Thomas Halbert’s Bio – The Truth Behind Drama With Jeffree Star



Who is Thomas Halbert?

Born on March 20, 1997 in North Carolina, USA, Thomas Halbert is both a YouTube personality and a makeup artist, best known for his self-titled YouTube channel. He provides tutorials and videos on makeup on his channel, marketed as makeup that can be done for both men and women. He has also drawn a lot of controversy due to his issues with YouTube personality Jeffree Star.

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The wealth of Thomas Halbert

As of early 2020, Thomas Halbert’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, earned through a successful career on YouTube.

His online fame has helped him generate a lot of advertising revenue with the main source being his YouTube channel. He has also received sponsorship and endorsement from a few companies.

Early life and the beginning of a career

Thomas lived relatively out of the limelight for most of his childhood, but became fascinated with makeup. During these years, he experimented a lot with it, although until about 2014 he was never sure about wearing makeup in public. He developed his skills especially with the help of accessible tutorials such as YouTube videos, started to gain confidence and started doing makeup in public.

Around the same time, he started to establish himself on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, on which many makeup gurus have found success, especially ouTube, and even helped launch the careers of several, making them stars of the industry. He wanted to achieve the same and started posting regularly on the site, and his channel grew steadily and posted more tutorials and tips. He started an advocacy channel for the minorities and tended to keep people together, especially those who were victims of bullying.

Thomas Halbert

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star was one of the first male personalities to become a beauty and makeup guru on YouTube, although this was not the case initially. He initially wanted to start a music career and started promoting his music through the MySpace website. This led him to a recording contract and he soon launched his debut studio album called “Beauty Killer”, but that is his only album to date. The album featured appearances from Nicki Minaj and during this peak of his music career, he was labeled the next Lady Gaga. However, after numerous legal problems with his management Akon, he decided to stop this career abruptly.

In 2014, he started a channel on YouTube and went in a completely different direction. He started the Jeffree Star Cosmetics company and started promoting his products through his channel. He quickly became a star on stage and was one of the first male personalities to deal with makeup. “Forbes” later reported that he was making millions from YouTube alone, and this didn’t even include his direct business income. In 2018, he was named as the fifth highest-earning YouTube personality. Aside from his makeup skills, Jeffree is known for arguing with other YouTubers and celebrities, speaking his mind about them.

Thomas’ feud with Jeffree Star

Thomas has long been at odds with Jeffree, although the fundamental reason for this has never been admitted. Many of his followers noticed that he disliked Jeffree Cosmetics products during a video in which he stated that he did not use products from many companies. He even went on air and stated that he would never use any Jeffree Stars products.

Then, oddly enough, in the next video he started using Jeffree Star’s name by posting a video about him, following one of Star’s makeup videos.

This series of videos about Star would prove to be his most popular not because of his makeup ability, but rather the story behind it. In these videos, he often makes unnecessary comments about Jeffree’s physical appearance and also makes fun of his makeup style. That along with insults to his products made it seem like he hated the guru. It didn’t take long for other people to notice how insensitive, insincere, and generally negative person he seemed. Many of his critics started attacking him for being a bully, while ostensibly advocating for an end to bullying.

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The feud continues

Following issues of racism and derogatory comments towards minorities, Jeffree Star was on the upswing online. In fact, these issues led him to end all ties to several YouTube makeup artists with whom he had collaborated for a long time. Halbert took advantage of this period to talk about issues such as racism and sexism. While he didn’t directly mention Star, many of his statements implied that he was talking about the other YouTuber.

As is typical of Star, he didn’t let this slip when he started posting online via Twitter about the truth behind the video. It turns out that a few days earlier Halbert approached Star to supposedly fix things between them.

They pronounced it and forgave each other, even made clarifications and explained each other’s sides. Looking back on it, it seemed curious that Halbert was looking for more information on the racism issue. Nevertheless, it was opened up and now the information was being used against him. Star then posted text conversations between himself and Halbert, with the other supposedly apologizing for the video he released. He later released a follow-up video where he once again apologized for his actions, although many people felt it was disingenuous, and he didn’t even address Jeffree directly.

Private life

It is known that Thomas in a relation with a man named Kevin. The two have posted photos together, wearing makeup or showing a public display of affection. He doesn’t talk openly about his family and the most people know is that he has a brother. He has been labeled as bizarre by many people, often posting condescending tweets before deleting them an hour later. He has also been accused of organizing fake giveaways and contests to gain additional subscribers. He did not respond correctly when one of the participants pointed out the problem and he tried to avoid the problem altogether.