What Is Liz Cavalier From “Swamp People” Doing Now?


“Swamp People” is an American reality television series that documents the daily lives and activities of numerous gator hunters, all of whom live around the swamps along the Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisiana and make a living by hunting gators and catching fish.

Alligator hunting season begins strictly on the first Wednesday in September and lasts only about thirty days. During this time, gator — “aligator season” — attracts hunters from all over the United States, though the profession is typically dominated by Louisiana residents.

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Due to strict wildlife laws, all hunters gather in September to earn a large portion of their annual income, following a 300-year-old tradition of hunting American alligators sought after for both their meat and skin. Under current regulations, each hunter is allowed a limited number of markers that they must put on each of their kills.

Typically, each season, fighters try their best to reach their maximum allowed tags before the season ends, known as “tapping out.”

“Swamp People” first aired on the History Channel in August 2010, and its popular audience reception saw the show gain record views for the History Channel. Even to this day, with the series now in its fourteenth season, “Swamp People” remains one of the History Channel’s most successful and watched programs.

The drama and action-packed series never fails to entertain, but what else can you expect from documenting one of the most dangerous professions in the world?

Each season follows a wide variety of fighter teams as they head out to take out, and while most of the series is filmed in Louisiana, later seasons also include documenting fighters in the swamps of Texas and some other US states. .

Over the years that “Swamp People” graced our screens, it rocketed many of the series’ fighters to stardom, and the list of fighters and stars on the show would certainly be too long to list here, but no doubt viewers and fanatics of the show would be familiar with many of the faces that appear in front of the camera.

One such iconic hunter is Liz Cavalier, often referred to as “the gator queen.” Sadly, after several seasons on the show and on talk shows discussing her career choice, Liz is no longer seen on “Swamp People”.

As such, many fans of the show, and of course her adoring followers, have wondered what she’s been up to since her departure from the series.


Who is the gator queen

Born Elizabeth Dupre on January 21, 1970, in Pierre Part, Louisiana, she is the only child of CJ and Ella Dupre, who were crocodile hunters like themselves. In fact, Liz, as she’s known on the show, comes from a long line of gator hunters, proving that her career choice came from the blood in her veins.

The reason Liz is never called by her name is because of a strict rule she enforced on the set of “Swamp People”, demanding that no one ever call her by her name, as her late father used to do.

While little is known about Cavalier’s early life, most of her followers would know that she grew up with her parents hunting gators, and as such was introduced to the profession at a very young age.

Her father, CJ, taught Liz all the tricks of the trade, and he is often cited as her biggest influence. When Liz turned twelve in 1982, she got her very first chance to kill an alligator; she didn’t mess things up then and learned all the necessary skills to become one of the best gator hunters in Louisiana.

Liz spent most of her childhood in Morgan, Louisiana, often traveling to Houma with her parents, though the Dupre family moved to Pierre Part later in life, and it was here that Liz established her own life as a crocodile hunter.

Aside from hunting these dangerous creatures, Liz grew up learning to respect and love American alligators, often boasting that she kept a six-foot-tall pet alligator named Charlie Pie, but despite this close history with the giant reptiles, isn’t Liz. I am not indifferent to killing them and making a living by selling their flesh and hides.

While little else is known about her, it is widely known that Liz joined the cast of “Swamp People” in 2011, as a member – specifically the gunman – whose job is to shoot down Troy Landry’s hunted gators .

The pair have been friends for a long time since they met during their early childhood, so it was only a matter of time before they would hunt together. However, her relationship with Landry soured simply because he disobeyed her rule and once called her by her full name.

While filming the third season of “Swamp People”, Liz entered hunting season with her own dedicated crew, then hunted at her own leisure until she left the show in 2016. According to certain reports of Liz’s resignation from “Swamp People” the decision came after the show changed hands to a new production company.

The new managers didn’t want to take too much from Liz, but this obviously didn’t go down well with the seasoned hunter. Liz took to social media to express her frustration, which in turn only angered the producers more.

In the end, they decided to let her go, but since all things show business is unpredictable, Liz returned in 2021 for five episodes in Season 12.

For those wondering, Liz Cavalier is now called Choate, as she married fellow hunter and ‘Swamp People’ star Justin Choate. Previously, Liz was married to an unknown man with whom she has a daughter, Jessica.

Unfortunately, Jessica got involved in a substance abuse problem, which Liz often spoke openly about to raise awareness and prevent others from going through the same problem. Fortunately, Jessica has since entered rehab and made a full recovery from her addiction, eventually following in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a “crocodile hunter” as well.

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What is Liz doing now?

Unfortunately very few details left Liz’s current whereabouts are publicly available, and other than her brief return to “Swamp People” in 2021, little else is known about what she’s currently up to. However, her devoted followers and fans can follow her on Facebook, where she shares her latest news, and more often her latest catch.

Of course, Liz also shares details about her personal life and shows her followers an insight into her married life by posting pictures of family outings and much more.

Aside from all this, Liz’s only other activity includes publishing a cookbook, which she released in 2015, as well as selling merchandise. Liz’s book, titled “The Gator Queen Liz’s Cookbook,” was dedicated to her late parents and contained over a hundred different Cajun recipes.

Other than that, Liz has stayed mostly quiet, but it looks like she and Jessica are both still on the hunt. According to their social media platforms, the mother and daughter duo have taken part in the most recent crocodile hunting seasons and even shared a few photos of what they caught.