What happened to Adam Lambberg? Where is he now? Biography


Who is Adam Lamberg?

Born at 14e September 1984, in New York City, USA, Adam Lamberg is a former actor known for his work in the popular Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire”, starring Hilary Duff. The handsome Virgo is 1.62 m tall and weighs 58 kg, essential statistics unknown.


Before he became famous, Adam enjoyed a normal childhood in the Big Apple and attended PS 183 Robert Louis Stevenson School† His parents, Marc and Suzanne, were Jewish and French Canadian respectively, leading to Adam calling himself a “cultural Jew” in an interview. At the tender age of 7, he attended the casting for an American Express commercial and landed the part, marking the start of what would become a long and fruitful career in showbiz.

Other interests have included tennis and basketball, although Adam has also confessed to being a huge Broadway and Kevin Spacey fan when he was younger.

First Roles

Four years after winning the part in his first commercial, Adam played Billy Dugan in an episode of the drama-romcom series “Another World,” which ran from 1964 to 1999 and was nominated for nearly 200 awards. Appearing on the hit show in Bay City, Michigan, Adam found more work and broadened his creative horizons, as the following year he played the sassy Stewie Goodman in “Radiant City,” an inspiring film about a woman seeking inner fulfillment. after years of dealing with her unloving husband and ungrateful children.

Other 1996 projects include a small role in the western miniseries “Dead Man’s Walk”, starring Jennifer Garner and Jonny Lee Miller, and another small role in “I am not Rappaport”, a heartwarming family-friendly comedy about two retirees who befriend on a park bench in New York. About to be discovered by Disney, Adam played Thomas Lincoln in “The Day Lincoln Was Shot”, after which he took a three-year break, possibly to focus on his studies.

Lizzie McGuire

In January 2001, “Lizzie McGuire” premiered on the Disney channel and catapulted a young Adam to fame as millions of viewers fell in love with his intelligent and bitingly sarcastic character, David “Gordo” Gordon.

A Nonconformist Straight – A college student who dreams of becoming a film director, Gordo was considered the responsible friend whose practical advice helped Lizzie and Miranda, played by Hilary Duff and Lalaine, in various tricky situations. Despite a lack of character evolution, Gordo was a fan favorite and gained more of a backstory as the show progressed as he celebrates his bar mitzvah in one episode, and in another Lizzie confesses she was in love with him in the fourth. class, leaving the door open to a possible romantic relationship. “Lizzie McGuire” ended after two seasons and a total of 65 episodes, but “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” was announced shortly after, as Disney wanted to capitalize on the show’s success and tie up all the loose ends, and was released in May. 2003 by Buena Vista Pictures.

The events of the film take place as the characters prepare to graduate from high school. Despite being one of the main protagonists of the show, Miranda was absent, with most of the movie time going to Lizzie and Gordo as they enjoyed their graduation and subsequent trip to Rome with the rest of their classmates. In a twist of fate, Lizzie is approached by an Italian pop star while visiting the famous Trevi Fountain, and is convinced to perform with him at the International Music Video Awards instead of his singing partner. As a result of hiding from Lizzie when she sneaks out to rehearse for the performance, Gordo is punished and sent back home, much to her dismay.

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However, the film ends on a climax with Gordon flying back to Italy and sharing a kiss with Lizzie, marking the end of an era for the show’s cast and its fans. The film performed well at the box office, raking in $55.5 million on a $17 million budget and receiving positive reception reviews from fans and critics alike. A reboot of “Lizzie McGuire” was announced with much fanfare by Disney+ in 2019, but was later canceled for unknown reasons, with Hillary eventually explaining in December 2020 that the idea was being scrapped due to creative differences. It got off to a rocky start, as fans were stunned to learn that two months after filming the reboot, the show’s original runner, Terri Minsky, was fired.

Hillary herself suggested that Disney move the show to Hulu, saying, “I’d be doing everyone a disservice by limiting the reality of a 30-year-old’s journey under the ceiling of a PG rating,” suggesting the reboot too much was grown up. Other cast members and fans around the world expressed disappointment at Disney+’s decision, calling it “ridiculous” and “disappointing,” but Adam remained silent the entire time.

Private life

Despite working steadily between the seasons of “Lizzie McGuire,” Adam didn’t appear in two other projects until after the film premiered, leaving Hollywood behind and fading into obscurity.

Later it turned out that Adam had studied at University of California, Berkeley, graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in geography and then enrolled at Baruch College to earn his master’s degree in public communications. After enjoying his college experience, the former actor changed careers and began working at the Irish Arts Center in New York City in July 2012 as an assistant event coordinator. Adam was in a relationship with indie singer Jessica Goodman from February 2005 to October 2008, but the relationship failed. for unknown reasons.

Neither party has been linked to anyone else since then, and if there is someone special in Adam’s life, he keeps her/him a secret for now.

Net value

Adam is said to be worth $1.5 million thanks in large part to his work on the massive “Lizzie McGuire” franchise, which includes a diverse line of merchandise, box sets, and even video games, although most of the royalties are enjoyed by Hilary, the show’s star.


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