Sasha Martin, daughter of Dean Martin; Who is she married to?


Sasha Martin is known as the daughter of actor cum singer Dean Martin. Dean shared his lovely youngest daughter with his ex-wife, Catherine Hawn. Unfortunately, her parents’ union only lasted 3 years before they decided to go down different paths. Nevertheless, Martin had a very special bond with Sasha.

So the main question that can get stuck in your mind is, is Sasha adopted or is she the biological child of her famous father? And if she was indeed adopted, how is her relationship with the Martin family? Don’t worry, in this article we found all the answers to your questions.

Therefore, this article is all about the life of Sasha Martin, the youngest reported daughter of the late Dean Martin. What is she doing these days? Does she have a husband? Let’s figure it out!

Was Sasha adopted by the actor, Dean Martin? Her early life as the daughter of a celebrity

Yes, Sasha Martin is the adopted daughter of Memories are made of this singer, Dean Martin. After tying the knot with her mother, Catherine Hawn, Dean the warm-hearted man that he was, took in her daughter, Sasha, as his own daughter. In 1973 she became part of the Martin Family.

Sasha and Dean shared a beautiful father-daughter bond
Actor/singer Dean Martin with his daughter Sasha

What is her date of birth and who is her biological father? Due to privacy concerns, such intimate information about Martin’s youngest daughter is not known to the public. For as long as people have known her, she has been recognized as the comedian’s daughter, Dean Martin, and nothing else.

Regardless of when she was born and who her real father is, Sasha found a real and loving home with the Martins. Especially with her father, Mr. Martin, she shared a very deep and loving bond. He never made her an outsider and loved little Sasha as his own daughter.

Sasha’s mother was the 3rd and last woman her father married; Details about her parents’ short-lived relationship

Young Martin’s mother, Catherine Hawn, was the third and last woman Dean Martin was married to. Her parents had a deep fondness for each other and soon fell head over heels after the first date. In addition, on April 25, 1973, Hawn married the man who would later adopt her daughter. According to the great singer Frank Sinatrawho attended their wedding, it was one of the “most beautiful weddings” he had ever seen.

As sad as it is, their marriage didn’t last long. After being together for 3 years, Martin’s father and mother decided that this was the end of their relationship. Therefore, they divorced in 1976. The main reason behind their divorce is not known, but some sources confirm that it was due to the actor’s love for one of his ex-wives.

Nevertheless, even this separation was not strong enough to separate Sasha from the Martin family. She continued to play a major role in her father’s life.

Actor-cum-singer, Martin was married twice before marrying Sasha’s mother

As you may have guessed, the That’s Love singer was married twice before marrying his third wife, Catherine.

Elizabeth Anne “Betty” McDonald was the singer’s first wife. They were bound in sacred bondage for 8 years from 1941 to 1949. Betty and Dean shared a total of 4 children together. Moreover, he got custody after his divorce from his first love.

Comedian, Martin is a father of 8 children
Dean Martin and his ex-wife Jeanne Biegger with their family.

After this, the musician married actress Jeanne Biegger. They had a marriage of unconditional love for 24 years before separating in 1973. Sources further suggest that due to his deep affection for Biegger, Martin had to leave Sasha’s mother behind. Moreover, after divorcing Hawn, he reconciled with the actress, but did not actually remarry her.

Her adoptive father had a total of 8 children, including Sasha; Who are her step-siblings?

As mentioned earlier, Sasha’s stepfather had a total of 4 children from his first marriage to Betty, Craig Martin, Claudia Martin, Gail Martinand Deana Martin. Likewise, the actor also shared 3 children with Jeanne Bigger. He and the actress had 2 sons, Dean Paul Martin and Ricky Martinand a daughter, Gina Martin Wilson. Moreover, after adopting Sasha, Mr. Martin became a father of 8 children in total.

According to many sources, Sasha shares an incredible bond with her siblings and was loved by all of them as their own. In fact, in her stepbrother, Ricci’s book, That’s Amore: A Son Remembers Dean Martin, he revealed his relationship with Sasha. He wrote,

“I never called her my ‘step-sister’ or my ‘adopted’ sister. Through three marriages and eight children, we were always one family. The Martins.”

Sasha was indeed a lucky girl with the Martins behind her back!

Sasha appeared in a handful of movies

The Martins are known for their great stature in the entertainment industry. Every member of this family has somehow gotten into showbiz at least once in their lives. Moreover, Sasha Martin, stepdaughter of the late Dean Martin, has also had her fair share of stardom and fame.

According to our research, this woman has acted in a few movies in her life. Genitals and Guiding light are just two of those movies. However, apart from this, we have no further information regarding her career as an actress.

Was her mother, Catherine Hawn, also an actress?

Martin’s mother, Catherine Hawn, was a commoner before Dean Martin married her and brought all that fame into her life. Hawn worked as a receptionist at Gene Shacove Hair Salon in Beverly Hills, California. It has been reported that after tying the knot with her daughter’s stepfather, she quit her regular job and started living her best life as a celebrity husband.

Is Sasha a married woman?

Despite everything we’ve talked about so far in this article, there are a few pieces of information that are still unknown about Sasha Martin. One is her marital status – Martin seems to be very protective of her love life.

Catherine Hawn was Dean Martin's 3rd and last wife
Sasha’s parents – Dean Martin and Catherine Hawn.

Therefore, today we do not have a definite answer to the question of whether Sasha is a married woman or not. As of 2023, she may be in her 50s, so it’s clear she’s had her fair share of boyfriends who have come and gone from her life. But we can’t say for sure who stayed and eventually became her husband.

Where is Dean Martin’s adopted daughter today?

Ms. Martin, the adopted daughter of Dean, has lived quite a famous life since the early days of her life. However, after her father’s death in 1995, both Sasha and her mother disappeared from the radar. So no one really knows where Sasha Martin is today.


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