What happened to Charlie Murphy’s wife Tisha Taylor Murphy? Facts about hair


Tisha Taylor Murphy was the wife of the late American comedian, actor and writer Charlie Murphy (aka Charles Quinton Murphy). Her husband was widely known as a writer and cast member of the comedy pivotal sketch comedy series Chapelle’s show.

Leading up to the year 2022, it has been more than a decade since Charlie’s wife, Tisha, left the world. Not only Tisha, but also her beloved husband Charlie died eight years after his wife passed away. So let’s find out what caused her death. What illness did Charlie Murphy have?

Well, today in this article we will explore everything you need to know about Tisha.

Tisha Taylor Murphy’s Childhood and Birth Details

Tisha was born Tisha R. Taylor September 9th, 1969, in New Jersey, USA under the birth sign Virgo. As she rose to fame as a celebrity wife, so little is known about her family background.

However, it is certain that Murphy spent most of her early life in her hometown of New Jersey. As of 2022, she is no longer alive in the world as she took her last breath in the year 2009 at the age of 40.

By the way, Murphy belonged to African American ethnicity and according to her nationality was American.

What did Tisha Taylor Murphy do for a living?

Apart from her acknowledgment as comedian Charlie’s wife, there is no information about Tisha’s professional life. She was completely private about her inner life, so it’s clear she never talked about her career either.

But on the other hand, her late husband Charlie was a well-known face in the American entertainment industry. He started his career in the late 1980s and early 1990s playing a minor character in several films. After working on many projects, he eventually gained international attention as a recurring artist Chappelles Show.

Later, Murphy also worked as a writer and actor in numerous TV movies and movies. In addition to being a writer and actor, Charlie was a voiceover artist. He provided his voice for Spock on the Star Trek 2.0 from G4TV short films and the dog in his younger brother Eddie Murphy’s film Norbit.

Tisha Taylor was the wife of her husband Charlie Murphy for 12 years: their marriage

As for their marriage, Tisha tied the knot with her actor husband Charlie in the month of August 1997. Their married life was wonderful and according to her husband Charlie, the duo was a perfect match. Speaking about his relationship with Tisha, Charlie once said:

“We fit, “I don’t believe you can just meet another person who fits. She wasn’t even a different person. She’s a mirror, you know what I mean.

Unfortunately, the two were still together until Taylor’s death in 2009. They lived together as husband and wife for almost 12 years. During their marital relationship, no news of their quarrel or break in their married life got into the media. Instead, the late duo stood together like a rock in each other’s thick and thin.

How did Tisha and her husband Charlie meet?

Tisha ran into her future husband Charlie on a boat while having dinner with friends.

Tisha Taylor Murphy was married
Tisha Taylor Murphy with her husband Charlie

In an exclusive interview with EFFORTMurphy’s husband said it was love at first sight for him,

For me it was a moment. The first night I met Tisha was on a boat. She was eating with her friends. She didn’t know who I was and I asked her to come with me. Her friends told her not to go. But she did.

And they fell in love instantly. In the same interview, the late comedian revealed the two, “drove straight to my brother’s house. My mother was there. My stepfather was there. Eddie was there. They were all in the kitchen. I walked in and said, “This is my future wife.” ”

The rest is history!

She was a mother of two children

From her marriage to her beloved husband, Tisha Taylor Murphy became the mother of two children. She gave birth to her first born son named Xavier Murphy On June 18, 1999. As of 2022, their son is 23 years old.

Tisha Taylor Murphy was a mother
Tisha Taylor Murphy with her son and husband

So is her daughter Eva Murphy was born in the year 2006. While her exact birth rate is unknown, she was 11 years old when her father Charlie Murphy died in 2017. By the year 2022, Tisha’s only daughter is likely to be a high school student.

Tisha Taylor Murphy passed away at age 40; Her cause of death

In 2009, Charlie Murphy’s wife, Tisha, left the world. Two years before her death in 2007, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and her diagnosis shocked the entire family. In an interview, her husband Charlie said he was heartbroken when his then-wife told him about her fatal illness.

I came home and she is crying in the nursery. Then she told me. Cervical cancer. You don’t really get it. If the person tells you they are going to die, you will go crazy.

He further told,

You become a different person the moment you hear those words. Such a young woman – do not drink, do not smoke, do not take drugs. I know people in their nineties who do all that.

Later, Murphy battled cervical cancer for two years and lost her battle for it on December 14, 2009. died while she slept at her home in New Jersey.

Tisha arranged her own funeral; Her husband and children were greatly affected by her death

According to her husband Charlie, any arrangements necessary for the funeral were made by Tisha herself before her death. He said,

“She is a very organized woman. When she died, all arrangements were made. She made her own arrangements.

Tisha died, but her husband and children were left behind in devastation. At this, her husband expressed his pain and said:

“I will always mourn my wife, but she said, ‘Go on with your life. Find someone who can make you happy.’”

Despite being in extreme pain from the loss of his loved one, Charlie did his best to give everything to his children who were 10 and 4 years old when their mother died. He told,

‘I try to stay close, to be around as much as possible’, ‘I have a babysitter, but the babysitter is not mom. … Dad has to be there. I stand up for my children and my children see me as much as possible. Every morning, every night. I cook for them myself. I’m not paying anyone else to do that. I am aware of the fact that one day they will grow up and remember all those times.

So we can say that although Tisha’s little children lost their mother at a very young age, they always had a responsible and loving father by their side. After Tisha’s death, her husband never married again, although her dying wish on her deathbed was to remarry her beloved life partner.

Tisha’s husband also died 8 years after her death: what illness did Charlie Murphy have?

As mentioned above, Charlie also passed away eight years after his wife passed away at the age of 57 on April 12, 2017. He was battling leukemia and had Chemotherapy in a hospital in New York City. But unfortunately he could not survive and died in hospital on Wednesday morning.

Tisha Taylor Murphy's husband died of leukemia
Charlie Murphy, husband of Tisha Taylor Murphy

Charlie’s families thought he was doing well with ongoing chemotherapy treatment, but his unexpected death shocked his children and other family members.

Tisha’s net worth

Though her occupation was unknown, various media outlets assumed her net worth to be around $1 million.

On the other hand, her famous husband Charlie Murphy had a fortune of $2.5 million at the time of his death. His main source of income was his successful entertainment career.


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