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• Troy Landry is an American hunter, fisherman and TV personality born in 1961 in Pierre Part, Louisiana
• He studied at Pierre Part Primary and Middle School and started fishing and hunting with his brothers at an early age
• His main occupation is harvesting and marketing crawfish, and hunting and capturing alligators
• He is the star of the reality TV series “Swamp People” and its spin-off “Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry”
• He has a net worth of over $2 million and his family earned an estimated $25,000 per episode of the show

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Short information

Net value650 thousand
FactSon of Duffy Landry.

Troy Landry is an American hunter, fisherman and TV personality born on June 9, 1961 in Pierre Part, Louisiana, USA. He is known as the star of the reality TV series ‘Swamp People’.

Early life

Troy was born Duffy and Mrytle Landry’s first of four sons. Although there is no information about Troy’s childhood, it is known that he studied at Pierre Part Primary School and Middle School. Together with his brothers Guy and Bubba, he started fishing and hunting at a young age according to their family’s tradition.

His parents, of French descent, had many problems growing up, as they did not speak English well, and they were economically disadvantaged, Troy stated, “My parents had no electricity or power. They grew up with nothing’.

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Fishing business

Troy Landry is a skilled fisherman, dedicating eight to nine months of the year to harvesting and marketing crawfish. Income from commercial fishing allowed Landry to establish his own seafood restaurant in 1992.

In addition, Troy has helped his father set up his own bait shop called Duffy’s Shell, which also serves as one of the few gas stations in their hometown. Bait sold in the store is caught by Troy himself buying is more expensive: ‘It comes from the east coast. We used to get bait from Florida to Maine to fish crawfish, but now we compete with everyone for bait. We even compete with people from Sea World for bait. We used to pay 10-12 cents per pound.

Now, because they’ve done away with commercial fishing in many states, we have to pay up to 40 cents a pound.”

Not only is fishing Landry’s main occupation and main source of income, he also considers it a hobby, catching turtles, frogs and catfish in his spare time.

gator hunt

Troy Landry has been an expert gator hunter for decades, for which he is known in his native Louisiana as “King of the Swamp.”

American alligators are legally hunted in several southeastern states of the US in a tradition dating back to the 1700s, with seasons usually lasting four weeks in each designated zone. Troy regularly participates in this dangerous workout twice a year, beginning August 25 in East Zone, and at the end he has a week off until early September when another season begins in West Zone.

Troy Landry

Alligator skin sells well internationally as a luxury item, although the price has dropped from $40 to $12 for 0.3 m (1 ft) of skin in recent years, which has nearly made Landry stop hunting: “It’s almost not worth it worth killing a large alligator. It’s almost not worth it. You have to wait so long for them to be this big.’

Despite this, the demand for crocodile meat is steadily increasing, which has helped support Troy’s business. In addition, catching gators is a profession that Troy has devoted many years of his life to find success with it: ‘Usually we catch alligators when no one else catches anything. I don’t think it’s because we’re better hunters, I think it’s just because we’re a bit more experienced and have a few tricks up our sleeve that others might not always think of.

We catch five or six really big ones every year. Most hunters only catch one every 10 years. Attention to the little things makes the difference’.

Swamp People – TV debut

Troy was cast to appear in the reality TV series “Swamp People” which premiered on August 22, 2010 on the History Channel. The show not only focuses on Landry, but also other Louisiana hunters, who risk their lives to catch alligators in the swamps of the Atchafalaya River basin.

Landry usually appears on the show alongside his son Jacob Landry and other fighters such as his friend Clint Landry and his own brothers Guy and Bubba.

His popularity on the show led him to star in the 2018 spin-off ‘Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry’, which has been important to Landry’s life and changed it unexpectedly: ‘They pull me in all directions. I enjoy it anyway. I like to make other people happy. I put other people before me. I never expected this to happen. I thought fishermen would enjoy the show, but not so many people from so many different walks of life.’

Despite the show’s good reception, Troy was initially concerned about how the show represents gator hunting what it includes: ‘It’s really nasty in the boat; at the end of the day it gets ugly. I was really afraid that they would turn it into a blood fight on TV. I think the History Channel did a great job. They show us how we harvest the gator, but didn’t pay much attention to the killing.’

He is also pleased with producers, including his family and other hunters on the show, who positively portray their simple lifestyle.

“Swamp People” has also changed other aspects of people’s lives, not only has tourism during the gator hunting season increased in Pierre Part thanks to the show, but also the demand for and consumption of alligator meat.

Private life

Troy married Bernita on September 26, 1981. Although there is no information about the couple’s history and first meeting, it is known that Bernita was previously married to Randy Hotard, with whom she had a son named Brandon in 1976.

Troy developed a strong bond with his stepson, who has appeared in “Swamp People” accompanying his stepfather on his gator hunting trips.

To show his gratitude, Brandon posted a photo on his official Facebook page commemorating Father’s Day in 2013: “Some may regret that I had to endure divorced parents.” But I consider myself blessed to have two wonderful fathers who raised me and guided me through my life.”

Bernita welcomed two sons with Landry, named Jacob and Chase; both are recurring stars on “Swamp People” and hunt full-time with their father.

Net value

Reportedly, Landry’s family earned an estimated $25,000 per episode of “Swamp People.” In addition, Troy’s commercial fishing and hunting activities have supported his family for decades, so his estimated net worth is over $2 million as of mid-2020.

Physical appearance

Troy Landry is a man of white ethnicity, he is 1.77 m tall and weighs about 88 kg. Despite his status as a TV star, Troy remains modest and usually wears simple clothes and caps.

Interesting facts

Troy Landry’s TV appearances have had a positive impact on his family, he said Louisiana travel“My mom went to the doctor in Baton Rouge last week, and when she told someone she was from Pierre Part, they asked, ‘Do you know the Swamp People?’ She said, “Yes, one of them is my son.” My mother told me to take pictures with these people and sign autographs for them. It’s incredible, yes, it’s incredible.’

Troy has a signature Ralph Lauren shirt, which he wears for good luck.

Besides turtles, Troy’s favorite food is grilled alligator, he said Louisiana travel: ‘We fry it in a pan, and we make a spicy sauce out of it, a stew, which is very tasty. We like to grill or roast the white meat or put it on the fire pit.’

While Troy has managed to live off the land (or water) all his life, there have been hunting and fishing seasons when he’s been unlucky. Seeing that he needed money at the time, Troy worked as a helper in a friend’s construction company.

Outside of gator season, Troy still goes deer hunting.

General information

First and last nameTroy Landry
Net value650 thousand
ProfessionTV personality, Hunter


ChildrenJacob Landry, Brandon Landry, Chase Landry


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1Brother of Bubba Landry.
2Son of Duffy Landry.
3Brother of Guy Landry.
4Uncle of Holden Landry.
5Father of Brandon Landry, Jacob Landry and Chase Landry.



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