What does Jessica Ditzel do? All about Joe Rogan’s wife


Jessica Ditzel is a model and former cocktail waitress, known as the wife of successful podcast host and comedian, Joe Rogan. While he is currently running a podcast called The Joe Rogan Experienceshe previously worked as a commentator for UFC.

Well, Jessica and the Rogan have been married for years, and they seem pretty strong as a couple. In addition, she and her husband also share two children.

By the way, Joe Rogan’s wife, Jessica, was previously in a relationship with the late H-Town singer who, tragically, died in a car accident shortly after their breakup. Let’s take a look at several other unknown facts about Jessica that you need to know!

Jessica Ditzel Age and place of birth

Ditzel was born in 1975, in Sugar Land, Texas. Jessica, 47, celebrates her birthday on July 18. She grew up in Marshfield with her family.

Jessica holds an American nationality and is white according to her ethnicity.

Joe Rogan’s wife Jessica Ditzel was a cocktail waitress

The popular celebrity husband is a model who has worked for a few well-known brands. She modeled for a popular Korean brand called Wholesome in the past. Jessica started her modeling career in 2010 and later ran for EM Model Management.

In addition, Rogan’s wife worked for a few years as an assistant for a rental car company called Rent-A-Car Enterprise, headquartered in Clayton, Missouri. She joined Volo Motorsports in 2013 as a product analyst.

In addition, Ditzel once worked as a cocktail waitress for various bars and cocktail lounges. She currently works as a TV producer. Sources reported that Jessica also became part of ‘The Simpsons’ and worked as a production assistant for 15 episodes of the show.

Who are Jessica Ditzel’s parents? Has an older brother

Ditzel is the daughter of Jeff Conard Ditzel and Donna Ziemer Ditzel. Her father Jeff, a native of Marshfield, attended Marshfield High and then graduated from Neillsville High School. He is currently chief pickler at The Ditch Pickles company.

Jessica Ditzel father and mother.
Jessica Ditzel’s parents.
Source: Facebook

In addition, her mother Doann works at Fairview Health Services. She also has an older brother named Trinity Ditzelborn Nov 3, 1973.

Jessica’s parents have been married since June 1988 and still lead a happy marital relationship. The couple tied the knot in Reedsville, Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, some tabloids are getting confused with Jessica Moldthe daughter of the late comedian Robert Schimmel as Jessica Rogan. In fact they are two different people.

Jessica graduated from California State University

Joe Rogan’s wife was educated at Doherty High School, graduating in 1993. She later moved to California to attend California State University and received her bachelor’s degree in art and technical theater.

Ditzel then attended the University of Arizona and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and molecular and cellular biology.

Jessica Ditzel married husband Joe Rogan in 2009: first meeting

The couple exchanged their vows in 2009. The two walked down the aisle in front of their relatives and close friends in a very peaceful wedding ceremony. Once the romantic man, Rogan didn’t give such a priority to marriage at first. He said to The Palm Beach Post in 2009,

“I had to. Not really necessary, but you know, she made a baby. (It’s) like, ‘God, okay, I’m signing a silly legal contract.’ What she did was much more of a commitment.”

They have been leading a blissful marriage relationship ever since, but have kept most of their love life under the radar. The duo sporadically perform together in public.

Joe Rogan wife Jessica Ditzel.
Jessica with her husband.

Speaking of their first meeting, they first met when Jessica was working as a cocktail waitress in 2001. This implies that the two had a love affair long before their marriage.

Does Jessica Ditzel Have Kids With Husband Joe Rogan?

Yes, they are blessed with two adorable children. Ditzel gave birth to their first child, a daughter a year before their wedding in 2008. The couple became parents for a second time when their second daughter was born in 2010.

Jessica's child with her life partner Rogan.
Jessica’s youngest daughter with Rogan.
Source: Instagram

Either way, Jessica and Rogan have kept both of their kids out of the spotlight.

The couple has a prenuptial agreement

Joe and his wife Jessica have signed a prenup before their marriage. He told rolling stone,

“She lets me do what I do. That way we can get along well. She doesn’t fuck with me. A marriage contract? Naturally. I’m ridiculous and stupid, but I’m not stupid.”

How many children does Jessica Ditzel have? Has a daughter with her deceased ex-partner

The former cocktail waitress was previously in a relationship with Keven A. Connerbetter known to R&B fans as dinosaur. The two had a daughter named Kayja Roseborn in the late 90s. Both Ditzel and her young daughter also have matching tattoos on both arms.

Jessica Ditzel's child from her previous relationship.
Rogan’s stepdaughter from his wife Jessica’s previous relationship.
Source: Instagram

Ditzel and her ex-boyfriend Dino, the singer of the group H-Town, were in their twenties when Kayja was born.

However, the duo later split due to personal reasons. Dino later moved on with his new girlfriend Teshya Rae Weisent. Sadly, the artist, 28, and his bae Teshya, 22, died in a terrible car accident in early 2003.

Jessica’s daughter Rose regularly shares her late father’s photo on her Instagram. In November 2016 Kayja posted a photo of her father together with her twin uncle Solomon “Shazam” Conner on the occasion of their birthday.

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The twin brothers were members of H-Town, an R&B singing group along with their good friend Darryl “GI” Jackson. Their hit albums include: Fever for the taste, Starting in the darkand more.

On the other hand, before dating Jessica, Joe was in a relationship with… Jerri Manthey.

Where does Jessica Ditzel live?

In 2020, the model moved to a new home in Lake Austin, Texas. Jessica’s husband Joe bought the mansion for $14 million. The family previously lived in Boulder, Colorado, and then Bell Canyon, California.

Her net worth

Jessica has a net worth of $150,000. Her main source of income is her modeling and other work. Meanwhile, her husband Rogan’s net worth is $100 million. The man who wears many hats has made much of his net worth from his massive hit podcast.

Joe Rogan’s husband Jessica Ditzel has been contactless with his father for seven years

Police officer Rogan’s son was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. His parents divorced when Joe was just five. During the next two years he was in contact with his father, but since then he has never been given the privilege of paternal love.

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Boston, Rogan was initially quite interested in kickboxing. He also got his first job as a backstage & post-fight interviewer for the mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship in February 1997.

While working in UFC, the comedian got plenty of TV opportunities. He showed up as Chris in the episode of Shoot me down in 2002.

In early 2009 Rogan started hosting Game show in my head, a short-lived CBS show. Prior to his TV career, Rogan is also credited with his work in films. He portrayed Gale, in the comedy film zoo worker in 2011.

Podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’

The actor and comedian rose to fame after launching his own podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, in December 2009. After having tremendous success in the podcast business, Joe announced his lucrative multi-year licensing deal with Spotify in May 2020. worth $100 million.

A number of well-known celebs have appeared on his show.

Watch his lengthy conversation with the singer and songwriter Miley Cyrus!


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