Skylar Lynnae Neil Cause of Death: Untold Facts About Vince Neil’s Daughter


Skylar Lynnae Neil is the late daughter of Vince Neil Wharton, the frontman of one of the most iconic heavy metal rock genre bands, Motley Crue. Skylar was Vince’s daughter with his second wife, Sharise Ruddell.

Over the years, Lynnae’s father, Vince, and his bandmates have made several headlines in addition to fame for their backstage drama that mainly involved drugs and alcohol. On the other hand, some men from the group have also been affected by a few tragedies. An example of this is the death of Neil’s little girl, Skylar Lynnae Neil.

Skylar’s short life is one of the most tragic woes a celebrity and his child have ever lived through. She passed away at the age of four while battling cancer in addition to months of pain. Her father, a musician, says his daughter’s death is the worst he has ever experienced. Learn what caused Skylar’s death and what her final days were like.

Skylar Lynnae Neil Birth and Her Parents

Vince’s daughter, Skylar, was born on March 26, 1991. Her father, Neil, is of Mexican descent on his mother’s side, while his own father had Native American ancestry. Skylar supposedly grew up in Chatsworth, California.

The late Skylar Lynnae Neil as a baby with her mother Sharise Ruddell and her father Vince Neil
Vince Neil with his late daughter Skylar Lynnae Neil and his ex-wife Sharise Ruddell. Getty

Skylar’s mother, Sharise Ruddell, is a former mud wrestler and fashion model. Ruddell married Neil in 1987 and four years later they would welcome their first child, Skylar. A few years later, in 1993, Sharise and Neil separated.

During Skylar’s final moments, her parents had already ended their togetherness and were about to come to terms with their divorce.

Skylar Lynnae Neil Father, Vince Neil had several partners

Lynnae’s singer father has been in several relationships in the past. His first known girlfriend was Tami. However, the former couple never married.

Vince was first married to Beth Lynn, as mentioned. He then married Skylar’s mother, Sharise Ruddell. Following Ruddell’s lead, Neil married a Playboy Playmate, Heidi Mark, in 2000. This union ended the following year, after which the Exposed singer married Lia Gerardini in 2005. However, this marriage of Neil also ended in divorce; the lead singer of Carved In Stone and Gerardini officially split in 2010. As for the present, Skylar’s father, Vince, is dating either Rain Hannah or Rain Andreani.

Skylar siblings; Her father, Vince, has two more children

Skylar’s father, Vince Neil, had a total of three children from his couple or two relationships. So Skylar has two surviving half-siblings, Neil and Elizabeth.

Her father’s first child (a son) came from his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Tami. Their child’s name is Neil Jason Wharton, he was born on October 3, 1978. Skylar also has an older surviving sister, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton. Born in 1983, Elizabeth is Vince’s child with his first wife, Beth Lynn.

As for Skylar, she is Vince’s daughter from his second marriage. All in all, she is his third child.

Skylar Lynnae Neil Death; When did she start having health problems?

The little girl’s health took a turn for the worse in early April 1995 when Skylar developed flu-like symptoms. It was reportedly not serious at first, but later that evening Skylar’s pain became severe and her mother rushed her to West Hills Medical Center.

When Skylar was hospitalized, Vince had just competed in a pro/celebrity motorcycle race at the Long Beach Grand Prix. He received a call from his then-estranged wife Sharise about his daughter’s hospitalization. At first, doctors thought Skylar had a burst appendix, but it later turned out to be a cancerous growth around her abdomen. The disease in the medical term was Williams’ tumora kidney cancer that affects children.

Skylar Lynnae Neil in hospital with her father and Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil
Heavy metal singer Vince Neil with his daughter Skylar Lynnae Neil in hospital

What followed were several operations, but each time the doctors found the tumor more dangerous.

Later, the doctors suggested that Neil and Sharise take Skylar to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles so that all fragments of the Dr.’s daughter’s tumor were removed. Feel-good singer could be taken out. Her CAT scan showed she had two tumors on both kidneys and the condition was bad. Later, the tumor on her right side grew so large that her abdomen pushed against her lungs, making it difficult for Skylar to breathe.

In her last moments, the tumor had spread to her liver, intestines and muscles in the back.

The doctors removed a large tumor from Skylar just before her death

Skylar’s last surgery lasted about ten hours, during which the doctors removed a football-sized tumor. Neil while writing an essay about his daughter’s death People magazine revealed that his daughter’s tumor weighed six and a half pounds. But the surgery failed to save Vince’s daughter, Skylar Lynnae Neil, and she died on August 15, 1995.

Exposed singer Vince Neil with his daughter Skylar who died at the age of four
Motley Crue singer and his daughter Skylar

Skylar’s funeral was held on August 18. Her parents buried her in a small pink coffin in Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, California.

In all, Skylar underwent six surgeries in addition to extensive chemotherapy and radiation over four months. Neil and his then-wife Sharise both spent endless hours in the hospital next to Skylar.

Skylar Lynnae Neil Vader wrote a song for her

Some time before Skylar’s death, Neil was working on a solo album Carved in Stone that included Skylar’s Song. The Shout At The Devil singer wrote the piece for his little girl. Neil released the album in September 1995, the following month after his daughter’s death. The video track of Skylar’s Song features various footage of Skylar as a toddler through to her last sane days. The music video also features Vince singing the song from a house overlooking the ocean.

In the meantime, Neil still remembers and mentions his daughter through his social media posts and during the interviews or shows. Vince says he has occasionally visited Skylar’s grave since the day she was buried.

Vince Neil relapsed into drugs after Skylar’s death

Several years after his daughter’s death, Tattoos and Tequila singer Vince Neil wrote all about his daughter’s death alongside his band career and life in his 2001 memoir, The Dirt. A movie version also came out of the studio from Netflix in 2019.

Vince writes in his memoirs about the plight of his daughter’s health and his divorce from her mother Ruddel all made him very angry. He admits that is why he dabbled in drugs at the time and drank heavily. According to the book, the Hollwood-born singer also contemplated suicide.

The Cause of Skylar Lynnae Neil’s Death; A factory dump was blamed

The doctors and Neil struggled from the start to understand and pinpoint the true cause of Skylar’s cancer. It was also shocking to them given her age. Although the actual cause is still unknown, Neil himself investigated the matter. He concluded that his then-home in Chatsworth, California, where Skylar grew up, happened to be near a Boeing factory and that the industry was illegally dumping carcinogenic materials like uranium and plutonium at the time. .

Theater Of Pain singer Vince Neil's dead daughter Skylar
Vince Neil and his ex-wife Sharise Ruddell’s deceased daughter Skylar

Knowing this, Vince claimed that the factory called Santa Susana Field Laboratory near Chatsworth illegally dumped the waste into the ground and surrounding groundwater. He charged that it was their harmful chemicals which caused his daughter’s terminal illness. However, after Neil’s attorney failed to provide the requested documents and evidence, the U.S. District Judge dismissed the lawsuit in December 2002.

Neil wonders in his book if he is to blame for his daughter’s horrible death, because cancer, says the heavy metal artist, also runs on his mother’s side of the family.


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