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Steelo Brim is an American actor and TV host, born on June 5, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is perhaps best known as the host of MTV’s show “Ridiculousness”.

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early life

Sterling “Staalo” Brim is one of four children born to Tracy and Frank Brim. His father was the Chicago Fire Department battalion chief, while his mother is a Christian pastor, so Sterling and his siblings grew up in a very religious family. Details about his two brothers and only sister are unknown.

Sterling’s father, who lived in West Chicago, formed a baseball team and took in his son, who became widely known for his talent as a player. This led him to his debut in the entertainment world when he landed a small part in the 2001 movie “Hardball”: “I started out ranked in Illinois as the number one baseball player, so they called me in with the kids because I was actually good at baseball.” ‘

Sterling attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School until his matriculation, when he attended higher education at Morgan State University. Information on his subject is unknown and he is unlikely to graduate as he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19.


First steps

Sterling moved to Los Angeles in search of opportunities in the music industry. Whether he ever released his own music is unknown, although he found a place in the industry working on radio. He also joined Atlantic Record’s A&R (Artist and Repertory) division, which was responsible for talent scouting for the famed label. Presumably he adopted the name “Staalo” at that time.

At some point, Steelo began working with Chris “Drama” Pfaff at the Fantasy Factory production company, where he met professional skater and businessman Rob Dyrdek: ‘(he) used to hang out in our studio sessions and just kick it. I used to make jokes, stir people up all day, but I never thought about it.’

Steelo certainly left a good impression on Dyrdek, who asked him to do a show with him one day. Although Steelo accepted the proposal, he didn’t think much about it for months until Dyrdek contacted him again: “He called me one day and said, ‘I’m sorry I’ve been so busy, but that show I want you do…we start filming tomorrow.’ I had never been on TV. We filmed the pilot and I spoke three times. I was terrified.’

Steelo Brim

Apparently MTV didn’t think Steelo was necessary for “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”, but Dyrdek relied on his abilities to host the show: “They didn’t think they needed me and he said to them, ‘Trust me you do. ‘ He had a chat with me and told me to be the Sterling he knows. Not only did I help with the filming, but I also helped with the structure of the show. I also get a real production credit on the show.”

The show ran from 2009 to 2015, although Steelo also appeared in other productions during that time.


In 2011, Steelo joined the crew of “Ridiculousness”, the TV show he co-hosts with Rob Dyrdek and Chanel West Coast. The show focuses on showing and commenting on the funniest videos on the web.

Steelo admitted that many of the things he said aren’t shown on screen: “I say so many things on the show that can’t be aired.” (…) ‘…because I’m so damn vulgar and I don’t care. I’m going to say what I want to say.’

The show also features guest celebrities commenting on videos, the ones most loved by the audience were Lil’ Jon, Riff Raff, and Mac Miller. The latter made a good impression on Steelo: ‘He was just organically funny. I don’t think he saw any clips beforehand, he was just really funny and he was as high as s**t.

“Ridiculousness” is still active, having been on the air for 17 seasons now.

Actor and other productions

After a decade without acting jobs, Steelo played the role of Ulysses Williams in the short film “Orange Drive” in 2011.

The following year, he was cast in the TV series “Wild Grinders” as Meaty, and made a small appearance in “Teenage Mountain Lion” in 2014.

After the end of “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”, Steelo voiced Graham in the video game “NBA 2K17” and starred in the short films “Scream: Killer Party” and “About The People”.

While his acting career is still thriving, he has certainly made a name for himself as a TV personality, making a variety of appearances on shows such as “How to Bake It in Hollywood”, “Basic Math Day One” and “Amazingness”.

In 2015, he appeared on an episode of “Fantasy Factory”, and once hosted “Uncorked”. His most recent TV appearance was as a panelist on a 2020 episode of “The Great Debate”, and he also has a podcast with Chris Reinacher entitled “Wine and Weed”.

Private life

Romantic Relationships

Steelo Brim had a long-term romantic relationship with British businesswoman Conna Walker, owner of the fashion brands House of CB and Mistress Rocks. It is unknown when exactly the couple started dating, although it is known that they were together for several years.

In 2019, they surprisingly deleted their photos posted together on their social media accounts, sparking rumors of a possible breakup. While neither confirmed the divorce, Conna Walker posted many photos to her Instagram Stories in July 2020, celebrating her first birthday with her new boyfriend, name undisclosed.

Steelo Brim is apparently currently single, never actually married and has no children.

Allegations of Sexual Abuse

In 2015, Steelo Brim was charged with sexually abusing porn actress Mary Jean Vargas, following statements she made to the New York City Police Department.

Steelo and Vargas were sitting together in her car in Central Park when the… alleged assault has taken place“He just starts hitting me, he tries to punch my face, he hits my breasts the most violent way I’ve ever been touched, and I’m driving and I can’t defend myself.”

Steelo Brim denied the charges, stating that Vargas’ words were absurd and that she had threatened to accuse him of rape while they were in her car, causing him to jump off and injure his arm.

However, Vargas insisted her words were true: “This is not a play. It’s something that happened and I’m in pain. And he turns everything around and tries to play the victim.

I was physically attacked. He makes me look like I’m wrong.”

Cousin’s death

In 2017, Steelo’s three-year-old nephew drowned in his Los Angeles home. Following a report made by portal TMZThe boy apparently wandered alone in the morning and fell into the pool without his parents noticing. The child was taken away by paramedics immediately after the discovery, but unfortunately it was already too late and he was pronounced dead in hospital. Steelo lamented the unfortunate and sad event, stating, “Last weekend my beloved cousin died in a tragic accident. We will miss him very much and ask for prayer and privacy at this time of mourning.”

How do I look ?

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Net value

By mid-2020, Steelo Brim’s estimated net worth is over $3 million, the result of his work on TV as a presenter and actor.

Physical appearance

Sterling “Staalo” Brim is African American, his weight is unknown, but he is 1.73 m tall.

Interesting facts

His best friend is actor Michael B. Jordan, who was his roommate when Steelo arrived in Los Angeles.

His zodiac sign is Gemini.

In 2018 he bought a house in Cape CodMassachusetts for $3 million.

In his group of friends, he describes himself as the one who ‘don’t want them’ because of his sincerity.


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