TWICE’s Nayeon Releases Her First Solo Mini Album IM NAYEON


Naeyeon, the world famous K-pop star TWICE, made waves on the internet with the recent release of her debut solo mini-album IM NAYEON. The K-pop singer made her solo debut as the first member of her group. Fans are clearly impressed by her lively, energetic compact album. Nayeon clearly showed her bubbly attitude and girl crush charms with the title track, POP, as the song is a testimony to the singer’s sweet voice.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Nayeon revealed the strange method she discovered over her solo debut. She added that the enthusiasm came with a lot of pressure, as people looked forward to the individual efforts of the group. According to Nayeon:

“It seemed surreal at first. I also felt a little squeezed. I knew that since I had been working in a team for so long, a lot of people had anticipated and looked forward to this.”

TWICE’s Nayeon becomes the group’s first solo debutant in the group’s seven-year tenure

After TWICE’s spectacular seven-year journey, it was only a matter of time before the members of the band started making their own solo albums. Since her group mate Nayeon was the first to be chosen for the lineup, her company, JYP Entertainment, thought it fair that she embarked on her solo project.

On June 24, the idol released her first mini-album IM NAYEON, with the title track POP. Nayeon’s bright and cheerful demeanor shone throughout the song, and her upbeat, upbeat melodies and dynamic choreography wowed fans. Although the singer is used to sharing the stage with her bandmates, she radiates when she performs alone.


The members of the group had a busy year traveling the world for their III World Tour, which ran from December 2021 to May 2022. Rather than enjoying a well-deserved vacation, Nayeon focused on making her solo album and the arranging marketing.

Nayeon recently discussed her solo debut with Vulture and announced her new venture as a solo artist. As K-pop singers discuss their solo ventures with their agencies, it seems that Nayeon’s solo debut caught her by surprise. The singer noted that she just became aware of it when JYP Entertainment revealed TWICE’s annual schedule:

“I found out a solo album was coming out in June when they gave us the finished plan for this year.”

Nayeon explained that while her solo album was surprising, it was something she had been planning for quite some time. The singer said that her group mates were extremely happy and delighted for her when she made her solo debut:

“When the members heard my solo, they all praised me like it was the release of a Twice album. They had a lot of faith in me and were overjoyed for me.”

Fans can expect more solo projects from the members in the future, according to Nayeon:

“I believe that the other members will have more opportunities in the future to showcase their respective talents as solo artists.”


Meanwhile, the worldwide K-pop superstar TWICE has dazzled fans with their amazing performances and beautiful ensembles since their debut in 2015. The nine-piece female group rose to fame with their distinctive skills and concepts, accompanied by feelings of girl crush, and is still becoming one of the most prominent K-pop exponents in the music business.


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