Thierry Bordelais: Facts About Karla Homolka’s Husband: Where Are They Now?


Thierry Bordeaux is known as the second husband of Canada’s most hated woman, Karla Homolka. She is a notorious serial killer from Ontario, Canada, who was convicted of murdering 3 minors from 1990 to 1992. Bordelais and his wife Homolka met during her trial; Bordelais is her lawyer’s brother.

What drove this man to marry a convicted criminal? As of 2022, the two are together and even share three children together. He really fell head over heels for a woman who is to blame for killing her own sister. However, did you know that Homolka was only involved in the murders because of her then-husband, Paul Bernardo? Yes, Thierry’s wife Karla submitted to her former husband Paul for almost 4 years, fulfilling all his weird and fearful fantasies out of “love.”

Therefore, in this article we will take a closer look at the life of Thierry Bordelais and his relationship with Karla Homolka. Did Bordelais really wait 12 years to marry a criminal? Where is his wife Karla now?

Thierry Bordelais’s sister was his wife Karla Homolka’s lawyer

Bordelais was born sometime between the 1960s and 1970s. He is a Canadian native of Afro ancestry. Information about his parents or upbringing is not fully known. We do know that Bodelais grew up with a sister.

As we said earlier, Thierry’s sister Sylvie Bordelais is a lawyer who represented his wife Karla Homolka at her trials in the 1990s.’ She is currently employed in Montreal, QC with over three decades of experience in the field.

Thierry Bordelais waited 12 years for his wife Karla to marry her

As mentioned before, Thierry met the love of his life, Karla, during her trial for the murder of 3 innocent girls. He is the brother of Homolka’s criminal lawyer, Sylvie, who represented her in court. The two fell in love instantly.

However, The Witch of Ontario, AKA, Karla was subsequently sent to prison for 12 years. She was not released until 2005; that’s when the lovebirds made it official by tying the knot.

The Witch of Ontario
Homolka – The witch of Ontario.

After this, many questions were asked about Thierry’s choice to marry a notorious killer. In 2016, during a brief meeting with La Presse Outside his home, Thierry was questioned about his neighbor’s concerns about living in a neighborhood with a killer. He had a simple answer to all the reporter’s questions. bordeaux said,

“If they are worried, all they have to do is move. We are free, we are in a free country. Has anything happened in the last 10 years? So why are they concerned? I don’t understand why they are concerned.”

He is certainly the most supportive husband!

Is Karla Homolka a “mother” today?

The notorious killer of 3 young girls, Karla is surprisingly a mother herself today. She and her husband Thierry Bordelais share three children together. They have 2 sons and a daughter.

They are all currently studying at a public school in Quebec.

Everything you need to know about Boardelais’ wife, Karla Homolka

Karla Homolka was born on May 4, 1970 in Ontario, Canada. Her father, Karel Homolka, was a traveling salesman, while her mother, Dorothy Seger, was an employee at a geriatric clinic. She is the eldest daughter; Lori and Tammy are the perpetrator’s younger sisters. Sadly, Tammy was murdered in 1990 at the hands of her own sister.

Growing up, Homolka had a very unstable family life. Her father was a chronic alcoholic who regularly insulted his wife and daughters. In addition, there would be regular fights in the house, making it more difficult to survive or feel safe. This resulted in Karla having depressive episodes in high school.

However, as Karla grew older, the infamous killer fought through this to some extent. After graduating in 1988, she worked as a full-time veterinary technician at Thorold Veterinary Clinic.

The Story of ‘Ken and Barbie Serial Killers’

‘Ken and Barbie Serial Killers’ is the name given to Karla and her former literal partner in crime, Paul Bernardo. Bernardo, better known as ‘The Scarborough Rapist’ or ‘The Schoolgirl Killer’ met Homolka when the girl was 17 years old. She immediately fell for him and the two started dating in 1990.

Karla had a very toxic relationship with her ex-husband, Paul
The serial killers of Ken and Barbie.

Paul was no ordinary loving boyfriend. He was in complete control of Karla’s life, making mean comments about her body, how she dressed, and even the things she ate. However, the relationship did not end. Karla completely submitted to him for almost 4 years and helped him rape and kill 3 innocent girls including her sister.

In addition, the two are responsible for the rape of 4 minors and the death of 3. Tammy Homolka, Leslie Erin Mahaffy and Kristen French were murdered at the hands of Karla and Paul; the girls were heavily sedated, raped and murdered. In fact, they videotaped it all as a souvenir.

Homolka testified against Bernardo and received a reduced sentence

In 1993, 52-year-old Homolka testified against her ex-husband, Paul Bernardo.

Paul Bernardo was arrested for the rape and murder of 3 minors.
The Scarborough Rapist or the Schoolgirl Killer – Paul Bernardo. Source: Kingston Penitentiary

Before that, however, she pleaded for full immunity in exchange for her cooperation and honesty, but she was refused. Instead, she was given two options; either testify against her partner and face a 12-year prison sentence, or be fully charged with manslaughter and rape. So she chose the first option and spent 12 years in Kingston’s Prison for Women, Ontario.

So, where is Thierry Bordelais today? Is he still married to Homolka?

After his marriage to Karla in 2005, Thierry and his wife moved in together and are still happily married. While the details of what the duo do for a living are still a mystery, Thierry and his wife Homolka currently live in a suburb of Montreal with their children. The couple shares a home in Chateauguay, Quebec.

Karla Homolka is today the mother of 3 children
Recently clicked a photo of Canada’s most hated woman, Karla Homolka. Source: Global TV/File

Similarly, Karla, the convicted criminal, lives with a different identity these days. She is better known today as Leanne Teale.


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