The Untold Truth of Vanna White’s Ex-Husband George Santo Pietro


• George Santo Pietro is a successful businessman, film producer, director and camera technician.
• Born into an Italian family in Beverly Hills, California, he has built a huge fortune.
• His career started modestly, but he opened a successful Italian restaurant and a sushi bar.
• George has worked on numerous movies and TV shows, as well as real estate development.
• He is married for the third time and his Facebook page has the phrase ‘Family is everything’.


George Santo Pietro may not be a familiar face or name to many, but the man best known as the ex-husband of television personality Vanna White has also long made a name for himself in Hollywood, leaving his mark in countless places where it is not so obvious or easy to find. At the age of 73, George has had a successful career as a businessman, film producer, director and camera technician, which has earned him a well-known status in the inner circles of Beverly Hills’ most prominent residents.

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Of course, as might be expected of such a successful man, George has amassed a huge fortune, and being married to Vanna White is just one of his many accomplishments.


Born to be king of the hills

George John Santo Pietro III was born into an Italian family on December 12, 1946, in Beverly Hills, California, USA, where he had spent most of his life.

George grew up in what could be considered one of the most expensive places in California, and it seems he was destined for an affluent life in the wealthiest hills in the US, which couldn’t have been closer to the truth.

Most of George’s early life remains a mystery, including his educational background.

Nevertheless, George started his career with humble beginnings, working various odd jobs to make ends meet, until he was able to open his restaurant called Santopietro’s in Bel-Air in the late 1970s and early 1980s, shortly before turning 40. California. It was a quaint little Italian restaurant that, as it grew in popularity, became the secret, hidden diner haven frequented by many Hollywood celebrities.

Vanna White and George Santo Pietro

Around the same time his restaurant was really taking off, George was dating his first wife, whom he married in 1981. As his initial success grew and George became a household name in the inner circles of the A-listers, he soon opened a second restaurant, which would become a famous and popular sushi bar called The Sushi-Ko Complex. George’s continued success as a culinary business executive afforded him the opportunity to buy a house in Beverly Hills, which happened to be right next to Jack Nicholson.

In the 1990s, George began working in the film industry. He starred as an extra in the Jack Nicholson movie ‘Prizzi’s Honor’, as well as ‘Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds In Love’.

Though he never made it big as an actor, George still lived his childhood dream of making his mark in Hollywood, earning many credits as a dollygrip and camera technician. Some of his work includes numerous famous shows and movies, including “They Came From Outer Space,” “Star Trek Voyager,” “Brooklyn South,” and “LA Doctors.” In 1997, he also got credit as a producer of the short film ‘Scratch Merchants’.

After the 1990s, as well as his marriage to Vanna White, George continued to work behind the scenes for many major titles such as ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent’, ‘The X-files’, ‘Cold Case’ and many others.

His most recent work includes ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘Agents of SHIELD’ and the movie ‘Aquaman’. Since then, however, George has expanded his interests to real estate development and his net worth has grown to an estimated $50 million.

George is believed to have retired from behind the scenes as of mid-2020 and is now focusing mainly on his real estate business.

He remains a household name to many in the inner circles of Beverly Hills, despite living a conservative life away from the media, gossip and tabloids.

With a great fortune like his, George can surely be considered as one of the kings of Beverly Hills.

The Charmer and Family Man

George has been married several times over the course of his successful life. He married his first wife, actress Lauren Evans, in 1981, and they had a daughter before their divorce in 1984, Andrea, born in 1982.

After his first failed marriage, George began dating television personality Vanna White. They dated for some time before getting married in 1989, and George has two children with Vanna, a son and daughter, Nicholas born in 1994, and his second daughter, Giovanna in 1997. In 2002, George and Vanna divorced, and he has since married a third time – there have been no reports of divorce.

He married Melissa Mascari, a famous film producer, in 2005 after a year-long romantic stint, and in 2007, George’s youngest child, Chiara, was born of the union.

Despite the failed marriages George has had over the years, it shows in his Facebook page that the one thing that matters most to him is family. His page is titled with an Italian phrase “La Famiglia e Tutto,” which translates to “Family is everything.”


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