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Who is Yui Mizuno?

Yui Mizuno is a musician, singer and model, perhaps best recognized as a former member of the Kawaii metal band “Babymetal” and idol group “Sakura Gakuin”. She was born under the Gemini zodiac sign on June 20, 1999 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, so as of 2021, she will be 22 years old and hold Japanese nationality.

Family, Parents, Bio, Wiki

Her parents’ names are unknown, but Yui is the middle child and has two brothers. While there is a paucity of information about her early life, it is known that while Yui attended an elementary school, some of her relatives diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Too young to be admitted to intensive care, she spent most of her visits in the hallways, hoping her family would recover.

The GP suggested playing some music for young Yui to relieve the stress of the situation; Yui especially listened to the girl group ‘Karen Girl’s’ whose music gave her courage and patience in these difficult moments. She was amazed by the group and also developed an interest in becoming a singer or band member. Nothing is known about her educational endeavors.

Rise to stardom

From an early age, Yui was featured as a model and actress in various advertisements and videos. In 2006 she appeared in the magazines titled “Shogakuichinensei” and “Putchigumi”. Two years later, she appeared in the TV commercial “Bandai, Pretty Cute”, followed by another modeling appearance in the Tokyo Kids Collection AW fashion show.

In 2009, she landed a small role in the series “MW Chapter 0, Akuma No Game”, marking her TV debut as an actress. Yui also played Hori Shizyo in the movie “Happi Basude” directed by Kozo Nagayama, which was part of Fuji TV’s special night titled “Japan’s Forgotten”. In 2010, she landed the role of Kyoko Yamauchi in the drama series “Kioku No Umi”, before transitioning to music.


In August 2010, Yui, along with Kikuchi Moa, joined the idol group “Sakura Gakuin”, managed by the recording and talent agency Amuse. Being a band member of the group meant joining smaller groups called “clubs”; the subgroups recorded several singles at other clubs. Yui and Moa joined the Baton Club and their musical group “Twinklestars”, as well as performing with another sub-unit called “Mini-Pati”.

Yui Mizuno

Later they were joined by Suzuka Nakamoto in the “heavy metal club”, and the idea to form a kawaii metal band was born, a kind of music genre that combines elements of heavy metal and J-pop, which was very popular in 2010 Japan . It also features cute themes, Japanese idol aesthetic, and heartwarming lyrics, which are generally not associated with hard rock and heavy metal.

While none of them knew anything about metal music, it didn’t stop them from embarking on this journey of experimenting with another genre, and they formed the band titled “Baby Metal”, considered by many to be a true pioneer of the kawaii metal genre, and often credited for popularizing it. Their current YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers with over 500 million views.

Their first album titled “Babymetal” was released in 2014 and quickly found its way onto the US Billboard charts.

The band “Sakura Gakuin” also released several albums with Yui, such as “Sakura Gakuin Nendo: Message” and “Sakura Gakuin Nendo: Friends”.

Yui left the “Sakura Gakuin” in 2015 and started performing exclusively as a member of “Babymetal”, which became an independent recording group. Soon, Yui and Moa were dipping their toes into songwriting and co-wrote the song “Song 4” bearing the Black Babymetal alias.

Babymetal Group

Following the success of their first album, they embarked on their first UK tour as a support band for Lady Gaga on her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball 2014 Tour.

April 2016, the group recorded their second album, “Metal Resistance”, which hit the charts in Japan, the UK and the US – the band holds the title as the top grossing Japanese group on the UK’s Official Albums Chart.

In 2018, the band embarked on a US tour, but many noted that Yui was not performing with the rest of the band. Rumors began to circulate as to why she was absent and whether she was a member of the band, prompting a representative of 5B Management, a company the band represented, to reveal the following: “Yui will remain a member of the band, but she is not on this current US tour.” However, in June 2018, the band embarked on their European tour and Yui was still absent from the band.

Why did she leave the group?

In October 2018, “Babymetal” issued the official statement that Yui would not perform with the band on subsequent tours and was no longer a member due to an undisclosed illness. Yui also announced via social media that she had left the band and might start a solo career in the future wrote: “Sorry to sadden the fans who have supported Babymetal. I had a strong desire to get back on the podium, but my physical condition is still not at its best. And furthermore I feel that I want to chase my dream. It is these factors that led to my decision.” On the other hand, the two remaining members of the band continued to make music, choosing not to replace Yui, in an interview they revealsing “We wanted to continue BABYMETAL and continue the tradition.

There’s also just no one like Yuimetal, so it’s not an easy replacement. And that’s why we decided – Su-Metal and Moametal – to form the core of BABYMETAL.”

Where is she now?

After her public statement, both Yui and “Babymetal” went radio silent. In addition, her departure sparked a lot of controversy and speculation about her illness, and whether there was more to that story. Some pointed out that the Japanese music industry is relentless and that band members and performers often go through physically challenging and exhausting regimes that often consist of dance classes, learning etiquette and extreme dieting.

Since she passed out a few times during the performance, some of her fans commented that she looked exhausted.

While she hinted at pursuing a solo career, she still hasn’t released any music or attended a public event since she left the band in 2018. Since she is not a fan of social media, it is difficult to track down what she is currently doing.

Private life

nothing is familiar about her dating history and romantic interests; according to the latest reports, she remains single.

What is her net worth?

From 2021, her estimated net value is approximately $1 million earned through her career as a model, singer, and actress.

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Physical stats and hobbies

Yui is 5ft 2ins high (156 cm) and weighs approximately 97 lbs (44 kg) with vital stats of 29-21-31. Her natural hair is black, further decorated with black eyes.

When it comes to food preferences, she likes tomatoes and salmon.

In her spare time she likes to look at the stars and read books about constellations.

Hair favorite foreign artist is Ariana Grande, while her favorite movies are “Sugar Rush”, “Toy Story 3” and “Little Mermaid”.

Is she active on social media?

From the looks of it, Yui doesn’t seem to use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, she has several fan-generated accounts.