Veronika Rajek Boyfriends: All the men she has dated so far


Veronica Rajek is a Slovak model who has been getting quite a bit of attention lately with people being both judgmental and complimentary about her body and looks. However, there’s something else she’d gotten caught up in the media drama for, her alleged relationship with NFL player Tom Brady.

In addition to the two things mentioned above, Rajek also deserves a piece of writing for other aspects, in this case her dating life or the boyfriends she has had so far. Although the model is a married woman, many often mistake her for a single lady.

And to be honest, looking at her recent social media posts, the tall Slavic model looks partnerless for now. That being said, it begs the question of whether she has a new boyfriend or is still on good terms with her husband. Meanwhile, check out her overall dating profile, including the real truth about her relationship with American superstar Tom Brady.

List of Veronika Rajek Boyfriend

Rajek, while definitely famous on Instagram, hasn’t made much of her history in books or magazines. You could even say that the media is just starting to dig into her life, writing as many details as possible from a few or two details available on her social media feeds. That being said, it’s a big mystery who or how many guys Veronika dated before she gained public attention. Something equally mysterious is her first romantic partner or her first known boyfriend. Anyway, here we’ve rounded up the list of Veronika Rajek’s boyfriends, the ones we obviously know.

Victor Raek

However, the best answer one could find on this subject is Viktor Rajek, Veronika’s boyfriend turned husband. Then again, it’s unclear when Viktor and Veronika started dating, but the couple first shared a photo of them together in December 2016 via Veronika’s Facebook.

Veronika Rajek with her husband Viktor Rajek at their wedding in June 2019
Viktor and Veronika at their wedding

Veronica Rajek married compatriot and bobsleigh competitor Viktor on 13 June 2019. Rajek’s husband competed in the two-man and four-man events of the 2006 Winter Olympics. He now owns his own restaurant Bier and Bierli in Vienna, Austria.

Rajek’s husband is also a business graduate from the University of Akron in Ohio.

Are Rajek and Viktor still married?

Recently, there has been speculation that Rajek may already be divorced from her husband, Viktor. This has mainly arisen in regards to the fact that the tall model hasn’t been sharing any updates about her married life with Viktor lately, especially on her otherwise openly active Instagram and Facebook. However, the truth has largely remained a mystery.

Veronika Rajek may also have been in a relationship with another mysterious man

In January 2017, Rajek posted a somewhat discussion-worthy photo on her Facebook. The Eastern European beauty had shared a photo of herself with a man, accompanied by a caption and hashtags,

Celebrate #celebrate#birthday#friend#love#couple#happywithyou#loveyou

Veronika supposedly with one of her ex-boyfriends in January 2014
Rajek with her alleged ex-boyfriend in January 2017

However, Rajek didn’t share any more details than this or the name of the man she spoke to using #boyfriend. It nevertheless puts you at sea as to who the person really is or was for Veronika, although looking at the texts of the photo you probably suspect that he might just be one of the Slovak resident’s boyfriends.

Is NFL star Tom Brady Veronika’s new boyfriend?

Tom Brady, the NFL Goat, recently made headlines for his high-profile divorce from Brazilian-American model Gisele Bundchen. And more recently, Tom was then linked to Veronika the model attended the NFL star game against New Orleans Saints on December 7, 2022.

MBA and MSc graduate Veronika Rajek at Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against New Orleans Saints in December 2022
Veronika at Tampa Bay Buccaneers game in December 2022. Instagram

Rajek later took it to her Instagram to show that she did indeed attend Brady’s game while wearing his shirt in the stands. However, the thing that sparked the rumor about her and the athlete is the blonde model’s Ig caption that said:

I saw the LEGEND and if someone asks me again if I love Brady yes I love him and show me someone who doesn’t.

The five foot eleven inch tall model then added:

Even his haters love him because they know he’s the [goat emoji]. Thanks for a fantastic show.

Soon after, Veronika received a deluge of responses all asking if she was really looking for the NFL superstar’s new wife.

Is Veronika Rajek Really Dating Brady; What about her husband, Viktor?

However, it seems very unlikely that Brady is dating Veronika as there are no reports of the latter being all single or any news of her divorce from her reported husband, Viktor. Tom dating Rajek seems likely given that recently as mentioned Rajek has not given any details about her relationship with Viktor.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and reportedly new partner of Veronika, Tom Brady
NFL star Tom Brady in December 2022. AP

However, she also did not delete her and her husband’s wedding photos or their old photos. Plus, Brady doesn’t seem to be actively looking for a new partner either. It is also not clear whether Rajek and Veronika have ever met in person. Meanwhile, Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bundchen was spotted dating Florida-based jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente just a week after her split from Tom.

Bundchen and Tom married in 2009 and remained husband and wife until their divorce in late 2022. While together, the now-former couple welcomed two children, a son, Benjamin, and a daughter, Vivian.

A quick look into the life of Veronika Rajek

Originally Veronika Matasova, Rajek was born on February 20, 1996 in Bratislava, Slovakia. She started modeling at the age of 14 and according to her Facebook she completed her education at VŠBM Košice and Športové gymnázium Košice. After that, Veronika studied at the Inštitút vzdelávania, poradenstva a informatizácie for her higher studies. She has degrees in MBA and MSc.

Slovakian 26-year-old model, Veronika Rajek
An Instagram model with more than 3 million followers Veronika Rajek

Rajek has also participated in competitions including Miss Slovakia 2016 and Miss Summer 2015. As a model, Veronika has worked for several high profile brands including Blumarine, Vera Wang, Hide and Jack, Dolce and Gabbana, Philip Plain, Moschino and others. Meanwhile, she also promotes several bikini and swimwear brands. In addition, Veronika apparently also has an account on Only Fans with a base fee starting at $16.25 per month.


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