The tragic story of Laura Kucera: what had happened to her? Untold Facts


Laura Kucera was an American who gained public attention after news that she had been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and that she had survived a gunshot wound circulated in the media. After she was shot, her ex-partner left her to die in a ditch, but she survived and was found alive after four days.

Meanwhile, she fell victim to her boyfriend’s possessiveness, which left her emotionally and physically exhausted. So, in that case, is Laura Kucera still alive? If so, where is she now?

Let’s find out what really happened to her. In this article, we will talk about the cruel phase that Laura Kucera, a 19-year-old girl, went through. Let’s start.


Laura Kucera Bio: Her Age, Wiki and Parents

Laura was born to her father David Kucera and her mother Mary Bierman Kucera On August 17, 1975, in Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska, United States. After her birth, her parents raised her in a large family.

Talking about her big family apart from her parents, she grew up with 7 siblings. Of the 7, two were named by her sisters Sabrina and Dorothy and 5 were called brothers Joseph, Mathew, Charles, Benjaminand Patrick Kucera.

Likewise, in terms of education, Laura graduated from Wakefield High School in 1994. And later she went to Wayne State College. In addition, she belongs to white ethnicity and was an American citizen.

Laura Kucera was kidnapped and shot by her ex-boyfriend: what was the reason?

When she was 19, Laura was kidnapped at gunpoint by her 22-year-old ex-boyfriend Brian Anderson in Wakefield, Nebraska. The two had a relationship for several months. But as time went on, Brian started taking control over Laure, and she decided to break up.

After their breakup, her ex-boyfriend started harassing her, leading her to contact the police and get a protection order. In the meantime, Brian was given a restraining order, which he broke and for that he went to jail for a month. Shortly after, Brian was released from prison, he went straight to kidnapping his ex-girlfriend and taking her to a remote area in northeastern Nebraska, where he said,

“If I can’t have you, no one else.”

He then shot Laura once in the shoulder and twice in the head, leaving her to die in the ditch near Macy, about 75 miles north of Omaha.

Laura Kucera survived GunShot: her mind was strong

Even after being shot three times, Laura was found alive when the rescue team reached her after 4 days. The rescue team and police were able to track her down with the help of someone who shot her to death, her ex-partner, Brian Anderson, who later had a second thought. So he helped rescuers find out where Laura is.

After taking such a damaging shot, her mind was strong enough to pull through and breathe. Not only did she survive the gunshot wound, but she also lived after 4 days in the freezing cold of October in a t-shirt and shorts. In this regard, her mother said:

″We don’t know how she survived, except she must be very strong,

Her ex-boyfriend, Brian Anderson was sentenced to 55 years in prison

On charges of kidnapping and attempted murder, Kucera’s ex-lover, Anderson, was sent to prison for 55 years. In May 1995, for his brutal murder attempt, Judge Maurice J Redmond labeled Brian a bully and a coward and sentenced him to 40 years in prison for the kidnapping attempt and 15 years for a firearms charge.

When they saw their own son in such a situation, his family was absolutely devastated. Although Anderson committed a major crime, his father, Don Anderson, seemed a little soft when he talked about his son. He said,

“He was looking for love and… he couldn’t handle it, I guess. “It’s just devastating to us that something like this could happen.”

Laura Kucera spent 51 days in hospital after the incident

After being rescued by the Nebraska Police Department, Kucera was sent to the hospital where she stayed for 51 days. Because she was shot in the head and shoulder, her left side was paralyzed. Also, her right arm was not functioning properly and she had to undergo physical therapy for several months.

The incident not only took a toll on her physical, but also emotional and mental state. Her IQ level dropped below average because she suffered neurological damage. However, she tried to collect herself and was also busy continuing her studies. She had enrolled at Wayne State College.

Kucera died in car accident in 1995

On September 13, 1995, Laura was on her way to her grandmother’s house. She was driving near Clarkson herself and suddenly encountered an accident and died on the spot.

The unexpected death left her family numb and devastated. Regarding her death, Laura’s father, David Kucera said,

She approached the thick gravel, tried to get out and lost control of the car.

Her father added:

She was not wearing a seat belt. She was inconsistent about it. Sometimes she did and other times she didn’t.

Unfortunately, the girl who survived the shot lost her life in an accident at just 20 years old.

Laura’s tragic story inspired filmmaker to make a movie

In 2019, a thriller called Just mine was released on Netflix. The project team claimed that the film is based on the tragic life events of Laura Kucera. The story of the film, of course, grabbed some of the things that Laura went through.

Laura Kucera's story was told on the big screen
Actress who played the victim role in the movie Only Mine (resembling Laura Kucera)

However, the ending of the film goes exactly opposite to the life of Laura Kucera. In reality, Laura met death, but in the film the main character remains alive. The movie finally shows the title card that says:

In 1995, Laura Kucera was kidnapped, shot in the head, and left to die. She lived. Her attacker remains in prison to this day. This film is dedicated to Laura, and to victims of abuse everywhere.”

Seeing this, we can say that the film is very loosely based on the life of Laura Kucera.

Picture by Laura Kucera

There is a lot of confusion surrounding Laura’s photo. In fact, all the photos claimed to be of her in the media are rather of a different person, namely a partner, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Citrin Cooperman who is pursuing her studies. Harvard Business School.

The real face of Laura Kucera is rarely known
Laura Kucera, she is Chief Marketing Officer at Citrin Cooperman

It is still difficult to trace the real face of Laura Kucera, a native of Nebraska, who survived a gunshot and later died in a traffic accident.