The Shocking Truth About Barbara Gail Martin, Dean Martin’s Daughter; Who is her mother?


Barbara Gail Martin is one of 8 children that the late actor Dean Martin shared with his multiple partners throughout his life. Elizabeth Ann or “Betty” is her mother. Mr. Martin and Gail’s mother was only together for 8 years, but she stayed closer to her father after the divorce.

So, besides being known as the daughter of a celebrity, who is Barbara Gail? Well, many may not know this, but she was also an actor like any other member of the Martin Family. What movies has she been a part of? Has she made it an individual career? We are here to answer all these questions.

So, this article is all about Barbara Gail Martin and her life as the daughter of one of the most renowned entertainers in history. What is she up to these days? Let’s find out together!

Details about Gail’s early life as a star child

Barbara Gail Martin, or Gail Martin for short, was born on April 11, 1945 as the third child of actor cum singer, Dean Martin. He and his then-wife, Betty McDonald, welcomed their wonderful daughter into a warm home with an older brother and sister.

Barbara Gail is Martin's third child
Barbara with her loving father, Dean Martin

In addition, Gail grew up in a house with her brother, Craig Martinher older sister, Claudia Martinand her youngest brother, Deana Martin. To add, there is not much age difference between these Martin siblings. Barbara is 3 years younger than her brother, a year younger than her late sister, Claudia, and 3 years older than Deana.

Beyond that, however, not much is known about young Barbara’s early life. Since the very beginning, she has had an off-the-radar life despite being the daughter of a famous entertainer. So details about her school life or where she went to college are very hard to dig up.

Young Barbara’s parents separated when she was only 4 years old; What was the reason?

Furthermore, we know this one detail about young Gail’s life; she was just a child when her parents broke up with each other. That’s right, Barbara Gail was just a 4-year-old girl when her father, Dean, divorced her mother, Betty.

Dean and Betty were together in a sacred union for just 8 years. They married in 1941, but separated soon after, in 1949, after being the parents of 4 beautiful children.

Many have speculated that the main cause of this divorce was Gail’s mother Betty’s alcohol problem. She was a chronic alcoholic who tried her best to be a good wife and mother but failed. However, we cannot say for sure that this was in fact the reason for her divorce from the father of her children.

In addition, after the divorce, Dean got custody of Gail and all three of her siblings. While Betty spent the rest of her life in obscurity in San Francisco, her daughter enjoyed the wonderful life she had with her famous father.

Her mother, Betty, was the first woman to marry her comedian father; Who were her stepmothers?

If you know Dean Martin, you know he hasn’t been married once. This singer, who has given hits like Everyone loves someone, To waveand Valorewas once a ladies’ man and the ex-husband of three women, including Gail’s mother.

Comedian, Martin is a father of 8 children
Dean Martin and his ex-wife Jeanne Biegger with their family.

So, after the divorce from Betty McDonald, the comedian and actor married an actress, Jeanne Bigger. They had a wonderful relationship that lasted nearly two decades from 1949 to 1973. She even welcomed all his children from his previous marriage, including Barbara, with open arms. In fact, she became the mother Gail was looking for in her birth mother, but failed to do so. Unfortunately, this marriage could not last more than 24 years. Barbara’s father then moved on to another woman.

Later her father married Catherine Hawn who was Gail’s stepmother for three years. They got married in 1973 and the comedian even adopted Hawn’s daughter from her previous relationship.

How many half-siblings does Barbara Gail have?

Barbara Gail has a total of seven siblings from her father’s multiple relationships. We’ve already talked about three of her own siblings, so now let’s talk about who the rest are.

Dean Martin shared three children with his second wife, Jeanne Biegger. Dean Paul Martin, Ricky Martinand Gina Martin are Gail’s half-siblings from her father’s second marriage. Likewise, the actor had adopted his last wife’s daughter, Sasha, into the Martin family. For example, Barbara got a new brother or sister after the adoption, Sasha Martin.

All eight Martin children seemed to have a great relationship with each other. Everyone often appeared together at all family events and also looked very happy when they were together. While some of them, Claudia, Dean Paul, and Ricci, are no longer in this world, Dean Martin’s legacy lives on through the rest of his living children, including Barbara Gail.

Gail Martin was in showbiz for a short time

The Martin family is known for having all of its members involved in showbiz in one way or another. They are indeed one of the most storied celebrity families in Hollywood history. So, it’s pretty clear now that even Barbara Gail was in this industry for a while as a star kid.

Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were very close in the past
Gail Martin with Frank Sinatra’s daughter.

In her short career as an actress, Gail appeared in a number of movies and TV shows. The Hollywood Palace, The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carsonand Pat Boone in Hollywood are some of them.

Is she a married woman? Who is Dean Martin’s son-in-law?

According to many sources, Dean Martin’s daughter, Barbara, is a married woman. She exchanged vows with the man of her dreams, Paul Polina in 1968. Their beautiful non-fairytale wedding was held in the Martin backyard in Bel Air.

Barbara Gail married in 1968
Gail with her husband, Paul Polina, and her father and stepmother, Jeanne Biegger

Unfortunately, this is the only information we have about her married life or her husband. Due to Gail’s low profile life, it’s hard for us to find out how she met Mr. Polina, or if they have children together. Moreover, it is almost impossible to know if they are still together after 55 years of marriage.

What is Barbara Gail Martin doing these days?

As of 2023, Dean Martin’s daughter Gail is 78 years old. Although she was briefly famous as an actress, and even more famous as the daughter of a star, she has led a quiet life. Therefore, no one can say for sure where she is today and what she is up to. Anyway, we hope she’s still living that wonderful life and is healthy and happy.


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