linda knew privately that their marriage was going to end.”

Linda Hogan has reportedly filed for divorce after finding out about her husband's affair with Christiane
Linda Hogan has reportedly filed for divorce after finding out about her husband’s affair with Christiane.

However, her statement was not at all consistent with what Hogan’s ex-wife Linda had to say. She filed for divorce in late 2007, just after learning about the WWE Hall of Famer’s affair with Plante, her representative confirmed.

Consequently, Linda and Terry’s 24-year union ended in 2009. Initially, the former couple tied the knot in 1983. As of their marriage, they are parents of two beautiful children, Brooke Hogan And Nick Hogan.

At the moment, Terry has been married to Jennifer McDaniel since 2010.

Hulk Hogan reportedly wanted a baby with Christiane Plante?

Around the same time, there were several reports claiming that Hogan allegedly wanted a baby with Plante. The aging wrestler was a bit desperate for a successor to his wrestling legacy. Both of his children with Linda did not follow in his footsteps, so he wanted another heir.

In addition, Hogan himself admitted to wanting more children. He said, “I’m not done having kids – I want another Hulkster.”

Moreover, there are many sources claiming that Christiane has two children, but it is not reported whether her baby father is Hulk Hogan or not.